Wednesday, November 21


It has been hellishly hot here the past few days. Sticky & enervating.

We have had SG 2 days in a row. Not such a long day yesterday, but he manages to pack such a lot into his days! He did some clever constructions, then he went off to investigate what Gom was doing.

Gom happened to be shaving the balance of the stumps of what used to be the lawn, with the mower. So SG stopped to assist. I has slathered him in sunblock, & checked over the fence to see he had his hat on.

"Nanna, I love you!" a voice called up through the fern tree.
"I love you too!" calls Nan.

When they came back upstairs, I was using the computer.
SG came in, to investigate, & this is what he siezed upon.
"What is this in here for, Nanna?"

"That is my back scratcher"

Eyes widen in disbelief. "No it's not! I belongs in the kitchen."

"I know, but it makes a good back scratcher."

Gravely, "But Nanna, there are 'back germs'!"

Nanna can't help laughing.

And then, he tries it out. "You know Nanna, it does make a good back scratcher!"

Some friends had visited on Saturday, & L had used the computer. When she came out she said "Er, I have to ask, why is the pasta spoon on the computer desk?" I told her it was my back scratcher. I am still having issues with my skin problem, & am the point of madness. I have clawed pieces of skin off various locations, & must get back to Dr. Just give me time!


I took this photo last evening. I like the way the sun struck the Jacarandas. It was late, around 5pm. The leaves on our palm look almost golden.

This I took on Sunday evening. The sun was setting & I tried to capture the fierce red glowing patch low on the horizon. My camera is not very powerful, but it still managed to capture some of the effect. I could have cropped more off the top, but I rather like the ripple effect of the clouds.

We will be attending the Bride's funeral today. I always find funerals difficult.
These good folk were more the type to 'Practice' being good people, living good lives. They were never the 'Preaching' type.
Bread, She's The Only One.


jellyhead said...

Back germs are a serious health problem Meggie. Many an innocent back-scratcher-with-pasta-scooper-thingy has perished from back germs. Ingest them at your peril ;)

I hope the funeral goes as well as possible.

XO Jelly

joyce said...

The sky is very beautiful. You would like our weather here. -3 and lightly snowing. I hope you get the skin condition cleared up. Itchy rashes are so frustrating.

Mike said...

I need to show this post to my wife so she will stop yelling at me for using the pasta thing as a back scratcher.

ancient one said...

So far all the places that itch on me can be reached just by using my hands. But I will remember about that pasta thing when I can no longer reach it. On my last visit to the dermatologist, he gave me cream which has about cleared my rash up. 0oooo, such relief!

I liked your pictures with this post!!

Catalyst said...

Meggie, the first picture is lovely. The second one suffers because of the power lines. My friend in California has a great view of the mountains, spoiled by power lines. But he says sometimes birds perch on the lines and it begins to resemble a Japanese painting.

Aunty Evil said...

I inherited an itchy back from my mum. She can have it back as far as I'm concerned!

Anything comes in handy.

I just hope the pasta thing doesn't make its way back to the kitchen!

bluemountainsmary said...

Thinking of you Meggie.

And love the back scratcher.

Lucy said...

I have been known to reach into the cutlery draw for an ordinary fork to use as a back scratcher. Not being a pasta eating household(I love it but Tom doesn't, so I figure he saves me from myself) I don't possess a pasta thingy.
Hope the funeral was OK, I've got one today too, which I'm dreading. There always seem to be more of them than weddings.

bettsy said...

But don't forget that the pasta thingy makes a great boiled egg lifter thingy. Place it in the boiling eggs to lift them out and you have steralised it as well - no back germs! Take care.

Stacey (Sheeps Clothing) said...

That's a lovely view you have. Aren't jacarandas just beautiful? One of my favourite big trees.
As for the pasta spoon - they do make great back scratchers!

smilnsigh said...

Beautiful photos!

Get thee to a doctor, with that itchy skin!!

Hope the funeral wasn't too depressing. Hahh, what a silly wish hu? How can a funeral not be thus? :-(

Did I say get thee to a doc, so you don't scratch yourself too much and get an infection in those scratches!

Nice if I could send you a small "package" of my cold weather... And you could send me a small "package" of your heat. :-))))

P.S. Did I say get thee to a doc..... Oh yes, I did. ,-))))

sheoflittlebrain said...

I love your stories about your small grandson...
Your pix are lovely especially when clicked to full screen.

Elaine Adair said...

Hadn't thought of that backscratcher thing -- I have one already in the kitchen drawer that I seldom use! Thanks for the tip!

Elaine Adair said...
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riseoutofme said...

Meggie ... try Echinacea drops and Vitamin E capsules for the itch ... worked for me! Took about 3 weeks to kick in but haven't itched since...

I hope the funeral went o.k. for everybody.

Granny J said...

Love your back scratcher and the sunset! One of the many bad things about being a widow is that you had him trained to be a wonderful back scratcher & now you have to make do with the long Chinese thingy.

Katie said...

That's a clever back scratcher, though I'm sorry you had to resort to it. Hope the itches go away soon. Itching is the worst!!!

Tanya Brown said...

I like your back scratcher. It's much nicer than some of the random objects I've used, which upon further reflection aren't seeming too bright at the moment. (*cough* scissors *cough*)