Friday, February 22

Getting Rusty- & a Meme.

First & foremost, I would like to say a huge "Thankyou" to all of you for your kind Birthday wishes. I had a thoroughly lovely day, & enjoyed every minute of it, right until bedtime.

The Camera God, in the guise of GOM came good with a lovely new camera. Now all I have to do is learn to use it to the best advantage. Friends gave me a book about photography- not knowing I had the new camera!

I was treated to another lunch out, by my daughter, on Wednesday, seeing she had missed my actual birthday. So 3 'girls', Nanna, Daughter J & Granddaughter S went off to lunch. It was an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet. We let our hair down! We feasted. We waddled out to the car. I was so satisfied I could not eat any tea!
I had Birthday phone calls from New Zealand.

I had emails from NZ with photos for treats.

This is a pic of BFJ's daughter's new puppy. She is to replace a dearly loved old dog who passed away last year. Who could resist a face like this! Isn't she gorgeous.

She is Jessie.

And here, is a photo of my Beloved Brother, & his handsome Eldest Son, Beloved Nephew D, who is about to be a first time Dad! Woo Hoo, my first Great Nephew!

It seems a long time since I posted. Getting rusty & lazy.

Not much sewing has been done around here for the past 2 days. It has returned to Summer! HOT! Steamy. Makes me want some of the Snow I see in the north of America!
Here is a first attempt at using the new camera.
I had a little grasshopper all lined up, but I got the settings wrong, & I couldn't see the little blighter!
But I did manage to catch Mrs Spider, out of her leaf hideaway. I really tried to capture the spots on her back, but she is very shy.

We had to collect Small Grandson from the school bus yesterday afternoon. He has surprised us all by insisting he is ready to get the bus to & from school, all by himself. He is so proud. He loves everything about school. I hope his enthusiasm remains as he progresses.
When he saw me at the bus stop he came hurtling down the bus steps & flung himself into my arms. I was very conscious of enjoying the moment to the fullest, as I realise he will soon grow out of his unselfconscious joy, & will no doubt retreat into the 'dont kiss me now, someone might see' stage!


I've been tagged.... Katie, of My Sandbox,
It's been fun reading random facts about everyone else!
So here are the rules:

1. Once you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you.

2.Post THE RULES on your blog.

3.Post 7 weird or random facts about yourself on your blog.

4. Tag 7 people and link to them.

5. Comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged.

I have actually done this a couple of times before, but here goes again. If I repeat myself & you recall it as a repeat, I apologise.

Perhaps I am running out of weird!!

1. I used to be really scared of spiders, but since I have seen them more closely, I have a respect for them, & try not to harm them. I have found the more I learnt about them, the less afraid I became. If I find a Huntsman in the house, I will try to capture it, to liberate it outside. Huntsman spiders are very large, & rather hairy! I swear they are really intelligent, & know I mean them no harm when I capture them.

2. I love dogs, & wish I could work with them in some capacity. I used to be terrified of them, until my father, who bred working sheepdogs, taught me not to be afraid.

3. I have some hideous itching condition, which I fear is related to our new carpet. The onset of the condition coincided with the laying of the new carpet. I need to have some tests to determine if it is indeed the case. grrrr.

4. I have 2 grandchildren, a girl & a boy. I am very lucky. I keep dreaming of further grandchildren, which I don't think will be the case. I am aware you 'never know what lies ahead'.

5. My hair is still mostly brown, though it is getting more grey sprinkled. I have a strip of hair, at the front left temple, which was always blond when I was young. Now it is grey, & I refer to it as my "Witchy Streak". I can't be bothered with dyes.

6. Around the time of the full moon, I tend to have very vivid dreams. Perhaps I am a Lunatic??

7. I married a man who is the exact opposite on the astrological wheel. We are indeed, Chalk & Cheese.

Ok, this is where I break the rules. I will tag 7 people, but the expectation for them to reply or actually do this meme, is not rigid. I know most people have done this, & find it tiresome to rehash old oddities, however much we might enjoy re-reading them. One can always hope they have developed new oddities in the meantime, of course!

Rosie, of A Bitch About Brittany.
Love these glimpses into another space.

Kal, of Trauma Queen. Such an interesting blog.

JulieK at Juliek Quilts. Lovely things to see & read about.

Kitty, at Kittywrinkle. A new aquaintance, but she sure is lovely to meet!

Kim, at Ragged Roses. If you want to see beautiful, & tasteful & talented, go visit Kim!

