Tuesday, February 26

More Blah.

Title in no way means to discredit Molly, who gave me the idea to do this book meme.

The rules are:
1. Pick up the nearest book/your current read [at least 123 pages.]
2. Open to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.

Page 123 of this book:
They made their way up the stairs past Farrah Porter's flat and on up to the one above it.This was occupied by a young stockbroker and his wife and their baby twins. Farrah Porter's natural constituency, without doubt, but in this case there had been no love lost.

I have not actually read up to that page yet, but am enjoying the black humour of the book, as well as the gory details.

This is just a little Green. My flourishing parsely plant, which has survived in spite of the Garden Vandal.
And here is a little Grasshopper, that I 'stalk' daily. I have learned that it stays on, or around, this flower. Clicking on the photo should enlarge it, so you can see the amazingly long antennae.

Yesterday, we went a little further afield to shop for an item we could not get locally. Why do companies suddenly remove an item which has been on sale for ages, without any warning. I was so disgusted I contacted the company. I did recieve a reply in the form of a telephone call, to let me know they had indeed discontinued the item in question, & would be replacing it with a new 'extra delicious' variety. The caller suggested I try the 'lesser' supermarkets for remaining stock of the old product.

I thanked her for her response. After the call I berated myself for not demanding samples of the 'extra delicious' product! I also forgot to mention that I was sure the new product would be priced 'extra deliciously' too!! Which is indeed the case. $1 more than the old product.

I was not impressed with manky bits of carrot for $1!! Perhaps I should tell them? Why would they think that dried out bits of carrot would be 'extra delicious'? Are they trying to kid us into believing the added slivers of dehydrated carrot & one corn kernel 'vegetables' add nutritional value to the product?

We did, as it happens find stocks of the old product, still remaining on the shelves of a lesser supermarket. As we were standing in the shop there was an announcement on the paging system.

"Would some one come to the front of the store. We have a ..a ..a Code 60!"

A few seconds elapsed, then another more confident call for a "Staff member at the front counter. We have a Code 60!"

Of course, as you may imagine, knowing my irreverance about such things, I was suggesting all sorts of scenarios. I muttered to Gom that "Some one has carked it at the checkout, & vomitted on the till before they died."
Gom looked aghast, & asked me "How do you know? Is that what Code 60 means?"

I burst out laughing & said I had no idea what a Code 60 might be. Who would think there would be a Code 60? And if there was, does this mean there are 59 other Codes which must all be memorised by staff??

As we went to the front of the store, we saw a staff member lugging a bucket & mop go past us. It seems there had been some bottles of water dropped on the floor. It was to be mopped & dried. So now I know. 'Code 60' must be a need for a bucket & mop!
"Yes Gom, I am just going out to Code 60 the kitchen floor".

Roberta Flack, Jesse.


Thimbleanna said...

Code 43 -- Funny post ahead!!! I can't believe that grasshopper -- how did he make it this far without getting those antennae caught in something? He's beautiful!

alice said...

Heh, code 60? You would think they would at least colour code their codes. (That's a confusing use of words) Code blue for water, or maybe code red for pending litigation from slippage, or sommat...

ancient one said...

That was funny... in my mind... code 60 was shoplifting.... and your mind had them dead... the grasshopper did have extra long antena, didn't he?

Q said...

Code 60? I laughed! I will remember to code 60 next time I spill on the kitchen floor. Maybe my husband will get the mop!
At my house the extra long antenna bugs are called Katydids. Our grasshoppers are different.
I so enjoy seeing your flowers and your bugs.

Christine Thresh said...

I think I'm going to use Code 60 around here!

bluemountainsmary said...

This new camera definitely suits you!

Linds said...

I agree about the new camera suiting you, Meggie... great photos! And I need to Code 60 my kitchen too. Maybe we should make up the other 59 for fun!

Anonymous said...

this is brilliant
and this is super blog .I'll soon to be Yours overhead reader

Rosie said...

That reminds me of when the kids were small. I used to get fed up with saying the same things over and over again...like sit still when you're eating and say please when you ask for something...so I made up numbers for each command and just shouted 4 or 2 or whatever in a loud voice. It never worked of course but it made us all laugh quite a lot...

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Very funny, I think your imagined scenario would have a much lower number... like a code #1.

Kitty said...

Beautiful photos!

I love the sound of Code 60 - I'm going to use that. It sounds so much more impressive than 'mopping up'. x

Lucy said...

That was funny! You have a somewhat morbid turn of mind though, Meggie.
Talking of discontinued lines, my much looked forward to holiday shopping trip all on my own was nearly blighted when Tom asked me to pick up some plastic plumbing pipes. Not by that request in itself but because when I got to the DIY emporium it turned out they hadn't done it in that diameter for over two years, which goes to show how long jobs take around here. This might have meant that all the existing pipes already installed would have to be uninstalled and my entire kitchen become once more a building site. However, the next mobile call informed me that he had just found exactly enough adaptor pieces to continue with the new pipes after all, so I heaved a big sigh of relief and went on my merry way.

New camerawork looking fab!

Mike said...

I definitely like Code 60 and think that may become part of my daily language.

I always accuse my wife of being afraid of mops (she hates mopping) so maybe if I refer to it as Code 60, she won't be so scared.

Tanya Brown said...

"Extra delicious!" Grrr. "Lesser supermarkets" Double grrr!

I never cease to be amazed at how customer service people can contrive to act polite without actually being polite.

Now that you mention it, there surely must be a code for puking. Perhaps it would be comprised of a 60 + some other number, the 60 being for mopping/cleanup and the other number specifying that rubber gloves would be necessary?

Isabelle said...

Awfully behind with blog reading (too much work!) but do accept my belated birthday wishes. I do enjoy your wit and wisdom.

The Sagittarian said...

haha, that really made me laugh! I remember last year taking the girls swimming at the Centenial Pool, only to find a huge sign on the parking meters outside stating "Pool Closed. Code Brown".

Yep, some wee one did a number two. We still giggle at that! (Must get out more often....)

Josie said...

Meggie, that his hysterical. Code 60 - who knew?

I once worked in the administration area of Vancouver's largest hospital, and they were always announcing "code blue" over the loud speaker system. *shudder*

I love the photographs. What gorgeous colors!

caramaena said...

lol @ the code 60. I wish someone would code 60 my bathroom floor right now...

Amazing antennae! No wonder you 'stalk' him :)

fifi said...

Ha ha,
in Coles they used to put over a call for "Caroline " if someone had detected a shoplifter.

Hey, isn't that new camera just the thing? What lovely pictures. Gorgeous!