Thursday, November 15

Busy Being Grannies

We have had SG for most of the day. He arrived very early this morning.
Still in his jamas, hungry.

"Don't worry Mum, I can have breakfast at Nanna's."

"Are you going to get dressed?"

"No, I can get dressed at Nanna's. I will get my slippers."

Sitting at the table, eating his cereal.

"Nanna, I really love you!"

"I love you too, SG!"

Later, sitting side by side, Nanna & SG.

"Nanna, are you going to get more stitches?" touching my face.

"No, SG, I have had the stitches out now." (Stitches from biopsy)

"But you will need some more Nan, you have all these cracks. They will need stitches."

Nanna muffles some laughs!

"Nanna, your hands have got old. They used to be new hands, but now they are old- see?"

Nanna looks at SG's new hands, & kisses them. His 'new' little face is such a delight. Kiss his little soft cheek.
His 'new' pale skin. His eager mind, so keen to learn all about everything.

SG had his lunch, Macaroni Cheese- what else? He ate it outside with an audience of Leo & Honey. And Nanna had her lunch beside him. An English Muffin. Nanna find bread upsets her.

Most of his afternoon hours were spent with Gom. His little voice piping away, as he made "Potions, to put you to sleep!"

A few fart jokes were giggled about, out on the balcony, so Nanna couldn't hear.
After all that is such a male thing! What else could a Nanna expect!

SG delightedly leapt up & down the balcony. Nanna wisely stayed inside. Heights scare the sh!t out of me!! I can't bear to watch him standing beside the rail, peering down.

His mother came, bristling with tension from a work meeting. He gave her healing hugs, so glad to see her. He kissed us good bye. Hugged us. Blew us kisses as they drove away.

Calling loudly, "I LOVE you!!"

I have lashed out this evening, & had 2 glasses of wine!

David Gray, My oh my.


Ali Honey said...

That's lovely Meggie. You are a lucky lady to have a wee fellow tell you that!

I like any one who likes macaroni cheese!

Tracey Petersen said...

very good fot he self-esteem.

we should all have a little SG in our lives!

riseoutofme said...

Oh Meggie, what a loving, tender post.

I can't wait - but I'll probably have to - to be a grandmother!

Love your choice of song too!

My float said...

Beautiful. What a wonderful grandmother you are.

joyce said...

There is nothing better than grandchildren! He should patent his idea of sewing up wrinkles. He could make a fortune in Hollywood!

Mike said...

Sounds like a good day Meggie. Grandkids are so much fun at that age.

Lucy said...

How lovely!
I could eat mac cheese now, with a couple of glasses of wine!

Thimbleanna said...

Oh Meggie! You brought tears to my eyes in the passage about touching his new little hands. How dear! What a joy that little SG is!

sueeeus said...

So much love and beauty! I love David Gray too. :)

jellyhead said...

Meggie, your little SG sounds like a real delight.

A real delight, who is in turn delighted by his warm and wonderful Nanna!

velcro said...

he sounds so utterly lovely. And very lucky to be able to see his Nanna and Grandpa so often

MargaretR said...

Meggie. We are both so lucky as I too have been busy being a grannie today. Aactually I was busy being a 'Nain'. Charlie is 8 months and crawling everywhere, so I'm a very tired Nain tonight.

Isabelle said...

How wonderful to be a granny/nanna. I can't wait. He sounds lovely.

By the way - you asked a few posts ago about publishing. I read this at work, where I can't comment, and haven't had time to blog since. In Britain, the thing to do is to read the Writers' and Artists' Yearbook, which has lists of publishers and agents, and the sorts of things they take. You're far better to get yourself an agent, if you can, who will send your book round suitable publishers for you, and it's then more likely to be accepted. Of course it's not that easy to be accepted by an agent.

Good luck!

Tanya said...

Ah, your account of the conversations with your grandson is so sweet, and funny! I wonder if I'll ever have stories to relate like yours. (Please Lord, not for a few more years!)

I don't know about the TV programs and how the cameras are working but Japanese aren't much better! Had a good laugh at your description!

bluemountainsmary said...

You sound tired - but very happy tired...

Fairlie said...

What a gorgeous day with Nanna!

Linds said...

What a perfect day! I can't wait to be a granny one day.

Christine Thresh said...

Precious story. I really like the way your grandson's mind works.

Tanya Brown said...

One of the charms of little kids is their cheerful honesty. While the rest of the world may lie their heads off, a little kid will turn to you in the grocery store and tell you quite frankly (as I was once told) that you have a mustache.

SG sounds like a corker. I'm glad he's there to enjoy. May he always sneak out to the balcony to share fart jokes with his grandpa.

Alice said...

No medicine or tonic could be a effective as a small grandson. What a dear little sweetie he is.