Thursday, April 30

Small Pieces of My Joy.

Blogging seems to be a dying 'art'.

Are we becoming boring/

Same old same old?

What do people want in a blog?



A nice balance between the two?


I just wanted to try to show some of my JOY.
Below, Sibling Joy. They are best friends today.

A special Grandson. The only one, thus far.
Here is there a more joyous picture. A small boy, with the magic of bubbles!
My gorgeous Great Nephew.

Gorgeous Great Nephew with my Beloved Brother, his Grandfather. Such a joyous photo!

Here. a loved niece's wedding. How beautiful & happy she looks. Truly Joyous!

The joy of this sky was wondrous. It remains one of my favourite photos from my balcony.

The JOY of our first Grandchild. A precious little girl, who is soon to turn 20!

The joy of our neighbour's gorgeous little dog, Sweet Beau.
He is such a loving little dog. He often wraps his dinner up, in a neat parcel. His 'parents' present his dinner on a plate, laid on a cloth. If Beau does not want to eat it immediately, he carefully wraps the dinner in the cloth. We have seen him doing this, & he is so neat & tidy! He takes the corners & folds them over his dinner until the whole is a neat parcel.
Later, when he wishes to eat, he will get his 'father' or 'mother' to unwrap his dinner!

Here is our Leo, such a joy to us. He is now banned from our bedroom which is where this photo was taken. He had recently had a severe hair clip in this photo.

Here is our dear little Honey, who has been a Joy in our house for 9 years now. She is such a gentle little girl. She is the love of my life!

The Joy of friendship. Meggie & BFJ, many years ago!
Look at those rosy Apple cheeks!!
This is the Joy of a 90 year old Uncle, with two of his favourite nephews!
What devils they are, when they get together!
This is my Joy, of the purest delight. I love this perfume!! I rarely wear it now, but it brings back such joyous memories.

Here, a long since passed away cousin, whose name was Joy. How we loved her in our family. She has her daughter with her, & a doll I made long ago, for her. A long legged clown, which she seemed to love.

Here a 'Joy Division' T shirt, which our son wore when he was young. We liked their music too, & it often played loud in our house when he was a teenager.

Radiohead, (Thom Yorke), True Love Waits.


Frankofile said...

Joy - how many connections you found! Well worth sharing.

I think that is what blogging is about, for me. Making connections. My blog was to help me keep connected with people I already knew yet by writing it I've discovered all sorts of new connections. So long as it's rewarding, let's keep blogging.

Anonymous said...

Meggie, The photos are wonderful and so is the post. I always enjoy your blog!

kathi said...

I really enjoyed this post. Helps to get to know you better. I'm new to blogging but am really enjoying it. I doubt I'll ever tire of finding new friends by blogging. Wish you lived next door!

Pauline said...

bloggers blog for all the reasons you mentioned and perhaps some you didn't list and I think interest is cyclical - no matter, it's always a joy to come here and see what's captured your attention at the moment.

Pearl said...

Some beautiful pictures there Meggie, especially the sunset, they all help to create joy just by looking at them.
I think if everybody puts whatever they want in a blog then they create a huge variety in the blogs, because we are all different.

Stomper Girl said...

Thanks for a joy-full post Meggie.

In the end, you can't blog for anyone except yourself!

~Bren~ said...

A truly joyous post!!
LOVE the photo of you and BFJ!! 2 beauty Queens!

Sheila said...

I think blogging is about sharing our lives and enjoying the connections we make. I don't take it as seriously as I did 4 years ago. I post when I want to and comment when I can. I use it more as a journal and only wish I hadn't deleted my older blogs last year. It's instant communication at no cost with people we know and have come to know.
I have learned a lot from blogging, about myself, others and the world. I shall keep going I think.
Your photos are excellent. Through blogging you've been able to share a little bit of yourself and family without having us cluttering up your house. That's a bonus right there...

Thimbleanna said...

Blogging does seem to be much slower these days, doesn't it? I'm thinking it's twitter and facebook -- so many have started up with them and just don't have time to do it all. Lovely pictures, as always!

Ady said...

Blogging is slower than it used to be. I experienced joy from you sharing your joy today though. I especially loved the picture of that sky.

Kitty said...

I have a close friend called Joy - she's lovely.

As for what do we expect from a blog? I think I like the blogs best where people are clearly themselves - warts and all. Because that's 'real' isn't it?


Catalyst said...

Whatever it is, you have mastered it, Meggie!

ancient one said...

What a joyful post.. (my favorite kind)...Loved all the pictures.. in fact I do love photos with the blogs, even if they are unrelated to the subject...just something interesting to see... I enjoy blogging still and expect to be one of the last ones to hang it up... I'm printing out my older post and saving them in notebooks... it's interesting just to see how things have changed from year to year... like a diary almost...

