Friday, April 3

A Baby of the Human Kind, & A Quilt! Yay!

How lovely to see this cute little guy! Isn't he adorable?
His proud Granddaddy sent me this pic, & I just had to show everyone.

Makes me wish there was another in our immediate family.
On the other hand, I love the two grandchildren we have, so I should just be very grateful.

Which brings me to the quilt. Our beautiful Granddaughter will be 20 next month, & this quilt has been in the making since she was 19, probably longer, if I take into consideration the pieces of stitchery, which I did before I had decided to make a quilt around them!
This pic was taken outside on the clothesline, & makes it look somewhat shabby & uneven. It is not really, it is quite neat & straight, but I had just grabbed it out of the dryer, to take it to give it to our 'Star'. GD.

I have no idea why it took me so long to get it finished. A combination of things such as weather, heat, humidity, laziness, & other life events.

It really is very basic in it's construction, nothing fancy, but I figured the stitchery patches should shine, so went for simplicity.

I took this pic, on the top of our bed, trying to get the stitchery to show up, before I washed it, but it is not a very good photo.

I have called it "Nanna's Hugs" & it was well recieved.

In other news I was recently pleased to hear from an old school friend.
I had left a comment on a web site, asking for news of this person.
Imagine how pleased I was to get a phone call one evening, from the person concerned. A friend of her brother had seen the query, & because they had an unusual surname, he asked if he knew her. His sister, he said, so he passed on my phone number.

The power of good on the internet!
She kindly sent me this copy of a photo I had never seen before, & it has caused much mirth on looking at 'young us'!! ( I love the 30ish figures on the glass doors in the background. It was a Picture Theatre.)

It was a school Fancy Dress, an occasion which I believe struck fear into the hearts of non creative mothers! My mother was actually very talented at such things, but she had little time for creation, having to work to support us all.

I was a Daffodil, & my costume was made from crepe paper & cheap satin lining fabric. I am in the lower left corner.

(Is it just me, or do the heads look disproportionately large for the bodies??)

The friend is in the second row, second from the left, & appears to be a Queen of Hearts. Her long blond hair is in ringlets. I have blogged of her in the past, as she had the voice of an angel!

I can remember the names of most of the children, but 3 boys, & two girls are lost to time.
She also sent me a copy of another photo, taken years later, of us in a school Choir. I am not sure how I got into the choir, since my voice is not wonderful, but I could sing the harmony, so maybe that got me a place.

It is fun to reminisce.


Some of you may have read my previous two posts, which seem to be developing into 'more'.

I can understand when writers ~ real writers, that is! ~ say they get 'lost in their writing'.

That is exactly how I have been, & I can't really afford to do that too much. I have others to think about.
I have minor eye problems, Gom has serious eye problems, & in amogst it all, life needs to continue...
The insane maniacal cow loon, who rode up my bumper bar, well not quite literally, but damn close!blaring her horn for 100 meters deserved me to give her impolite finger signals, & put my foot abruptly on the brake!!

However, I exercised restraint, did not send any signals back, either finger or otherwise, & I convinced myself a Zen approach was the way to go.

Probably a result of my lovely lunch. Pasta with lashings of pure Virgin Olive Oil, & fresh herbs. Parsely, Thyme, & Basil, fresh ground black peppercorns & sea salt. Bliss!

Martha Wainwright.


fifi said...

What a beautiful little daffodil you are. Such a cute face!
and a clever daffodil also...who could have made such a quilt? Not I .

I went to a fancy dress wearing paper napkins once: i was supposed to be a carnation. It still makes me laugh!

Ragged Roses said...

I love that quilt, what a lovely present to make. That's amazing that you were able to regain contact with an old friend, a lovely story

Mary said...

Both the baby and the quilt are cute! I'm afraid the next one to have a baby in our family might be my son - I'm not ready to be a grannie (and they could stand to be a little more grown up).

Andrea said...

