Friday, March 21

Further Absurdities

We have just witnessed a small truck run out of control whilst driving down our street. The vehicle ended up facing the wrong way. He turned around & wobbled, & swerved off down the road. No idea why, or how. Perhaps a flat tyre we could not see.

It is a very wet & dull day, but thankfully the temperatures are reasonable, & the humidity is low. Breathing & moving are possible, & even comfortable!

I have had 3 or 4 posts simmering in my head for the past couple of days. This morning's events sent the thoughts to the back of my mind.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will by now be aware that, from time to time, Gom, does some very bizarre things. Mostly quite humorous, though not always at the time. Hindsight, as they say, is a wonderful thing.

Yesterday, I did some laundry, & since it was a hot fine day, Gom hung it all on the line for me. I am advised to avoid the sun if possible, so he obligingly hangs out the washing.

Prior to that we had been out to a Mall to get a few last minute items in the food line. We left early & returned nice & early. Later, Gom had brunch, & I had lunch, & we went about our separate pursuits.

Gom began complaining about a terrible smell in our bedroom. Since I heard scrabbling feet, one night, which sounded too large to be mouse feet, we concluded there had been a rat in the ceiling cavity, & it had possibly died. At first I couldn't smell the offensive odour, then I got a whiff of it! Blech!!

Later in the day, I suggested we watch a movie, & we began to watch 'August Rush'.

Gom sat sniffing, & wrinkling his nose. He could still smell the offensive odour. I got whiffs from time to time. Awful.

Gom decided 'August Rush' was not his cup of tea as a movie, so he went outside to read, & I enjoyed the movie in peace, & seemingly odour free.
Later we discussed what we might be able to do about the source of the smell, & I was dreading going to bed, as it had seemed worse in our bedroom.

I went off to bed early, to read, & was quite comfortable, - seemingly odour free. I had gone to sleep by the time Gom came to bed, & I rose early this morning well before he got up.

We always change our bedlinen on Friday- Good or not! So Gom stripped the bed, & he was sorting out washing to go into the laundry. He went into a pocket of the pants he had worn yesterday to discover....

A plastic bag, full of dog sh!t!!

He went into hysterical laughter. I almost fainted in horror. I can not understand how anyone could walk around with a bag of dog sh!t in their pocket, & be unaware of it!!

It seems when he was hanging out the washing, he collected the dog droppings up by the clothes line. He tells me he didn't want to stop his hanging, so he just must have shoved the bag in his pocket!

I cannot for the life of me understand how anyone can put something like that in their pocket??

I know some of you will remember the incident of the 'mulch' in a Tale of a Tail post. Or, the Dead Rat in the Car Boot in this post. How many more of these hideous incidents will I have to witness. I have told him I fear he really is going nuts, & when he does, I will not be the one to care for him.

Oh, and 'August Rush'. I would recommend it for any woman. I loved it!!


In other news, I have been sewing, & have completed an item, apart from the label. This is just a peek at a corner, as I dont want to reveal the whole thing. It is a gift.
Reading around some of my favourite blogs, I was struck by this lovely post by Mary, about her Log Cabin Quilts, & the wonderful story behind the one she gave her mother.

I suggested to Mary that it would be nice if we added a pocket to contain the story behind interesting quilts such as this one. I am sure future generations would love to know the story behind the quilt, & how it came to be. Not all quilts have such a lovely story as this one, but most have some sort of tale to tell.

I try to add the date made, who it is for, & who made it, for the label, when I make a quilt to give away.


Our good & faithful toaster died. It was just on 10 years old, which is remarkable in this day & age, when everything is so throw-away. We went to shop for a new one. What an experience. Some of them would need rented bench-space to occupy! Some of them resembled small cars!!

At the other end of the extreme were the trashy ones, with their innards hanging out in wiry parts. Not a good way to get sales, displaying the ruins of the display model.

We settled on a comfortable looking model, albeit a little more elaborate than the old one. White is my choice- I detest those stainless steel models with their neverending smudgy fingerprints. This new one is a little larger than the old, but is nowhere near the small sedan size of some of the new ones.

I hope it survives the antics of Gom, who does silly things when trying to get thick things like Hot Cross Buns out of the slots!! GGGRRRR.


My Horoscope says, 'Get ready for change!
Prepare yourself now for a thrill!'
So I sit & I wait, and I contemplate,
What treasures the future will hold?

No sounds of the thunder, no traces of gold,
the hours tick by slowly, the day it grows chill,
I glance in the mirror- then I stand still.
The change is- I see I've grown old!

The Cosmos is laughing, that must be the thrill.
I don't get the joke. I don't think I will!


For those of you who celebrate Easter, I wish you a pleasant weekend.

Dusty Springfield, If You Go Away.


Tanya Brown said...

Dear God, I'm glad my mouth wasn't full of something because I literally would have spat it all over my computer. In fact, my screen is now coated with ... well, never mind. At least it isn't dog poop!

The nice thing about GOM is that life with him is never, ever dull.

CONNIE W said...

