Saturday, November 8

Hither and Thither

I have been too busy to post.

I have been wearing my poor legs down to stumps, & further crippling my buggered knee!

The sights in the city are amazing.

The noise is utterly horrifying.

Some things are totally beautiful.

Some people are totally beautiful also.

Howver, some people are also beyond ugly! In all senses of the word!

Here, is reportedly, Australia's tallest Christmas Tree.
It stands in QVB, which is the Queen Victoria Building.
The tree is adorned with Swarovsky Crystals.
Here, a most magical Elephant, with Rider. I love this shop!!

Sheep, all your heart could desire! This shop is filled with all things animal.

Should your heart desire ~ Monkeys galore!


Aboriginal Art for sale.

This speaks for itself, somehow...

Time waits for no man...
I have previously seen this clock work it's magic with the pageantry!

Beloved Brother returns to his homeland today.

I will miss him sorely.

We have indeed had a lot of fun.

Anyone of a certain age, probably knows all the words of this next song~Enjoy Yourself, It's Later Than You Think.


Mike said...

Lovely pics Meggie and glad Henri had a good time. Hope he has a safe trip back.

Ian Lidster said...

You captured so much truth in your opening lines. Loved your photos.

teodo said...

Beautiful tree and wonderful clock.
Christmas is here.

I cannot listen the song, don't play.
ciao ciao

Molly said...

Where are you? Sounds very swank!

meggie said...

Mike, Henri thanks you, for your kind wishes.

Ian, Big noisy cities can be quite intimidating!

Teodo, Scary to realise how close Christmas really is now!

Molly, The Christmas Tree is in the Queen Victoria Building, in downtown Sydney.
The tree is actually about 4 levels high, up through the centre of the builiding.
It is a beautiful old building, which is gradually being restored to former glory.

Strider said...

How do you pronounce "buggered" as in knee? .... like bug or booger? I am assuming the latter....but I'm ready for an Australian lesson in words!

Pauline said...

what a great tour - thanks!

ancient one said...

I know you and your brother have enjoyed each other... thanks for taking us to the city with you. Nice Christmas tree!

Ali Honey said...

Lovely pictures meg.
I haven't been many places in the world but I think I've been in that building - without Christmas tree cause it was June.

Love the sheep best - especially their attire!

Hope you are feeling better in the mouth area.( healing nicely ? )

Blue Mountains Mary said...

What great photos of our town Meggie - good to visit and good to come home from!

The Sagittarian said...

I lovce that building, we will be in Sydney over the new year so will be down there for sure!!

I like that song, we have it by Jools Holland and someone whose name escapes me. Very catchy and accurate!

peppermintpatcher said...

A very obvious reminder that I need to get myself into gear and deal with Christmas now before the shops get louder and uglier!

Rosie said...

hurrah..enjoy yourself

Tanya Brown said...

You delighted me with these photos. I do love window shopping, and these are from sort of fairy world.

Best wishes on growing those stumps back!