Tuesday, April 7

New Directions

This adorable young chap is now three months old. He sure is growing fast!

I really feel babies generate positivity, & new energy, of the healing, soothing kind. I also feel 'Family' babies have twice the power!!

This little fellow is my cousin's grandson, but he is still in our family circle! He is kith & kin!


I feel really bad for this Mystery Vine. It has grown up, far too late to bring any of it's fruit to maturity. However, it has given me so much pleasure in it's unruly, hopeful, spread, into the small garden space. It's bright flowers have delighted me, almost every day.

Gom has been on death threat watch, not to molest, or in any way, damage this brave plant!!

Here, a lovely flower among the parsley plants.

You may notice, I have admired it so much, I have used it for a new Header.

The heavy rainfalls we have had over the past few days have served to give the vine renewed vigour in it's spread, & blooming.

I do fear none of it's fruit are destined for maturity, since some have rotted on the vine, & others would appear to be far too late to fulfill their intended destiny.

Or maybe they will. Who is to say, that the unfinished growth is not intended, indeed, their 'destiny'?

Just as some babies would seem to be concieved, never to reach 'fulfillment' in life.

This is a very sensitive subject to explore. I have a friend who had several miscarriages. She also had 3 healthy sons. She once remarked, when her DIL had a miscarriage, that she felt every woman probably has one or two 'misses'.

I have often thought about this remark, over the years. I had a 'miss'. I wonder, is it that common? Perhaps it is?

I know one of my Grandmothers had several miscarriages, between some of her live children... one of whom was my mother. They were certainly not intended misses. I do believe the last, later child was not 'planned' as they say, & was probably unwanted, since my grandmother was approaching her 40's then, & didn't feel she needed more children, but he was to become a favourite, as they often do.

I have the feeling that most small families 'back in the day', were the result of abstinence, rather than 'misses'. I am also sure some were the result of, for want of a better term, "Nature".

I won't go into the 'during times of war, there are more boy babies born than female'. You probably know about that already. Curious, though...


In a change of direction for me, I have decided to begin a new blog. It is called "Down from Feathers". You can find me on my sidebar, if you would like to look.

This is my new ID pic for the new blog. I am still Meg. Perhaps Meg Feather, is what I should have called myself.

Just some feathers, which do have some meaning to me.

I will be putting any new 'writing' on this site.

So, if you care to see updates on the 'Story', that is where any new chapters will be.

From time to time, I may transfer my 'strange' poems, when & if, I relocate them, from here.


I am not sure, but it is my understanding that if I load a YouTube song on my site, it is using zillions of space on your site.

So out of politeness, & hopefully space conservation, I will just include the link, from now on.

Let me know your thoughts!


Ali Honey said...

What a happy wee chappy!
I love the intense colour of your cucurbit flowers...faces full of sunshine!

Kitty said...

Beautiful baby; beautiful yellow flowers - I noticed them straight away in your header.

I intend to write, at some point (goodness knows when the mood will take me) about losing a child in miscarriage. Apparently one in four pregnancies ends this way. I'm not sure I'd ever refer to it as a 'miss'. It felt like a hell of a lot more than that to me.


persiflage said...

That baby boy is gorgeous. And good luck to the vine, which looks impressively rampant. Your comments on aspects of fertility certainly got me thinking.

Thimbleanna said...

Very pretty new header Meggie. And beautiful baby! Not sure what to say about miscarriages -- they haven't happened in my immediate family to my knowledge, so we must be part of what holds up the 75% full-term side.

Lucy said...

I think if cucurbits didn't bear any fruit, it would be worth having them for the flowers alone. It looks great on your header.

Good luck with the new directions...

Sheila said...

Lovely little chap isn't he, and what a smile..!
I have several friends who are childless, and not from choice. It seems to me they would have made wonderful parents, it just doesn't seem fair.
My mother had a miss, and I know she always wondered if it was the boy she wanted. My sister and I are one year apart, then mum went 13 years and had my younger sister, It would have been good for her to have had a sibling in her own age group, but it wasn't meant to be.

shara said...

What a cutie! And I love the flower... it kinda looks like a squash sorta thing.

ancient one said...

Love the baby...love the new header...now I've got to check out the new blog...LOL I mentioned you in my post today...

Lorna said...

Meg, you seem to be surrounded by beauty and joy. :-) The baby looks awfully cute and.... mischievous. :-)

The flower looks to me like a nasturtium, but I am not that familia with all the flowers, so.........

And you know, I notice the new header first thing! It is a wonderful new spring/summer header.

I wish you all good things and every happiness.


Rosie said...

yay a baby brings a smile to my face...especially when I know its not me getting up in the middle of the night. I am looking forward to maybe seeing some grandchildren before I shuffle off

The Sagittarian said...

Happy wee baby and no mistake! Good luck with your writing blog, I shall of course peek at you over there too.

Ian Lidster said...

My God but I'd like to be as happy as the expression on that wee chap's face seems to convey

Jeanette said...

Hi Meggie,thank you for your comment on Gwen.
Your Yellow flowers look like my pumpkins thats growing from the compost veg just thrown on the ground, I have 3 small ones on the rambling vine, ill leave them there till the frost kills the vine..
Happy Easter

Marianna said...

Hello Meggie lol

I love the new picture! The flower is just beautiful. Thank you for Neil lol

Take care now
peace and love

Alby Mangroves said...

I do like your new Header, magical, bright & happy yellow :) I haven't had any misses, but friends who have remember it with great sadness, like an unfulfilled wish. I know the feeling of immediate change and purpose that comes over you the minute you find out you're pregnant, and can only imagine the pain and disappointment when it's not to be..

Knot Garden said...

Just look at that face. He looks such a happy baby!
The yellow flower is stunning.

Lover of Life said...

The baby makes me smile - he does exude lots of really good "stuff". Gook luck with your new blog.