Friday, November 14

I Can't Help But Wonder...

I stand in wonder, about so many things.

There is the type of wonder, one gets at new life ~ new born babies. A neighbour couple have just had twin daughters safely born. They are non identical, so it will be lovely to watch as they grow.

How wonderful is the miracle of life.
New puppies, new kittens.
Or even 'old kittens'. There was a 4yr old cat called Teddy, to give away. I wanted Teddy.

All I got was snorts from Gom. I guess Teddy is not to be mine.

I wonder at these lovely china Chooks. Who will buy them? To add to their decor, & maybe tire of them sooner rather than later...

The lovely smiling china representative vegetables. Perhaps for some trendy kitchen, where they will remain on display.... to gather dust & grease, as kitchen decore is apt to do. cynical I know, - what can I say, I am old, I know about the nasty kitchen secrets...

Are these to be the Antiques of the future, worth a small fortune, for the lucky owners?


While BB was staying, we went to visit our lovely neighbours, & admire Mrs Nice Neighbour's lovely miniature gardens.
I really admire her incredible patience, in assembling these lovely little gardens, & her wonderful green thumbs.

A Fairy Princess, riding on a horse. Very pretty in real life.

A Japanese fisherman. Mrs NN tells us this needs a little maintenance, but it looked fine to us.

Here, the Happy Couple beginning their new life. they have a clothesline, & a horse! what more could they want....

Here, a wonderful little Elephant garden, with a little story to go with it. The red feather just appeared in the garage, a gift. It matched the red stone, & completed the look.

If you look closely, you can just see Mrs NN silhouetted in the glass!


Train sketches ....2.

The Train to the City is crowded.

We gratefully find a seat where the 3 of us, plus the baggage, can all be together.

Three slightly stout, greying 'elders', in their prime, obviously! largely disregarded by the younger, fellow passengers.

A fairly fast train, stopping at few stations on the long journey.
A Rural train, with excited country passengers, out for a weekend treat, down in the Big City.

Two attractive, fresh-faced, young girls, very friendly, very vocal. Chatting on, about their love lives, & various other life events, in loud tones.

They had struck an acquaintance-ship, with 2 young men, sitting directly behind them.

Opposite, some men of a 'certain age' 50 plus or minus, out for a rare weekend or reunion of some sort, & quite bubbly, at the prospect of 'being off the leash'. High spirits, loud voices.

A few mild jokes exchanged. Mutual acquaintences discussed among 2 of the men. Much to our amusement, & delight, picturing the said persons.

The girls, laughing often, giggling about phone messages one girl was recieving from "someone on this train is sending me these rude, f@rt messages. Listen to this!"

Loud bl*rting noises can be heard on her phone. Then, a slightly more obsene conversation, from an electronic sounding voice.

The 'Men Of A Certain Age', who shall henceforth be known as 'MOFACA' were heard to giggle & chuckle- in that order!

One told a loud story of staying in an Oxford St establishment, & being mistaken for ... ahem, to use his word, a 'poof.' I know it was a leg pull, a piss take. Those Gay boys of Oxford Street are far too clever for that! They know it gives the old straights a kick, to be 'propositioned!'

Next thing, a loud music clip is heard, blaring out, & a young man opposite us starts moving to the beat!

His young girlfriend is confused, roused from her own private music, ipod, & she scowls that the young man, whacks at him to stop him.

We burst out laughing, young man goes bright red!

One MOFACA tells a very loud story of a meeting with some woman he must have been set up with, for a blind date. He tells us all, that when he first sees her he bursts out with "Christ! You've got Fat!" He then says it didn't go down well, & the relationship was dead in the water, right from moment one!

We sneak looks at him, & see he has gone to seed also! Perhaps it was a photo ID meeting?? we wonder....

One young girl, loudly shares with the carriage, the fact that she "stayed faithful to G the whole time I was with him. I was never unfaithful, in the whole 18 months I was with him.... then we broke up."
"Then came S. It was different with him. I cheated."

I wonder to myself, is this modern relationships for girls? As casual as for the men?

As we all alighted, there was much laughter, & wishing of good times. The girls were going to some concert.

The young men, off to some nighclub I suspect.

The MOFACA attempted a joke, when the girls asked their destination?

"A Nana Maskouri Concert" they said.

The girls jaws dropped, & they said in unison "WHO??"

The MOFACA laughed, one blushed, & one offered to send the CD!

Off we go, to our seperate destinations.

I saw Prince Charles on TV this morning.

It is his 60th Birthday.

Poor man.

He seems to have no role in life, & his life has been a tragedy, or black comedy, however you look at it.

Just a mortal life, like the rest of us mere mortals.

Except, he had to live his, on public display, & most of us don't have that burden to carry.

I would love to just give him a hug. Which, I am given to believe, his mother never did!

I am glad he got to marry the love of his life, ...eventually.

Janis Ian, Love is Blind.


teodo said...

No Meggie your post are not bored bur very very interesting.
You are our teacher's life.
ciao and a big kiss.

Henri said...

Perhaps Charlie's Mum never hugged him -- but it looks as if someone picked him up by the ears quite often .

Lee said...

There must be some award you can be nominated for for getting the maximum variety of content into each post! :-)

Jellyhead said...

What a perfect Meggie post! Never boring - always full to the brim with observations and humour. I LOVE your blog.

ancient one said...

Love those beautiful small gardens that your neighbor makes.

Enjoyed the ride on the train and all the antics of the other passengers.

Loved this post!!

Mike said...

Great post Meggie and I have always felt like Prince Charles was one of those hopefully tragic figures.

Molly said...

Those miniature gardens Mrs. NN makes are lovely! What a lovely hobby. They remind me of the annual Horse Show in my hometown. There was a special category for little dish gardens like those. I loved them back then too....

Rosie said...

Poor Prince Charles, always the bridesmaid never the bride.
But mortal as the rest of us. I dream of death lately. I hope it will pass..the dreams I mean. Not much chance of death passing me by is there.

Blue Mountains Mary said...

I was with you on that train journey - you captured it perfectly..

Anonymous said...

Those little gardens are an absolute marvel!

Granny J said...

Oh, Meggie Potpouri! What a wonderful mix of topics, just like a pleasant visit over coffee or tea. But with pictures, too.

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

I love the little gardens, Meggie.

I'm also happy Prince Charles got to marry the love of his life. I saw him on TV, too. Just from a distance, with no sound. Wondered the occasion and now I know.

Hope your weekend is wonderful!

Strider said...

Nice, compassionate comment on Prince Charles. Have a good weekend.

Ian Lidster said...

Lovely eclectic thoughts and impressions from porcelain to trains to the redoubtable Prince Chuck.

VioletSky said...

Meggie, your posts are never boring - but I have learned to bring my tea along with me for the read.

I love the little gardens!

Tanya Brown said...

When I see Mrs. Nice Neighbor's gardens, I always want to encourage her to write a book on the subject. At the very least, there should be a magazine article on what she's done.

So many characters on that train. Trains must be great places for people watching.

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

Those terrariums are awesome! Makes me want to thing I can make one...nahh..