Sunday, November 2

Looking for the silver lining....

Perhaps I am looking in the wrong places, but they do say when in doubt, look up.

The sky has such lovely pictures t0 tell.

Much nicer than moping about over an old toothache.

The heavy duty painkillers were/are horrible, so I have been trying not to take them.

We have had a full weekend with family, & friends to take my mind off the aching.

Tomorrow morning I am off to see another dentist, armed with xrays, & high hopes.
Surely I will be toothless later in the morning! Fingers crossed.

In other completely different news, BB has been posing for photographs.
They may be seen by some people as not quite PC.

My nephews found it incredible that there was an uproar over the name of this particular brand of cheese.

The PC idiots were saying the name should be changed. It is a brand of cheese which has been around for a long time.

What nonsense that it would cause umbrage.

To prove it is harmless- or not- BB decided to pose, with said 'offensively named' product.

I hope this does not cause anyone any offense.

I will just say the product is very nice!

Bob Dylan, If Not For You.


Linds said...

I think the world has gon PC mad, to be quite honest. Assumptions are made, and it gets more unbelievable by the day. Did you know that some schools here in the UK do not sing Christmas carols, because it may offend the minority? Hello? This is England! Sigh. I am off and galloping so I will stop at this point.
PS BB looks very fetching with his cheese adorning his shoulders!

Mike said...

There used to be a coffee franchise here in the US called Beaners. Obviously, the name referred to coffee beans. For most of us, there was no doubt about that. For others though, the name suggested some sort of sinister racial slur against Mexicans.

All this PC crap is not helping us get over ourselves, is it?

Catalyst said...

Beautiful photos of the sunset (sunrise?) sky, Meggie.

There also used to be a restaurant chain in the U.S. of A. called "Sambo's." Now gone, I believe.

Blue Mountains Mary said...

Good for you Meggie, still finding life's free treats!

PAT said...

Hi Meggie..I hope something good happens this week, about that tooth. J goes Thursday for his first extraction..a wisdom tooth.

I didn't give the name a thought.

Also, in some American schools, the Christmas Carol ban.

Love the sky photos!

Connie W said...

Have been thinking of you and your tooth and knowing you are seeing a dentist tomorrow is good news. We have a cute book of PC fairy tales, hilarious. Do take care...I wish you good luck with the dental appt and will have you in my thoughts.

The Sagittarian said...

Lovely photos there Meggie, I love red skies morning or night!
As for the PC brigade, good grief!!
I had a run-in with a tooth myself last week so hope you get some closure this week yourself. Cheers,

rhubarbwhine said...

I am still getting over having to call 'blackboy' plants grass trees. Does that mean we have to rename the white pointer shark as well? or Perth's 'Whiteman' park? The world has gone mad, I tell you.

Lee said...

PC gone mad. When the casino opened in Melbourne the media (who else?) were up in arms that it was on 'Whiteman Street' and it was being open by some now forgotten black singer.

em's scrapbag said...

It never fails to amaze me what some people find offensive. Love the sunset pics. Truely lovely. Maybe if those people took more time to find the beauty in things they would have less time to be offended.

VioletSky said...

Hope smiling at the sky didn't hurt! Good luck with the new dentist.

Since I couldn't figure out what 'coon' had to do with 'cheese', common sense said it must be a family name. Yep, common sense won again.

Strider said...

I love your don't seem to get mixed up in all the "political correctness" like we do here. Coon would definetly be a no no here...Any way, I hope your tooth is better or yanked out by now!!!