Sunday, November 18

Hasty Posty

This will be a somewhat hasty post. I have been busy, & there doesn't seem to have been much spare time. Life has been getting in the way!

Firstly, I would like to thank you all for your kind thoughts for us since the death of the Bride. I know that it really is a blessing. All who loved her, feel it is a kindness. It is easy to be selfish when thinking about the death of a loved one, or a friend. Grief is largely a selfish emotion. It is pity for self at the going of another, more than a thought for the release of the life that has lost it's joy & pleasure. Once health is gone, it is very hard to struggle to 'Live'.

I know it was a daily agony for the Groom, to watch his loved wife struggle for her every breath. He is lucky in the fact that though he is in his 70s, he still has his work to fall back upon. His Bride always said he would never retire. He is very good at what he does, & since it is his lifes work & passion, he doesn't regard it as work. What a truly "Good" man he is.

Marja Of Dutch Corner awarded me this lovely Friendly Site Award, which she designed herself. Thank you Marja, it is very pretty. It came just when I needed some flowers to cheer me.

I would really like to pass this along to everyone on my fav blogs list! I cannot limit it to one.


On quit another tack here, Jelly of JellyHead Rambles, wished me well, & hoped that something really lovely would happen to me today- or maybe she left the comment yesterday. Well, Jelly I think it did happen!!!

As some of my regular readers may know, I am keen on Garage sales, when & if we can go. Yesterday we went off to several, without any real expectations, & little in the way of exciting finds. I did get a book, & Gom found several. I am always on the lookout for fabric 'treasures'.

Our son had said he would like a juicer, if we came upon one, & as it happened, yesterday we found a beauty, - for $5! An excellent brand & barely used!

Friends of ours, who quite often go out to Garage sales too, had gone off to farewell their daughter at Sydney Airport. Daughter is going to Japan for 2 months as an exchange student, so she was very excited, & as she is only 15, it seems a long way for one young girl to go, all alone, although there was another girl travelling with her.

Later in the afternoon they called around to see us, & I mentioned that I wouldn't mind going out again this morning, as there were a few sales on today. Our friend L said she would like to come with us, so off we went early.

Nothing much to be found, but L got a book she had long wanted, in new condition for $1. I got some Stickle Bricks for SG. He loves to play with them, & these had figures with them. Thinking that was our lot, we had one more to call into.

I looked at all the items on display & thought, seeing it was the second day of the sale, they must have had an awful lot of goods to sell!

My Beloved Brother collects small Japanese carvings called Netsuke. They are very precious & can also be very expensive. I dont know a lot about them. I happened to see a small figurine thing, & it was standing on a small Chinese stand. I felt the stand didnt belong with the small carved looking object, but asked the vendor how much they were. She said "Oh one dollar". So I purchased it, thinking it might make for an interesting little object for my brother to have.

I took some pitiful photos & sent them off to him via email. He emailed me back to tell me the object is 'magic' & almost certianly a genuine Japanese Netsuke!
You can't imagine who thrilled I was to find such an object for my brother. It is possibly quite valuable, so I am so happy I found it. It really made my day.
A front view, which doesn't do the charming little face justice!

The back of the carving.

Lastly the feet! Apparently the fact that the bottom is carved is an indication that it is very probably a genuine Netsuke. There is some writing & a number, which my brother thinks could indicate it has been in an Auction at some stage.
Apparently the figure is a fox, disguised as a person. I hope for my brother's sake, it is a real one.
It is very hot & humid, so we are laying low this afternoon.
We have SG tomorrow, so will no doubt have more laughs.
Tracey Chapman, Baby Can I Hold You


sueeeus said...

What a thrill, to find treasure at a garage sale! It's the dream of dreams. That's just great!! I love the carved feet.

fifi said...

Dear Meggie,
every time I read one of your posts (in this case, two at once) there is always some aspect of life which I think about differently.

My condolences on losing your friend.

On a happier note, my congratulations on your sharp-eyed shopping. Though I think it was probably waiting there for a reason: you.

Aunty Evil said...

My condolences also Meggie.

Good luck with the figurine! I love it when a garage sale unearths a treasure!

I love it even more when I am there to snap it up at a bargain price!

jellyhead said...

How wonderful Meggie! Isn't it a thrill to find beautiful things in unexpected places?

joyce said...

A friend of ours collects Netsuke and the carving on the feet definitely is a pretty good indication that it's real. THey are definitely worth a pretty penny. Lucky you and lucky brother!

Bren said...

What great finds!! The figure is incredible! I have never heard of them, but I think I will google them. What a blessing!!

Joni said...

It is easy to be selfish when thinking about the death of a loved one, or a friend. Grief is largely a selfish emotion. It is pity for self at the going of another, more than a thought for the release of the life that has lost it's joy & pleasure. Once health is gone, it is very hard to struggle to 'Live'. ---That is absolutely the best way I have heard it described. Thank you so much for posting this.

velcro said...

what a lovely figurine. There are always urbantales going round of people finding precious things like faberge eggs at carbootsales, and it's nice to hear a true story for a change.

Mike said...

I have a friend that is huge person. He is about 6 feet 6 inches tall and pushing 300 pounds and his favorite thing in the world is to go to garage sales. Nothing is funnier than seeing him rummaging among the boxes and crates and shelves looking for the perfect bargain. What makes it especially funny is that he is usually the only man at these sales and he really stands out like a sore thumb.

meggie said...

Hi All, Thanks for your comments.
My brother assures me it is a treasure I found, so I am begging him to come over to collect it!

We must have more equality over here, Mike, as there are just as many men at the garage sales as there are women, & in the case of Dealers, more men! I still cant believe my luck with the Netsuke.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I am so deeply sorry for your loss. You are a very good shopper for bargains, well done. I am sorry for my extended absence from your blog, I hope to do better, I'm getting caught up. Life does get in the way sometimes!

caramaena said...

What a great find at the garage sale!

I'm sorry to hear about the loss of the bride. *hugs*

bluemountainsmary said...

I think it helps too Meggie that you seem a natural optimist and have a wonderful ability to find the silver lining.

Can't wait to hear what the final say is with the little figure.

ancient one said...

I used to go to a lot of yard sales. I think I found "Depression Glass" at the first one I ever went to.

Then I was hooked. Now, I think my house is too full, so I keep myself away from them 'cause I know I'd be so tempted!!

I'm so glad you found something really valuable.

Alice said...

What a wonderful find. I hope it's genuine too.

That Jelly! She doesn't know just how powerful she is, does she?