I hope you never stop blogging.... I would miss you too much!!

Warty Mammal said...

I think blogging, like so many other forms, went through a faddish period in which people leaped on the bandwagon in droves. I still see people on mailing lists talking about starting up a blog. They aren't quite sure why they should have a blog, but they know everybody else is doing it, so they'll do it too. Then they ask about how to increase traffic, as though that by itself is important somehow.

The fad may be dying off a bit, leaving those who have a genuine love of writing or sharing whatever else they have to share. I hope that you are in that category; I would miss your entries!

Jo said...

I love it! Joy is always good.

What gorgeous children! All of you!

Granny J said...

Thank you for a joy-ful post, Meggie.

lovelyprism said...

I have no idea what people want to read in a blog lol. I just type away and hope somebody appreciates it. I liked this one alot, loved the photos.

Ian Buchan said...

Your blogs are far from boring, Meggie. I think the answer is, as one of your comments suggests, one makes 'connections' -- if a blog is poor or plain bad, just don't ever go back to it! Referring to one of your posts way back, I'm just finishing a tour of NZ, and I remembered your post about farming some poor land here: I went down the east coast - Gisborne to Napier, and although the hills are so scenic, I was surprised at how poor the soils are. That whole region is soft mudstone, with barely 20cm of topsoil, and a very thin grass cover: I took some close-ups of the soil profile to discuss professionally with a friend back home. As a visitor, I can't comment on the niceties of agriculture, but one does wonder why they bothered to clear all the bush? That said, there is good agricultural land too. Ciao.

Mary said...

Thank you so much Meggie for sharing your joy. You know how much I love it.

I agree - I think Facebook and Twitter have started to impact on blogging but as someone else said for those that love writing blogging will still have its place.

And slowing down a little re blogging ain't such a bad thing..

Marianna said...

Well I love blogging. One can be entertained, informed, educated (and more) by it! Plus you 'meet' some pretty interesting people from around the world, like you for example!

Love the pics Meggie lol

take care
Peace and love

Finn said...

Hey GF, what a wonderful dose of joy! I think we tend to forget about such as that. Maybe we all get too caught up in "the moment" whatever that may be. Don't take enough time to stop and smell the roses or take the road less traveled.
Loved your post and all those beautiful babies *VBS* Big hugs for happy days filled with joy, Finn

The Sagittarian said...

I love going through my old photo much better than switching on the PC and scrolling thru photos like we do's alwasy a great pleasure visitng you at your blog, Meggie. Have a lovely weekend.

sexy said...


Christine Thresh said...

The bubble picture is wonderful. What joy.

Anonymous said...

Blogging is dying? Well, I know there are people off twittering and tweeting and whatever but I would rather blog. Mind you, I am always late to catch onto whatever is new....

Anonymous said...

Blogs are never boring because you never know what to expect. Obviously there are posts that anyone writes that do'nt interest me but that's the great thing about blogging, next time you come there can be a post that almost feels as if it were written just for you.

Oh I love it.

Wish I had been able to visit.

Q said...

I enjoy my blogs and I en-JOY yours! For me blogging is about sharing the birds and bugs in my backyard. My kids can see what is happening at home. I have made life time friends through blogging...kindred spirits.
I enjoy seeing what is happening in your life and in your country. I love the way blogs connect people and places. I agree with Sheila, we can come and visit you with out cluttering up your house!
Thanks for sharing your joy.

Lucy said...

I ask myself the 'what do people want?' question, but in the end it's what you want that matters. I'm encouraged by the fresh bloggers coming through all the time, even when I and others may feel we're running out of steam sometimes.

I just love that story about the dog wrapping up his dinner! Mol's just had a haircut too, We think it's helping her to discover her inner terrier, as she looks more like one now!

Lover of Life said...

Wonderful tribute to "joy".

VioletSky said...

That was truly a en-joy-able post. I haven't been blogging very long, but have noticed a subtle shift. Many of the bloggers who got me enthused have drifted away and I miss them almost as much as a good friend who has moved and stopped contact.

Warty Mammal said...

Some wonderful bits of joy. I hope you won't stop blogging. As VioletSky says, there's quite a hole left when people drift off.

Things are cyclical, I guess. Blogging was and has been a big fad, and is probably becoming a tad less faddish. Perhaps there are those who are now wondering why they started one.

Then there are those of us who enjoy writing and enjoy the contact with others, however tenuous it is. I get tired of hearing myself talk, and at times it seems vain expecting others to read my mutterings. However, others' thoughts and experiences never fail to interest me.

So glad your dog is doing better!