Sitting here chuckling...sorry :)

Mary said...

I'm sorry, it's probably not funny but I had to laugh about the smell being dog poop! I was also thinking dead animal....

I love the peek you gave us of the new quilt - the binding fabric is excellent. I love how hard stripes work for us!

I think I'll print off my post and tuck it in with the photo I have of courthouse steps quilt. And there are a few other quilts I'd like to write a little more about. Since I try to document most of my quilts in an album - its as good a place as any to add extra information.

ancient one said...

Loved the quilt!!

Loved the story told on GOM..LOL I'm going to tell Little pen pen to come read this post! LOL

Mike said...

The dog crap in the pocket thing?

Sounds just like something I would do.

Harmany Quilting said...

That's just SO good Meggie.

alice said...

You know, I just nodded vigorously over the dog poo story. I have a partner that do would do that, and not remember that he had done it. And wonder at my reaction. It really amazes me, too.

Andrea said...

SO funny - that has really made my day ! Can I come on holiday at your house - please ? Lol.

Thimbleanna said...

You made me burst out laughing again Meggie! Too, too funny. Did you "smack him upside the head"??? LOL. Can't wait to see the whole quilt -- the corner looks lovely!

Sheila said...

I am still laughing..!
Thank goodness it didn't go into the washing machine..!
Never a dull moment at your house..
Love Dusty Springfield.

Rosie said...

now you've cheered me right up meggie. I had a good laugh at GOMs antics. It's not all bad though. Atleast he checks the pockets, unlike my lot...

Kitty said...

No wonder GOM could smell the pong more than you! I did have a chuckle at that - thank you!

We once had a mouse die on a heating pipe - the smell was absolutely horrific, so I was sympathising with you until the source of your odour problem was revealed.

Take care. x

Christine Thresh said...

Thank goodness he checked his pockets before he threw the pants in the washer.
What a funny story.
Quite a post, and a quilt too. Can't ask for more than that.

Anonymous said...

Oh Meggie, Arn't men wonderful? Mine does things like this also.
I love the colours of your quilt and hope that once it has been given away you will reveal the whole thing.

Bren said...

I did NOT see that poop in the pocket! No wonder he smelled it more than you did,...he was wearing it!
Your quilt is lovely. I can't wait to see the entire thing.
I too am finding noises bother me more...sad for my kids!

mereth said...

Well, I'm flabbergasted. Like you, I don't know that this is actually funny, because it really does make me wonder WHAT THE HELL WAS HE THINKING? What normal person does that? Oh, that's right, this is GOM we're talking about isn't it?
Can you imagine if it was you turning his pockets out and found that?
Oh well, stick to the sewing to keep you sane and post a full picture soon instead of just teasing.

Tanya said...

You're husband is hilarious! Especially to people who don't have to live with him. I can just imagine your horror and his laughter and yes, I remember the rat in the car boot fondly from time to time!

Thank you for the Easter wishes.

APO (Bem-Trapilho) said...

lovely quilt! :)))

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I am thinking, it was a good thing that GOM checked the pockets before putting it into the wash! Ah, it is absurdities like this that keeps life interesting!

Anonymous said...

haha - oh so funny.

Men will put anything in their pockets though, won't they?

julieQ said...

Ok, HAHAHAHA!! Love that story! Pretty yucky, though....
I loved August Rush!

leslie said...

*laughing* *gagging* *laughing* *gagging*

BLECH is right!

Lovely quilt and good idea for the story behind them.

I just use a toaster oven - it works well for toast as well as the thick bagels or hot cross buns, etc.

Enjoyed your previous post about noise. I can commiserate! My neighbour and her daughter scream at each other all the time and I just sit on my patio blithely reading the newspaper pretending not to hear all the swearing.

BBC said...
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Kapuananiokalaniakea said...

FUNNY! In the pocket!! Overnight!
Please let me in on your secret of how you trained him to check his pockets.

Lucy said...

It's just boggling that something so gross could have been even grosser if you'd washed them... ugh!

Happy Easter Meggie!

smilnsigh said...

You need to compile a book, of all these hysterical GOM happenings!!! -giggles-

And since you and I are probably the only ones in 'Pretty Blog Land,' who don't _celebrate_ Easter... I send you the link to my today entry. {Before I have been *reported* to the *Net police* for *heretical* writing, that is! LOL}

My entry.

Linda Fleming said...

OMG! Sounds like our house! LOL! We haven't found forgotten poop in our pockets- YET, but with two dogs we have spent lots of time searching for the source of offensive smells-LOL! We have a rule at our house- whoever smells it first has to clean it up.

BumbleVee said...

hey,,, I seem to be following Linda and M N around the blogs.....

your hubby is hilarious....of course,now I must check out the other "incidents" ... off I go....

Elaine Adair said...

oh gosh - these men!

On that subject of doggie do, check out my own version of DH with ..., Feb. 23, 2008, called Spring and Fall. My story is slightly related to your pocket full of xxxx! LOL

Loved the story though!

h&b said...

oh yuck !!!

Disgusting !!!