Tuesday, March 4

Winter Moon.

Winter Moon.

Have you ever
held your breath
in a sharp intake of cold air,

as you gazed
shivering, transfixed, at the sight
of the huge silver lighted moon

Feeling in your heart
that the stranger seated next to you
emanating warmth

Could give you that moon
those stars
the magic moment that could last forever

Knowing, if you died right then
It could all be preserved.
The perfection, the joy,
time would stand still in eternity


Tanya Brown said...


ancient one said...

Love your poem! How in the world did you get three (3) posts up and me not see them? I call myself checking your blog every day!! That's ok.. 'cause I caught up tonight...on your buttons, clouds, itching/scratching, almost falling, sunsets, and coolish fall day. I hope you find something to help the skin condition soon.

Congrats on your award! You deserve it!!

daysgoby said...



I'm sitting at a crowded hospital, phones ringing, people coughing, machines going - and all I can think about after I read that is the night of the eclipse, when the night was so crisp and cold and the air so still and the night had so many possibilities...you did that.

You brought that back with your words.

Awesome, lady!

Bren said...

Beautiful. It brought on a rush of peace as I read your words.
Your fabrics and buttons were a pleasure to see!!!

sheoflittlebrain said...

Your poem is beautifully evocative, Meggie. You are a real writer, you know:)
I too am catching up on several posts, enjoying the bright materials and buttons and just hoping the solution to your skin problem is found soon.

teodo said...

Meggie is wonderful and thoughtful.

I love your buttons-collection.
ciao ciao

Molly said...

Lovely, Meggie!

Mike said...

Very beautiful Meggie..and if you don't mind me saying so, this post is very reminiscent of another blogger who has long since left the blogosphere.

Marja said...

Wow that is absolutely beautiful.
as you gazed shivering, transfixed at the sight of the huge silver lighted moon. Perfect. Warmth and peace flowing out of your words.

Marja said...

oh now i forgot all about to tell you that i've got an award for you

fifi said...

Thats a very pretty piece.

I know how you feel...

The Sagittarian said...

Oh, I have a button collection too!! The kids love playing with it (not so good at putting it all back in the box) but I suspect the 13 year old will wean herself away from them all too soon.
Lovely poem Meggie, really lovely.

Anonymous said...

Hi Meggie,
Loved the poem about the moon.
Just had a thought about the itch!
Did you change washing powders just before it started? I did that once and had an awful rash. Then I bought the Omo Sensitive and the rash went away after a couple of weeks. It's not returned so far. Worth a try.
Cheers Jen

Angie said...

What a BEAUTIFUL poem, Meggie!!!! You are so talented with words...induces a serious state of envy in Moi!! :)

Isabelle said...

Very evocative. Why did you write about the winter in your summer/autumn, I wonder?

Yolanda said...

I really enjoyed this poem and the skunk cabbage is just a wildflower here sort of like a swamp dandelion that grows in boggy areas. I wouldn't mind being one though if I were a flower.

Ian Lidster said...

Lovely versification. Poignant and true. Thank you for that.

smilnsigh said...