Thursday, November 29

Small slices of reality....

"What the bl**dy hell is that noise??"

"Doesn't the owner of that Fecking sodding machine, know he needs a damn good r**ting, for subjecting us to that ungodly damned din??!!"

Shouted at high volume through, or near, an open window, at the height of the din.
"Shut up!! You need some unnamed bleeping punishment for that racket!!

Sudden silence.

There is no way the man with the machine could have heard that! Could they??

The fecking sudden downpour of earth-stinking rain, drowns out all thought!

I am always mindful of the dirt from the interior farms, blown into the air, & raining down on our coastal greenness. I hope that is not what the earthen smell means!

The smashed glass, which has shattered on tiles in the laundry, has to be cleaned up with willing, cheerful surly, menacing, cooperation from the Gom. What do you mean? Are you implying I am pissed in the laundry?? A preposterous LIE!!

While the dogs try to run rampant through glass shards on tiles. The glass was empty- heh heh, thank goodness, we didnt waste a drop of the delicious white!

The humidity is so 'close', I feel it's touch on my whole body! I could just sit here, & drown in this ghastly sweat ridden reality that is supposedly, the joy, of living in Coastal New South Wales.
Who will preserve my sanity this summer?????

Niel Diamond, Song Sung Blue.


bluemountainsmary said...

So strange to think that barely a few hours from here you are melting and we are still enjoying cool weather.

Babies don't react brilliantly to me either - I think my deep voice bothers them -

And I was a good then vile teenager!

joyce said...

You need to drop in here. Right now its -20 and windy. The high expected today is -17. I guess it's a good quilting day.

Mike said...

It's barely 30 degrees F here today and the wind is blowing fiercely. Would you like me to send some winter your way?

Lucy said...

I rather like these intriguing snippets of your life Meggie!
Hope you find a way to chill!

Tanya Brown said...

Grrrr! Yeah! Let's go smash somehing! Chipped crockery maybe, then it can be used for a mosaic.

Aunty Evil said...

Why do you want to preserve your sanity? Come on, be crazy like the rest of us!

meggie said...

Oh! Would I like some of that winter!! Our winters are Claytons winters really.
We do have an airconditioner, ancient though it is, it still works. We like to think about the planet, & of course save our $$$s, so it seems a little early to be needing it.
Aunty, in case you haven't noticed, I AM crazy!

Ali Honey said...

Have you tried the trick of putting your blouse/Top /t shirt in the deep freezer till it gets really cold then wearing it. You can have 2 on the go and rotate them! Just a thought.

Exuberant Color said...

It was below freezing here this morning with a wind chill of 0. Why can't there be a looooong season of perfect temperature?

Marja said...

Poor Meggie You've got a lot to deal with there. I couldn;t stand the heat although we had two days of 30 degrees. but these are just eceptions. Wish you some cool breezes.

smilnsigh said...

Humidity!!! You make me glad for the crisp/cool/windy weather of Winter. :-)


Jeanette said...

Hi Meggie We had 30c today thank heavens for air con, weve had this for a few weeks now we had the highest in the state 2 weeks ago 41c.oboy summer come early.