Lovely quilt - I clicked for a better look at the stitcheries and they are sweet - especially the pussycat. The little baby is beautiful - what a charmer xx

Thimbleanna said...

What an adorable baby Meggie! Your quilt turned out great -- I so agree with your approach to keep the piecing simple so the embroidery can shine. It probably took a long time 'cause it's a LOT of work!

ancient one said...

Loved the baby... and it is so nice of your friend to share old school pictures with you...(I love old pictures too!) The quilt turned out perfect for your granddaughter. And if you ever start up with that story (your writing) again, be sure to let me know!!

Kitty said...

That quilt is stunning - I'm not surprised it was well received.

How lovely that you are back in touch with an old friend. I love that sort of thing. The photo is wonderful (and I agree the heads all do look quite big!)


Pauline said...

gorgeous baby, beautiful quilt, happy friend ending and a hope that "more story" may be in the offing despite time and eye constraints - I am glad I stopped by!

Molly said...

What a beautiful child! And I'm sure your GD was delighted with her quilt. Lovely stitching!

The Sagittarian said...

I love old photos! My mum recently came to visit as her cousin was turning 70 and mum brought up some old family photos...naturally I swooped on them and scanned them into the PC! Great memories eh?

Anonymous said...

What a lovely gift to your GD. And the baby photo is extraordinarily cute.
Reading of your recent re-connecting with your long-ago school friend brought to mind a pen friend I had when I was a school girl. We were the same, I lived in Indiana and she in California and we corresponded by letters until she went off to college and I married, then we lost touch. I still think of her and wonder if she is still living, and where, and so on. How lovely it would be to make a connection with her as you did with your IRL friend. Sounds so nice.

Lover of Life said...

Love the little baby. How very sweet. And you were an adorable daffodil - your mother did a very fine job, work or no.

June Saville said...

You'll be working on a novel next Meggie. Writing does get in your blood.
By the way 'Paternity' concludes today on Journeys in Creative Writing - let's know what you think of the ending eh?

Lilly said...

What a lovely post full of lots of interesting pieces of news. The baby is a bonny boy isnt her - just gorgeous. I cnanot wait for day.

Your grand daughter will love the quilt. My most prized possesions were things made by my grandmother.

How lovely you made contact with an old school friend. The picture is just gorgeous. It is a real treasure isn it?

Marianna said...

So nice that you found your school friend through the internet Meggie lol

The picture from the school play is great. You all look so cute. My students are rehearshing their own play and I am taking pictures like that now. I wonder how I will feel looking at them years from now :-)

Have a great weekend and thank you for the photos (oh the little one is sooo cute too!)

Take care
peace and love

Helen said...

Very cute baby! Looks like a redhead :-)

Veronica said...

A lovely, lovely post Meggie - you are one heck of a talented lady - I take my hat off to you! Beautiful baby too. How good that your friend contacted you and sent the photo to you. It's so important to note names, dates and places on the back of photos - otherwise those who come after us just have to guess or wonder at who is in the shots... so much history and information is lost that way. Warm wishes to you my friend, Vxx PS loved the email about The Human Body :-D

Sheila said...

How lovely to have a school pic like that.
I suppose all mine disappeared when we left the UK for Canada.??

Your g/nephew is a lovely little chap. I'm thinking if your g/daughter is 20, it might not be too many years hence that you will have a g/g/child to cuddle.

Frankofile said...

Your quilts are amazing. Recipients are right to feel very cherished!

Thanks for following my blog. I'm enjoying yours.

Selina Kingston said...

What a beautiful present to give to your grand-daughter and calling it Nanna's hugs has made me quite emotional. She's such a lucky girl to be able to see and feel your love for her in that beautiful quilt.
You are a remarkable woman!

Tanya said...

Love your Nana's Hugs! the stitcher is adorable! Even one would be a lovely little wall hanging wouldn't it?

Katie said...

That's a beautiful quilt! Love the colors. :-)