Monday, November 10


A farewell at the Airport. Ask a stranger to take a pic. (As you do).

This is a bit of a 'Lottery in Life' . The first man we asked, had a small child who actually beat his father on the rear end, thereby shaking the man's stance. I have not seen the results of those photos in an enlarged capacity. They did look very blurred in the small view.

I did feel the father showed remarkable restraint, as he was forcefully assaulted in a rear attack of some vicious force, from a sturdy, approximately, 4 year old! I would have leapt upon the child & possibley floored him!!

In the end, the lovely girl I approached, to use my camera, conceded to her father, & he proceeded to take 2 photos for me. Alas they are somewhat blurred also, but that could be because I had set the camera at the wrong setting!

BB, Meggie, Gom.

This, the late sunset after BB had gone.
A bowl of gold, reminding me of a Roy Orbison song, the lines of which, seemed to say it all....
"It's Over "
"Golden days, before they end,
Whisper secrets to the wind.
Your baby won't be near you any more.
Tender nights, before they fly,
Send falling stars that seem to cry.
Your baby doesn't want you any more.
It's over.
It breaks your heart in two,
To know she's been untrue.
But oh, what will you do,
When she says to you,
"There's someone new.
We're through.
We're through."
It's over, it's over, it's over.
All the rainbows in the sky
Start to weep and say good-bye.
You won't be seeing rainbows any more.
Setting suns, before they fall,
Echo to you, "That's all, that's all."
But you'll see lonely sunsets, after all.
It's over, it's over, it's over....
It's over.

Such sad images. I try to always remember they herald another day, which will possibley be golden & full of promise to be fulfilled.

This next series of skies may be out of sequence. None of them have been altered in any way, & they were all taken on the same evening.
I find the cloudbanks quite amazing. We did get some later rain from some of these clouds, but not enough!

No, they were not black & white photos, though they look as if they might have been....


More travel news..

Bizarre Art, seen on display...


Amanda, aka Sagittarian, at More Canterbury Tales, tagged me to reveal my most embarrassing Album purchase.

I have to say, in my defence, I bought it in error. Played it once & declared it null & void! Loathsome.

Please feel free to not listen on click!! It is ghastly in so many ways.


So many more pics which may bore or entertain.
As well as the word pics.. to come.
Roy Orbison, Only the Lonely


meggie said...

Of course the end clip does not coincide with the video.

Lee said...

Love those clouds!

Linds said...

What an amazing sunset! I am sad for you, Meggie - saying goodbye at airports is my worst.

fifi said...

Meggie, those cloudscapes are glorious.
I hope you find some time to smile, even though you feel lonely for your brother.

Pauline said...

Missing someone always makes the heart ache, doesn't it? And still you can see beauty. There is a message in there somewhere.

Ragged Roses said...

What beautiful beautiful skies Meggie.

Kitty said...

That's a lovely photo of the three of you together - you look lovely.

Those skies are stunning - thanks for showing them. x

ancient one said...

What a treat your post for today was. I enjoyed it all. I had to laugh when I thought of the young 4 year old beating his dad in the rear while he was taking your picture. I've seen so many children do that.

I know you'll miss your brother...but it was so good that he came to visit.

I don't listen to enough music. I only listen to the radio as I'm driving.. I have CD's in the house, but most of the time the tv is my background sound... but for most of my day I just keep everything off and enjoy the silence.

Loved your sunsets and your cloud photos.!!

Catalyst said...

Those cloudbanks are amazing. A couple of them look like ocean surf. And whatever that first music clip is truly (your word) "loathsome." I made it through 53 seconds before turning it off! :-)

Tanya Brown said...

How much would I have to pay you to come here, leap on my child and floor him?

Stunning photos and - wow! What an amazing doll! Not attractive, but definitely unusual. Where did you see it?

sheoflittlebrain said...

Love those cloudy skies! I clicked on them to get the full efect and was amazed to see how solid they look.
Glad the fang is banished for good! Now you're bound to feel better:)

em's scrapbag said...

WOW! Those sky pics are truely amazing.

The Sagittarian said...

beautiful clever to have captured them so beautifully!
Regarding your cringeworthy clip - you would hate a certain ad we have on TV here, they use that song!!

Patsi said...

Stunning pictures of the clouds !
Very impressive.

Katie said...

Fantastic cloud photos!

Tanya said...

Lovely pictures Meggie. Well the sky scapes... The bizarre art is a bit too bizarre..
And even if a bit blurry a nice picture of you with two important men in your life... Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter too!