Tuesday, March 11

All Sorts, -but No Liquorice

Firstly here is Sweet K, with the new little man. His Grandfather says he looks like a wee Chinaman, & he does have Chinese ancestry, so not surprising. He is only a few minutes old though, so no doubt he looks different again today. Ooh I wish I could give him a little cuddle. He weighed 8 lb, in the old 'money' - I don't know how much that is in the Kilo stakes.
Welcome to the world, little Man.

Gom decided to take me out for lunch today. We went to a local Club, & had a very nice meal. Snacks for tea, Yay! No cooking tonight.

I am always intrigued by the antics of SFM (Stick Figure Man) since meeting Mike's SFM, & also various activities of other SFM on Tethered Cow.

Naturally, I couldn't resist taking this shot on leaving the car park. Is is just me, or does this suggest that it is the Pedestrians who ARE the Hazards??

In Neighbourhood news, here is a beautiful garden, made by Mrs Nice Neighbour. I think this is one of her best. It is quite large, as you can see by the chairs & the cup. I love this one.

This is blatant cheating! These were not gathered by me, on some lovely beach. I wish they were. They are my shells, but goodness knows where they came from originally. I can remember when I was a child, finding much larger & more attractive shells than there seem to be about on beaches these days.

I expect the fact that the beaches were more remote, & far less likely to have been walked upon, made the difference. I have always had a fascination for the little dwellers who inhabit these shells. I loved inspecting the small rockpools & watching small crabs, & various other creatures.

It has been 33 degrees celsius today. Not too humid, luckily. I feel sorry for Adelaide dwellers. This is their 9th day with temps above 39 degrees!!

I hope you are all managing to keep cool down there!

Bryan Adams & Rod Stewart, All for Love


Marja said...

Hi dear Meggie I am working a lot at the moment but found time to hop by to see the sweet baby and the beautiful little garden. These shelves are great. We have spent heaps of time on holidays collecting stones shelves and driftwood. love it. It was hot here too today, 29 degrees.

Ali Honey said...

Sweet K looks radiant and the dear wee babe is cute. Could turn out to be very good looking with mixed blood. I do hope they both thrive and are happy. You too.

For some reason the little garden reminds me of a Noah's Ark scene. They have just arrived back on dry land!

Leanne said...

Hi Meggie,
Beautiful baby and mum, makes me feel all maternal - I'm glad your feeling sorry for me it's my poor garden that is really suffering - rain would be soooo good.

Kris said...

I agree with you about the shells. But maybe was we get older some of the magic goes out of them - sad thought and I hope it's not true.

Then again, I found a big shell with mother of pearl in it on my holiday in December. I had waited a good 28 years to find one - was thrilled.

Rosie said...

what bliss to have warm toes...I must put another pair of socks on

Christine Thresh said...

Sweet little guy. I am glad he arrived. His mom looks so happy.

Granny J said...

The shells take me back to my long lost childhood when we lived at the beach for six months! Oh, I loved it after a storm when all manner of shells and other stuff got washed ashore. Sea urchins ... sand dollars ... (ugh) jelly fish ... seaweed. And amongst them, very occasionally, a pretty cowry. The kind with "writing" on them in a strange language.

Anonymous said...

Oh he's gorgeous.

Shame about the liquorice though - I rather like it!

How is your knee? I hope it is feeling better. Sounded very painful.

Kitty said...

Ooooh, congratulations on the very new bubba - hope he has a long and happy life.

That little garden is incredible - how much patience must it take to make something like that? :-O

Sorry to hear of your heat - would you like some of our cold and howling gale force winds? :-p


Sheila said...

What a cute baby, and Mum too, with all her lovely freckles..!
I don't think we see as many of the big shells either, maybe they are harvested too, like everything else, to make someone a fast buck.
I know the last time I was in Portugal my sister asked me to bring her some shells, ans I had to resort to buying them.

Thimbleanna said...

Good call on stick man -- pedestrians are definitely the hazard LOL! Congrats to the new mom and baby!

teodo said...

Beautiful baby and wonderful Mom.
When I was a child I liked to hear the sea
putting shells like these near my ear and I still like it.
ciao, ciao

crafty said...

Wow, that is such a gorgeous mother baby picture. K is stunning, look at the fun in that grin.

Q said...

Welcome to the world sweet one! He is darling.
I have lots of shells picked up from beaches when we have vacationed. Sometimes one season is better for gathering than others. I love walking on the beach. Picking up shells is an added plus. Good for the waistline too!
Hope your bite is healing.
I tagged you for a book meme.
Hope you can play.

Mike said...

Congrats on the new Little Man.

It was 39 here today too...only that was Fahrenheit. I need summer so bad I can barely stand it.

ancient one said...

I love that cute, cute, baby and his happy mother! I have a nephew who's going to be a new father next month!!

Loved the shells and nice neighbor's garden. She really has talent plus a green thumb!!

bluemountainsmary said...

They both look fantastic given what they had both just gone through.

You are right about the shells - they are nowhere near as lovely as they were when I was a child either.

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE a baby photo!

Henri said...

Meggie , The little family are all progressing well , ' Baby ? Who ? ' is changing fast too , as you said , but still has a Chinese look to him -- A real person of the world he will be ,as far as we know a mix of Irish ,English , Scots ,Rarotongan Cook Islander , Chinese and Samoan ancestry, A mini United Nations on his own !I hope we grow to be true friends .

Stomper Girl said...

Congratulations on your little great-nephew (have I got that right?) What a gorgeous photo of his mum and him.

Tanya Brown said...

Oh, wow. He's perfect! His mom looks amazingly coherent, too, particularly since she just gave birth.

Marvelous dish garden, too.

Anonymous said...

What a cutie ;)

paula said...

K is absolutly glowing! What a lucky little man to have a mother so filled with love...