Leslie, In VanCan. Leslie writes lovely posts, has a great sense of optimism & is worthy of a visit.

Randi Crawford, One Day I'll Fly Away


Lee said...

Somehow, in the chaos that orbits around me at present, I missed your birthday. A thousand apologies. Glad to hear that it was a good day.

Anonymous said...

I always quite like these facts about people memes. The reveal all sorts.

It's amazing that your hair is still mostly brown. I already have a few grey hairs and I am only just past 40! I pull them out which I know you are not supposed to do.

I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday.

BBC said...

I guess I bought my new camera over a year ago now. It was just recently that I decided to try the video feature.

It's sort of interesting but makes big files so I don't use it much. But it might be handy in a fender bender if the wrong doer was screaming at you. Or something like that.

Q said...

New camera will be so much fun!
Rose picture sure did turn out nice.
Knowing your weird facts is also very fun. Thanks for doing them.
I will be happy to send some cold air! I am ready for spring.
Thank you for the links. I will go meet and greet!

ancient one said...

So glad you had such a wonderful birthday. GOM did good!! A new camera... and the picture of the rose is really great!!

leslie said...

As q said, I'd be happy to send you some cold air, too! ;D Thankfully, it's been sunny all week although still a bit nippy. Glad you're birthday was a good time and lucky you getting a new camera. Lovely pics so far. I'll see if I can do the meme - don't think I've done this one, but give me a bit of time, okay? Have a great weekend!

Kitty said...

So glad you had a good birthday and can't wait to see all the pictures you take with the new camera. I'm wanting a new camera too, but it will be a very basic one.

Thank you so much for thinking of me with the meme .. I recently did a 'quirky' one - but can I keep this and tuck it away for the inevitable day when I can't think of anything to write?

Thank you! x

teodo said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday Meggie.
A big kiss and Hugs.
ciao ciao

Granny J said...

Spiders & bugs are truly photogenic -- they come in such a wonderful variety. Of course, it all depends on whether your camera will do right by the close-ups!

Molly said...

You and my OC with the still brown hair! Must have something to do with Feb. 19 th!
Love that picture of Mrs. Spider. Her web looks lovely, glinting in the sun....

fifi said...

That rose is very very pretty.

You must be very excited to have a new camera!
What a lovely day you had.

Pauline said...

I missed your birthday - I'm sorry! Happy belated!

The rose picture is lovely, the spider made me shudder and your weird facts aren't weird at all ;)

Stomper Girl said...

That puppy is indeed adorable. And how lovely of GOM to buy you a new camera.

Jeanette said...

Hi Meggie. A belated happy birthday to you,izt wont take you long to master your new camera. love the photo of the rose and just love the colour. and I can see the spots on the spider..
Oh I love the Puppy Looks like a short haired Border collie..

sheoflittlebrain said...

Fun post, Meggie:) Your pictures turned out wonderfully! I clicked on your spider to get a good look, and think shes an Orb weaver spider. I love that she lives in that leaf curl!

Mike said...

Most of the hair on my head is still brown but my mustache and beard are both almost totally gray.

I love the pictures. Very nice quality. That dog looks cute and mischievous.

Leanne said...

Glad you had a great day - Jessie is toooo cute.

Aunty Evil said...

I could have lived without the photo of the spider, but your nephew is hubba hubba!

Anonymous said...

Hi Meggie,
Happy belated birthday to you. I've not been on the blogs this week so only just realised you have had a birthday. Glad you had a good day and enjoyed it to the full. I love the stitcheries you are putting into your GD's quilt. That cat with the daffodils is my favourite. Well done. I know she will be thrilled with it.

bluemountainsmary said...

I think you aready have a fantastic handle on the new camera.

and oh my word that puppy!

Ragged Roses said...

Hello Meggie, glad you had a good birthday! Thanks for tagging me, I have already done this meme but my family assure me there is still plenty of weirdness that is yet to be revealed. When I come up with some I will post it! Take care
Love the puppy

Tanya Brown said...

Ohhhh. That picture of Jessie made my heart melt. Such a sweet little face!

I'm glad your birthday was noted, celebrated, recognized. Darn it, you deserve it! You're a special person, real and whole and vital and good.

I'm enjoying your photos with the new camera. Keep 'em coming!

The Sagittarian said...

All done, my dear, finally! Thanks for the opportunity. Love the book meme.

Tanya said...

Lovely close ups with that new camera! Looking forward to seeing lots more!