Friday, April 17

Seasonal Changes

It is said..

Change is as good as a holiday.

I am not sure about that, in reality, but I decided it was time for a change in templete. I was tired of the old green, soothing though it seemed at first.

I was feeling like a 'Spring Clean' in Autumn.

I might even get a new header, though the Cucurbit is rather Autumnal.

It is said...

Babies bring joy.

That is certainly the case with this dear little Grandson of my Beloved Brother.

Does he not look cute as a Blue Bunny!

Yesterday, I went to collect some new spectacles. I love that word spectacles- sounds so much more sophisitcated than 'glasses'. Haha.

I am still getting used to the size, & the new prescription. I am glad I got the 2-for-one deal, since one pair is proving very uncomfortable, so I will have to go back for a refit. Thankfully the other pair are more comfortable.

I am not sure I like the new narrow lenses, but I suppose I will get used to them, & I tried to choose the slightly deeper frames.

We shopped for vegetables at our local little shop, which stocks mostly locally grown fruit & vegetables, where they can. The produce is not always perfect & sizes vary wildly at times, but they taste good, & the price is always right~ no transport costs.

I love eggplant or Aubergines, if you prefer. Gom does not care for them at all, so I might make a dish to share with my daughter, as she loves them too. We also bought locally grown passionfruit, so I am thinking to make a Passionfruit Sponge.

Sigh** I wish Gom had not killed our Passionfruit vine...

This gorgeous camelia was just opening, when we left to go out. I love the crinkly petals, as they unfold.

I took this pic of the same flower later, after we returned in the afternoon. A heart in the center, just for me.

I had a Doctor's appt, & as it was such a beautiful day, I chose to sit outside, on the wooden seat they provide for 'overflow'.

Another sweet lady joined me, & we began to chat, then another lady rushed out, after a lady had entered, wafting absolutely overpowering perfume! The poor lady who fled, had almost instantly choked up with allergy!

We discussed the pros & cons of perfumes, all declaring we do not like any of the modern overpowering scents. The softer older perfumes are the least offensive, but the alleric lady said she can't really stand any these days.

We began to talk about our origins. Allergy lady was from England, Sweet lady was from Australia, & I was the Kiwi. (I wonder what I was??)fat lady

We had a very nice time, chatting, & when Dr D called my name, she asked if we were friends. I told her we had just met. She had heard us laughing from her surgery & thought we must know each other.

I might add, the Doctors are husband & wife, & are very friendly people who are like friends to their patients, who wouldn't change them for the world, so it is a tribute to the Doctors that people feel so comfortable.

I went for a small matter. Next thing I knew I had been given an injection in one arm for the flu, an injection in the other arm for pneumonia, & had had a slice taken out of the 'flu arm, for a biopsy! That wiped the smile off my face for a bit! She always checks my blood pressure because it tends to be too high. Yesterday was no different, but it was almost down to acceptably high! Luckily she checked it before the injections & biopsy, because it was probably sky high after!

When I came out, I was quite shakey. I hate getting old. Once upon a time I would not have batted an eyelid. Why do we get shakey when we get older. Grrr. I do suppose the fact that the local didn't seem to have kicked in, when she took the biopsy sample, might have something to do with the shakes.

This a brighter camelia. A pretty pink, though the label had said it was red.

We have had 3 of the most wonderful days. Warm humidity free sunny days. These are my favourite Autumn days. The nights are cool enough for bedcovers, the days still warm enough for light clothes.
Every now & then I pop over to visit Mr & Mrs Nice Neighbours, for a wee vent, or to take an item for some reason. I went over on Tuesday, & we had a laugh or 9, & I had a cuddle of sweet Beau their dear little dog.

When I returned I found Gom standing in the full sun, which is not a good thing for him. I asked what he was doing, & he replied he was entertaining a young lady. As I got closer I could see a girl sitting on the steps in our garden.

The (very young) girl had been collecting Product Catalogue Order books, which they leave, in the hopes people will buy from them. We never do, & as it happened someone must have taken the wretched thing, because neither Gom nor I could recall seeing it.

However, what stunned me, was the fact that Gom had been asked for food- "I am pregnant, & I am rather hungry" and a drink. He had got her some water, plus several biscuits with vegemite. She then asked us for more biscuits before she went on her way.

While I felt sorry for her, I also am rather suspicious of people with extremely bad grammar who 'beg'.

Poor baby, poor girl, who is little more than a baby herself. When Gom told me where she came from ... that explained it. It is an area renowned for it's poor education levels, it's wayward youth.
But how awful to think we have such ghettos in this, the supposedly "Lucky Country".

Radiohead, Nude.


Coachdad said... it. I love the new look. Very nice of Gom and you to feed the girl.

philly5113 said...

Hey, love the new look! I was also toying with the idea of a change. I guess its the way it is, change. We are coming up on a season change, age change, etc, etc, so its timely. The flowers are also beautiful as usual. And what a cosy blue bunny! All the best to him.
Thanks for the lead.

shara said...

What an adorable bunny! Looks fun to snuggle. And I love your new color. it is so funny to think you are heading into Fall while I am beginning Spring. I love the Spring- not the tornadoes that come w/ it- but I do love this time of yr. My kiddos' Grandmom is allergic to perfumes. I like to wear essential oils (patchouli and sandlewood)instead, and they do not seem to bother quite as much. I am so glad that you blog, and enjoy being able to visit!

Veronica said...

Love the new look Meggie! Goodness, I could hardly get past the part where you say that Gom killed your passionfruit vine .... sacrilege! When you make your Passionfruit Sponge please, please have a slice or two for me. Passionfruit is one of the things that I really miss. Beautiful camellias and I hope the results from the biopsy are benign! Hugs to you, Vxx

Mary said...

The weather is glorious here too,

Your new look blog is wonderful.

I am not so happy that you had to have a biopsy and hope that everything is OK...

ancient one said...

Love the baby! Love this long post with so much going on... sorry about the biopsy... hope the report is good...I guess change is good for us but somehow the green suits me..

Your flowers are beautiful..I'm glad you were able to help the hungry girl... but I always worry that they'll see you as a soft touch and be back...

My husband tends to be like that...He now has a couple of people that come every Friday to borrow money that they pay back on Monday... and then are back on Friday... these people are poorer... and they have addictions to cigarettes...Our government just raised the taxes on cigarettes again...So we know they are struggling to feed their habit...

I spent half a day with my mother at the doctor's yesterday. It makes the time go faster when you can find people that will talk... I've heard many interesting stories... something about me makes people confess... and some of them I don't even know... I guess I'm a good listener...

Anyway mom had a mini stroke last Friday and she was at the neurologist for tests... these episodes (can't speak) last about a half hour for her and then she gets back to normal... so scary... Happens about twice a year... (so far)

Let me hush... I've written a book..LOL

Ali Honey said...

Hi Meggie,
What a darling blue bunny! I love the pale camellia but can't stand that bright pink so often seen in camellias - red you hoped for would have been nicer.
That young caller - makes one wonder doesn't it. She wasn't backward in asking so hope she will be okay.

I took some photos of calming, soothing green New Zealand countryside and native bush, on my posting especially for you today! Enjoy.

Barry said...

I think I'll switch to your doctors, Meggie! They sound wonderful.

Let me see, how many thousands of miles commute would that be for me?

VioletSky said...

I do so enjoy getting caught up with you! Hoping that biopsy thing turns out to be nothing.