Tuesday, November 4

A stone is not just a stone.

When family & friends were here on Saturday, little SG -Small Grandson- was here too. He was very happy, pottering about in the garden.

He brought me 4 stones, & told me he had chosen them out of the garden. He asked did I like them? as he placed them on the glass table top.

I told him I liked 3 of them, but one was a piece of concrete, with bits of stone in it, so he threw that one away.

His mother came out, & told him to "get those stones off the table!"

He collected them up, then he said to me,
"I know Nan! I will put them here for you, & when you feel lonely, you can look at them, & think of me."

He carefully placed them in the top of the mop bucket, which was nearby.

Somehow, it blew me away, that he could be such a deep & loving little boy. I hope he never loses his ablility to think this way.

Magic Stones.

Our son was up for the weekend, & he is always interested to see & hear SG. He is his only nephew, & they get along just fine. He sees a lot of himself in SG. When he was a small boy, he thought much like SG.

He feels a little sad, as he feels life has some lessons which won't come easy, for SG & other small children of sensitivity.

As he says, there are big rewards in life for those who conform. For those who don't ~not so much.


Thankfully, the Evil Fang is gone!!!

The older Dentist studied the Xrays, & couldn't understand why the tooth was so troublesome, but did not doubt the pain. Nor did he see any problem with extraction. He got his Hygienist to give me the needles, & I must say, she did it so well, there was really minimum discomfort. Out came the offending tooth, & today I am a much happier person.

Apropos of nothing, here is a small succulent flower, I thought it was quite sweet, at close range. A small bright spot in a grey windy day.

Here is my dear little rose, which has managed to survive my neglect.

I had a sweet little yellow one, which is my favourite colour for roses, but alas it has died.
Here is Ixora, another orange splash in the gloom of the day.

There is a lizard who is living in our garden, & s/he is very shy. I have been trying to get a pic for some time. The wily little critter just keeps darting under the chinese jasmine.
I have my Beloved Brother staying here. He has told me he thinks I am turning into a Grumpy Old Woman.
I told him I am now the 'Portrait'. I used to be Dorian Gray, but now I have become the portrait.
I put all my sweetness on the blog, & all that is left is the ugly painting.
He is most alarmed when I rant at the TV. see Lucy, Tom is not alone, & it is a hard habit to break! In spite of not wanting to, I still do it. I try to avoid the TV for this very reason, but have been forced of late, to see more than I want.
Last night I could be heard ranting about some item passing for 'news.' It had a partially toothless man, whose hair & clothing were in hideous dishevellment, commenting on how we are being ripped off by 'butchers', who are selling under-par meat.
The Television station in question, keep digging this person, (who says he is a 'retired butcher' ) out of his grave, & propping him up, & firing questions at him. They then drag him around the traps purchasing Mutton shanks & other hideous 'meats' & screaming at the hapless 'butchers' about the lying status of the meat they sell.
It all serves no good purpose, as the butchers keep right on lying & selling mutton shanks as lamb. They showed some grey blobs of meat supposedly 'veal'. I have no idea what it acually was, but you wouldnt really want to offer it to any self respecting dog.
The Retired Butcher did not show us the 'real thing' in any of the meats, nor did he offer pointers on how to tell if you were being cheated.
Let him Rest in Peace I say!!
Joe Cocker, Feeling Alright.


rhubarbwhine said...

Still not sure why it took so long to get rid of the tooth... ? I rant at the TV too. You must have been esping my last post ;)

Exuberant Color said...

Beautiful flower photos! I'm glad you got relief from the bad tooth.

Catalyst said...

I, too, am glad the Evil Fang is gone.

And I love the Chinese Jasmine.

Molly said...

I have a few non-conformists too....so true what you said!

ancient one said...

I'm glad your tooth pain is over...

Love how your SG thinks...I'd have kept all of the stones, even the piece of cement...LOL

Love the photos of your flowers...

Christine Thresh said...

I am glad your fang is gone.
Your grandson is precious. What a dear.

Mike said...

I need to see your dentist. My dentist, Dr. Pain, refuses to pull one of my teeth. We've been fighting about it for years. He wants to fix it and I want it pulled. Fortunately it is a back tooth and serves no useful purpose.

Congrats on getting your tooth pulled.

Tanya Brown said...

Argh! I've changed browsers/RSS readers and now I can't tell when people have updated blogs! Maybe it's just as well - by the time I find a post and make a dumb comment, days have gone by.

