Thursday, November 20


The troubling news is, Gom has a problem with his eyes. Not sure yet, just what the problem is, but it will not necessarily be good news. His mother went 'legally blind'.

I detest that term. She was told, that if she had seen a specialist in time, they could have done something about her sight.

I have been noting that Gom's eyes were not 'seeing'. He tends to go into denial about any & all health matters.

Finally got his eyes checked yesterday. Urged to 'urgently' seek Specialist Opinion.

Yeah!! Sure!!

Turns out 'urgent' equals 2 months!

The irritatingly calm voice of the receptionist says "The first available appointment is on 22nd January, at 7.30am"

He is intending to ring the Optometrist to see if he can speed things up. We don't however hold out much hope.

'How long is a piece of string?' is the answer to most urgent specialist appointments.

In other crap raining/reigning happenings in our life, the dishwasher has decided to crap out.

Had to wait till just on Christmas, when else could it happen??

Turns out it might be a common fault with this Fisher Paykel washer.
The handle mechanism is not up to much. We are probably lucky to have had 8 years out of it, trouble free.

As I explained to the repair man, who we are sitting about waiting to see, as I write "I will be there in the Morning!" yeah, sure you will "We are old, & 8 years in NOT old enough!"

Here is the offending washer, under our 80's orange "Ginger Spice" coloured bench top.

I hate washing dishes, & Gom, bless his heart is happy to do them, but leaves things somewhat.... erm.... spotted & streaked. I do make allowances for the eyes. But I hate to think of all the dishwashing detergent we might ingest, as a result of his over soaping, & haphazard drying!
We have been getting lots of Spring rains.
The garden loves it all, of course!
The weather gets rather sultry when it rains so much. Sauna like days ensue, if the sun comes out.

It is also the season of spectacular thunderstorms. Last night's was a doozy. Poor Leo shivered & shook with fright. I spent some time comforting him, nodding off between bouts of lightning & thunder.

The camellia leaves look very happy covered in raindrops. Lovely shiny new spring growth green.

I love this pic. A sneaky little ant in there. One of those things you don't notice whilst taking the pic.
Dishwasher man has arrived, discovered it is a broken handle, discovered he did not have one on his truck- in spite of it being a common problem-& has now gone to get one.

Gom wants a haircut, & I feel I should definitely do the driving

I actually hate driving.

I have survived two really horrendous car accidents, & it has left me a nervous driver, which is not good.

I suppose since my eyes are still reasonable, I shall have to learn to be the driver.

Gom seems surprisingly unruffled about his eye plight.

Paul Simon, Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes


fifi said...


I have a phobia about going blind.
My grandma was blind, she used it as an excuse to feel up my boyfriend, I swear to god.

(In a good way, like, she ran her hands over his face a lot. stuff like THAT.)

Molly said...

I hope you can get an earlier appointment! Eyes and sight are so precious.
Love your garden photos, freshly washed by the rain....

Catalyst said...

Sorry about the GOM's eyesight.
Senior status (notice I didn't say "old age") ain't for sissies.

Sorry about Leo's problems with the thunder.

Sorry about the damnable dishwasher. (No, not GOM, the automatic one)

But great pictures!

Deb said...

Sorry about Gom's eyesight difficulties. Hope you are able to secure an earlier appointment with the specialist.

You're gardens are absolutely stunning! I understand all about heat and humidity living here in South Florida...though at the moment we are experiencing an unusual chilly, dry spell. Not to worry, it will soon be replaced by our normal heat and humidity.

Mike said...

Sorry about Gom's eyes. My grandmother was also "legally blind."

I never had much use for those Fisher Paykal dishwashers because of the commercials they show here in the states. In the commercial, they show this beautiful bent over the dishwasher loading it. It's quite a lovely sight. The man is looking at her lovely backside and all he is thinking is "dish-drawer."

What the hell is wrong with him?

Tanya said...

We have a similar problem with medical urgencies. Yep. Two months down the line is about right...

Emma said...

I am sorry to hear about GOM's eyesight. I hope that an earlier appointment is possible, though from what I hear ...

Your garden photos are lovely, particularly the agapanthus (?) with the ant. I like sneaky little bugs in photos; it adds a certain charm. We have been 'enjoying' wet weather up here too. Fortunately our house have been out of the paths of the news worthy storms, but the whole place is somewhat soggy. At least my neglected plants are thriving.

Granny J said...

Your neat garden pictures remind me that we are having an unusually dry autumn -- not good in our semi-arid zone. Good luck in getting an earlier appointment for an eye exam.

Tanya Brown said...

There's a brand of salt here in the states whose slogan is "When it rains it pours". The same could be said for troubles!

Wishing you and GOM the best -

Blue Mountains Mary said...

Oh Meggie I am so sorry - I can only hope for a good result ....

That agapanthus bud is so lovely.

Kitty said...

Sorry to read/hear about GOM's eyes ... keep on making a pain of yourself to the appointment's clerk, it's sometimes the only way.

Beautiful photos. x

Joyce said...

My Dad had macular degeneration and was basically blind when he died. Not the way I want to go and there is nothing to be done for it. I get rgular eye checks just in case.
Your rainy garden looks delicious compared to our -10 snowy landscape.

Jonah K. Haslap said...

I have some eye problems myself, being able to see is just one of the many things we take for granted in life. Along with Golden Girls reruns, and any food product that combines peanut butter and chocolate.

I hope both your hubby and your washing machine get better soon.

Thimbleanna said...

It seems like urgent should really mean urgent! I hope you can get an earlier appointment.

Aren't men funny when they do dishes? I have to leave the room when hubby is doing ours so as not to "supervise" -- I'm just happy he'll do them!

ancient one said...

Sorry about Gom's eyes. I usually know I'm in trouble if the doctor makes an appointment and it's quick (like in a couple of days)... If the appointment can wait for a couple of months, I don't worry as much.

I know your health care works different from ours in USA... but my cousin will call often and asked if anyone's cancelled... she's often able to get in quicker that way...

I do hope something can be done for Gom's eyes...I think that's a worry for most of us.. losing our eyesight... that's why we should get all the memories we can stored in our brains so we can still see...

I don't have a dish washer. Had one probably 30+ years ago... when it conked out .. we didn't get another...though I sometimes wish I had one...That's why my company china is styrofoam...LOL

Your flowers are lovely... everything looks so fresh..

Pauline said...

Reading here is like dropping by for a cup of tea and getting all the news... hope all works out well with GOM's eyes.

Isabelle said...

Me too - we need eyes.

Love the agapanthus bud with its little ant. I wish it were spring/summer here...

Strider said...

I hate appliance problems!!! Especially the dishwasher! I pray the Gom get's in earlier to the doctor, and that his condition is healed! Just as men don't like to ask for directions......we also hate going to the doctor! Have a good day.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Thinking of you and GOM.

VioletSky said...

I hope GOM gets an appointment sooner. My mother had AMD and now I have a fear of getting it - suddenly interested in getting those tests done regularly!