Monday, March 10

Fun & Games

We went to the beach yesterday afternoon. It was hot & humid, so I was a bit uncomfortable. I foolishly forgot my hat, towels & sunscreen.

What was I thinking? Well, obviously I was not thinking.
We took Small Grandson with us. He was so excited. He loves the beach.
We took our dogs & were to meet up with friends who were taking their son, & one dog.

I did take my camera. Which I locked in the boot of our car, along with my purse. Fool!

Luckily our friends took their camera, & this is a pic of SG on top of a large slide, in a very nice playground, with bright sails to provide shade.
Our friend L took this photo, & sent it to me last evening. Much appreciated L!

What a day I had. I had been hankering after the ocean, & the soothing sound of waves, & the feel of the lovely gritty sand. When our friends suggested taking the dogs for a run, we thought that a great idea.

The dogs were actually quite well behaved in the car. Thankfully neither of them get car sick. Our friends' Golden Retriever does. You can imagine. He is a very large dog!

Our dogs were very excited to get down to the beach, & we had hoped that Leo's training might give us a more relaxed dog out in public, among other dogs.

It was not to be. He was loud, agressive, & if we let him off the lead he would attack other lovely innocent HUGE dogs- including our friends' dog Boof. Who, to his credit, ignored Leo.

I wished I could have dived into the sea. I feel sure the seawater would benefit my itches. They boys had a ball, leaping among the waves, & Boof had a ball chasing his Frisbee.

Somehow the Frisbee ended up at my feet at one stage. Boof came to get it, & Leo went ballistic. In the midst of it all, I got bitten the leg. On the soft puffy part, above & behind my knee!

I am glad it was me that Leo bit, & not someone else. It did put a damper on my day. It drew blood, & stung like crazy. (I didn't swear, though!) Gom seemed of the opinion, if he didnt see it, it hadnt happened. O well, what is new?

It seems when the Universe, or whatever, decides to throw you some crud, it makes a good job of it, & sends several 'lumps' to keep you on your toes!

We delivered SG home. He said he had had fun, & he gets on well with our friends' son, so they had a good time.

We had to give our dogs a good bath each, as they had incredible amounts of sand in their woolly coats! Trying to trim a little off, was a hopeless task.

I am waiting for news of my Grand Nephew's birth. His mother had had one trip to the hospital yesterday, & had been sent home again. She was off again last night, but I have had no word today, so perhaps she went home again. I have been there & done that! Poor K. It is her first baby. Sometimes ignorance is bliss!

Not dancing at present.

k d lang, I dream of Spring.


fifi said...

oh, Meggie, no swimming? Why ever not? Tis so warm in the sea right now.

Go back and sink into the sea, rid yourself of itches forever.

That naughty dog! After all those lessons!

bluemountainsmary said...

I know you love that dog but he is being a bit of a bugger isn't he?!

Lucy said...

Poor old Meggie!

Mollie bit Tom a little while back - (I'm not supposed to tell anyone but if it makes you feel any better), it was so out of character but sometimes they just lose it. And it is a real downer.

Swim next time!

Henri said...

Meggie , do you remember John Lennon's poem , Good Dog Nigel ?? -- ( about a dog of course & what was going to happen to him -- perhaps you could read it to Leo ? HaHa !)
A good swim may do wonders for you and soothe the dreaded itch, well worth a try anyway .
We are now the proud Grandparents of ( to us anyhow ) a wonderful seemingly healthy little baby boy . Mother , Father and Baby all doing well , so far ,

meggie said...

We do love Leo! One of us loves him to the point of ridiculousness. That really can't be remedied by me! He is a lovely dog, but he thinks he is King, so I will have to keep him on lead & muzzled when out. I know he bit me by mistake.

Congratulations to my Beloved Brother, who is at last a Grandfather!!! My first Grand Nephew! I am so glad he is safely in the Family Bosom, as it were!

Ragged Roses said...

It sounded like you were having such a good day until Leo took a bite. Hope you're okay now and good to hear of your Grand Nephew's birth. Take care

Andrea said...

Congrats on the new addition to the family and bad luck on the bite. A day on the beach sounds wonderful right now. We have had cold wet weather for weeks and are expecting severe storms this evening..

teodo said...

Congratulations for your GRAND NEPHEW'S BIRTH.

I hope your leg is better now.
ciao ciao

Joke said...

I'd bite that dog back.



sheoflittlebrain said...

Congratulations Grand Auntie! And to the proud parents and grandparents as well:)

I love the picture of your small Grandson high among the flags! I'm sure it was a grand day for him, playing at the beach with his Grandparents and the dogs:)

That Leo! I hope your wound is healing well!

Catalyst said...

Ah, Meggie, despite the bite, you are lucky to be able to go to the beach. How far is it? I wish we had a beach and an ocean close at hand.

Thimbleanna said...

Oh Meggie -- I hope your dog bite is healing well. You should have gone swimming -- if nothing else, for those of us who live hundreds of miles away from a beach!

Linds said...

Great news about your great-nephew! Not so great to hear about your dog trying to eat you though. I love dogs. But they must behave. A trip to the beach sounds wonderful right now. It is cold grey and pouring with rain. I can't wait for spring!

Mike said...

Sorry you got bit. It's never a good thing to get in the middle of two dogs. Hope you will be okay.

ancient one said...

Ahhhh the beach... I was dreaming of it today... too early yet for me! Today's temps at 66.

Sounds like you had fun, except for the bite.

alice said...

I hope you're up for playing along, as I am officially tagging you:

Post THE RULES on your blog ( this be them! )
Post 7 weird or random facts about yourself on your blog
Tag 7 people and link to them
Comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged.

If this doesn't appeal to you, then no harm done!

Q said...

Dear Meggie,
Sending blessings for the new baby and the parents!
You have been on my mind all weekend. Now I know why! Be sure and take good care of the bite.
Sherry, who doesn't swim either

leslie said...

Ah...the beach! I can hardly wait until it's warm enough here.

A birth and a bite! One good thing and one bad. Naughty doggie! I've been bitten by a dog (my own) and it HURTS LIKE know. Take care!

Peggy said...

what a perfect day! Won't be too much longer till it will beachtime for us.

meggie said...

Hi all, To answer some of your questions;
The beach is about 25 minutes drive away. I do swim, & used to love the ocean, but now, I am a bit wary of the surf. I got dumped rather severely last time I went swimming, & sprained my ankle badly. We are lucky we are so close to nice beaches, several in fact.
I think the bite will be ok, it is a bit sore, but I usually heal up well.

Finn said...

Hi Meggie, sending lots of hugs and kisses for your poor boo-boo'd leg.
Sounds like your Leo is quite a handful and doesn't know it's you in charge.
And the excitment of the moment, obviously. The day sounds lovely in part, maybe just mixed too many variables for complete peace. Sorry about your itch and your leg. Do something nice for you my friend, big hugs, Finn

Tanya Brown said...

It sounds like a day of pleasures and discontents rubbing up against each other. I hope you can get back to the sea soon, for research purposes naturally. You must find out if the salt water will alleviate the itching!