Anyhow - I am so glad the pain is gone. Grumpy Old Woman? Feh. Somehow I doubt it.

Nicola said...

so glad you're better ;-)))))))
Nicola in WA

Marja said...

Hi Meggie. Just visiting to see how you are doing. Miss you
The story of SG is so adorable and inspirational. I hope he will stay like that. My son was always very sensitive bu now he is a teenager he lost it completely. Hope it comes back one day.
Your flower pictures are gorgeous like always. Great to have the summer ahead isn't it. The spring was good sofar.
Wish you all the best. Aroha marja

Kitty said...

Hooray that Evil Fang has gone. Nobody needs pain like that. I'm afraid I'm very short tempered with the TV - I get cross and just switch it off.

I don't know if it's me or not, but I can't see your sidebar. Has it disappeared?


keryn said...

Most little boys learn to hide their feelings as they grow up, which is so sad. There is nothing so sweet as a boy who doesn't know that he should 'act tough'. The world can be hard on the innocent.

Glad you're rid of the tooth.

Mereth and I are constantly saying 'Now we mustn't be so negative...' but TV can reduce me to a fizzing whizbee. So I don't watch it. It doesn't miss me.

Linds said...

Than fang is gone, thank heavens! Eureka!
You know Meggie, I just know that the next time you reach for your mop bucket, the very first thing you will think about will be your grandson - that really is a beautiful moment to capture. You will smile.

Ali Honey said...

Wonderful news!
Was it the magic stones that did it?..... I bet they helped anyway.

Lovely flower photos.
Grumpy ol' woman eh.....one with quite a sense of humour.
Be happy now and smile a toothless grin - or doesn't it show?( the gap )I really hope the remainder of your teeth behave themselves for some years to come so you can still chew. Cheers.

peppermintpatcher said...

What a beautiful boy!

jovaliquilts said...

Love that cake platter!!

Lucy said...

Thank you for the solidarity on Tom's behalf! The story of the toothless ranting old zombie butcher was hilarious.

The stone story brought back a memory: when I was small my sister brought home a friend who I rather took to; I found a stone in the garden which was in fact a piece of old concrete with small stones in, and showed it to her, and she just said 'yuk, throw it away it's dirty!' and threw it away. I was so hurt she had rejected my treasure. My mum explained to me that she didn't have any little brothers or siters and didn't really understand about things like that, so I think I forgave her.

SG must feel very well loved to share his treasure with you like that.

Andrea said...

Your little grandson sounds just like my Patrick. He is a sensitive and thoughtful boy too and like your son I worry about him sometimes. It's his birthday tomorrow - he'll be 12 and I've been telling him next year he'll turn into a grumpy old teenager. He assures me he won't and he'll always be my little boy. Doubt it. Those stones are very precious.

~Bren~ said...

Your gs stones are as precious as rare jewels!!
So glad the evil fang is gone and you can relax. Pain has a horrible effect on the whole body!

Connie W said...

Dear Little SG has a tender heart. How sweet it is that he shares it with you. :)
So happy for you that the evil tooth has gone and left you, taking the pain with it. I hope that you are feeling much, much improved and enjoying the days again. :)

Thimbleanna said...

I've missed your thoughtful, funny posts dear Meggie! What a kind little boy SG is. And I'm so happy that fang is finally gone!!!

Pauline said...

So glad the toothache is gone (along with the tooth)! Looks like SG has inherited some of his grandmother's kindness toward life itself. Glad to see that, too. This was a lovely post altogether.

em's scrapbag said...

Your sweet SG is adorable. I love the pictures you posted and so happy to hear the toothache is gone. YEAH!

Kate quilts... said...

SG sounds delightful. Your enjoyment and love for him are obvious.

Glad the tooth is gone. I have to go to the dentist at the end of this month. I keep telling him I have a tooth that is on it's way out and he keeps telling me it's all right and looking at a tooth on the other side of my mouth. LOL

I always love the song bits at the end of your posts.

VioletSky said...

It's been said 24 times already, but let me say it again: glad your evil fang is gone. And your grandson is precious - what a lovely sentiment.

Strider said...

Nice story about your Grandson. Kids can be so thoughtful.

The Sagittarian said...

Such lovely photos Meggie! I know you need this like a hole in the head, but you've been tagged!

Blossom said...

I am glad you got rid of that horrid ole tooth!!!!!

Pearl said...

Welcome back Meggie, I missed your lovely posts.
the photo's are beautiful. :)