Monday, November 12

Notes to Me.

Yesterday was our daughter's 38th Birthday. A frightening thought. How did all those years pass so quickly. How did that little girl with the blonde hair, grow into this adult, with dark hair, & such a soft heart.

She was our 'baby,' the last of our children to be born. She has always been 'mum's girl'. She is one of my best friends.

She can be impatient with children, but has all the patience in the world for elderly people. She is gifted in her rapport with old people, & even the grouchiest respond to her over time.
Happy Birthday!

Here are her two 'babies'. Her 18 year old daughter, & her 5 year old son. As you can see they adore each other. He is a lucky little boy. It is like he has 2 mothers. He is so proud of "My Sister."

Here are 2 'mates'. Leo is always up for a cuddle. SG asked me to take a photo of them together, & this was the one. Hmmm pity about the bottle growing out of SG's head!

Notes to me.
Always check the background before taking the shot!!
Always double check the time of the Party, to suit all parties.
Remind the family, 'Gravy is not a beverage!'
Remind certain family members, the Crackling is for all to share! Do not sneak it.
Wear an apron when making the gravy. Huge splotches of gravy are not a good look on any apparel.
When the dog stabs himself on the lemon tree spikes, he is likely to roar inside, & massage dirt into the sofa, trying to stop the sting.
Those beetles that live on the lemon tree, ruining it, STINK beyond belief!
Gom has little, to no sense of smell. He does not realise he reeks of the stink beetles.
Most plants need labels stating DO NOT TOUCH!! or they will be hacked & wounded.
Why do people insist on saying "alls". There is no such word. example- "Alls I want is a fair go." All I want, is to leap on their throat & rip the word out of their head.
Try to keep calm at all times. Passionate ravings, against injustices, are ok in the privacy of your own home, Meggie, but not such a good idea in public, or unknown mixed company.
A final note to me, is to get over the fact that 6.5 million dollars was given to some fecking Museum about sodding bloody Cricket in a town called Bowral. When children continue to be murdered by family members, becauses DOCs lacks the money to provide more staff to prevent such things. In spite of the at-risk children, being flagged as being gravely at risk.
Politicians should hang their heads in shame at such things!
Bring back the Stocks.
I am too grumpy to think straight!
k.d. lang The Valley.


sheoflittlebrain said...

Meggie, thanks for sharing your lovely family!

I hope you're feeling better and over the grumps. Frequent looks at those sweet faces should help:)

Well, I do confess.. I did a lot of giggling as I read your list of woes

Tanya Brown said...

Oh, goodness. How the time flies!

I fancy she has a bit of the look of you around the eyes and the mouth?

A pox on cricket and all other sports which are funded before necessities.

Stomper Girl said...

Happy birthday to your baby girl meggie.

joyce said...

There is nothing better than grown up daughters to hang out with. Happy Birthday to yours.

ancient one said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter!! She has given you two wonderful grandchildren!!

Loved the list of things you have noted to yourself!

Sarah Nopp said...

We too have to fund the necessities from extra taxes- levies and bonds. Because certain taxing districts choose to spend the money on other things, not necessary. Grr...
But it sounds like a fabulous party! And your photos are fine.

Tanya said...

Your daughter is lovely and certainly doesn't look like she has an 18 year old daughter herself!

As always your nature pictures are beautiful!

Fairlie said...

Happy birthday to your daughter!

"Gravy is not a beverage" ...hehehehe. We need that on a sign in our house too for a certain little girl who has been known to drink it straight from the gravy boat.

bluemountainsmary said...

I had forgotten all about stink beetles. They really do stink.

Can't believe the museum thing either.

Mike said...

The fact that Gravy is not a beverage comes as news to me. I may need to do more research.

My wife also needs one of those Do Not Touch signs on her plants. Sometimes they look so much like pretty weeds.

Thimbleanna said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful Daughter! Gravy may not be a beverage, but it SHOULD be!!!

anne bebbington said...

Know what you mean about cricket museum expenditure - this comes from the country which will host (and pay for big style) the 2012 Olympics in London AND the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow sometime after - how's that for a double whammy!!!!!!

Joni said...

I 'thought' Leo was the rough, independent type. Seeing SG with his arms wrapped around Leo makes me think twice!

Neat discovery regarding the tree in your yard. The flowers are so exotic looking.

sueeeus said...

What a warm and lovely family you have. Happy Birthday!

And I'm completely with you on the matter of people who say 'alls'.

Bren said...

Happy birthday to your baby!! GS looks adorable hugging Leo!

paula said...

Your daughter has such a kind face, Meggie. Happy Birthday to you both.

Aunty Evil said...

Happy birthday to your daughter!

She looks very nice!

riseoutofme said...

Your daughter has such a lovely smile! She also looks like you!

Loved your list! Regularly make lists myself but then promptly forget them. Sport and the mismanagement of government funds ... Grrr.

Marja said...

Oh Meggie thanks for sharing your beautiful amily. i love the photo's Your notes to yourself are hilarious but don't be too hard on yourself I like you just the way you are.
I completely agree with you about the money that these children could use it a lot better. here in NZ it is unbelievable how often it happens.
Hope your grumpiness will pass soon. All the best