Wednesday, March 12



He had champagne eyes,
they bubbled & sparkled
with ever changing amber lights,
full of the joys,
Love, unbound in delights.

I could drown in those bubbles
the magical joys,
they promised in endless array
swirling about me
beguiling, enticing, leading astray.

Then, the absence of draught,
hangover of the soul.
A sudden withdrawal,
Too painful to contemplate
Life, bleak, without the enthral.

A long distant meeting,
The bubbles still rose
with diminished exuberance
but bubbling still
In a quiet effervescence.

Further forward in Fates,
to futures grown old,
Changed, in the passage of time.
The bubbles are gone now,
the lights in decline.

Did his champagne lose
the bubbles, the life in the lights,
Or did the shadows, his lashes foretold
Reveal in ashes of years,
A love just grown cold.


Henri said...

Lovely , Meggie !!

Henri said...

Lovely , Meggie !!

Lucy said...

Hugs, Meggie.

Tanya Brown said...

I don't think the love went cold. More likely he simply had gas.

Lovely poem, regardless.

Mike said...

Beautiful Meggie.

Ian Lidster said...

So sweet at the start, and then kind of sad later. Like life at times, alas.

ancient one said...

Hmmmmmm ? Someone in particular?... I love when you write poetry!

The Sagittarian said...

What a just having a champagne as I read thru my favourite blogs....very nice poem, Meggie!

Pauline said...

what a great analogy - champagne bubbles and new love.

and welcome to the new little man in your post below!

Rosie said...

everything changes...
Love your flower blooming on your title...

sheoflittlebrain said...

Sweet poem Meggie..although it left me feeling a bit sad..
I wouldn't mind giving that babe a cuddle myself:)

Mrs. Nice Neighbor's little gardens fascinate me..I may try one one of these days..

Q said...

Dear Meggie,
Thank you for the poem.
When I see eyes that are tired and have lost their sparkle I think they have seen too much disappointment in life.
Lovely header!

meggie said...

Hi All,
The flower in my header is my little white camelia.
I was recently bemoaning the fact that I had planted it back-to-front. It is a blessing though, as the flowers are all coming out facing the area where we sit!

fifi said...

MMM. Champagne love.
Not so good when it goes flat.
Nice to imagine the sparkly eyes.

I have a camellia like that, but it drives me mad by dropping the flowers onto the ground the very second they open.

Marja said...

Excellent I especially love the last part "or did the shadows, his lashes foretold reveal in the ashes of years. A love just grown old. Beautiful

Felicitas said...

I may be hormonal as I'm in my first trimester...but I can't stop welling up over your lovely, lovely poem. Well done indeed!