Thursday, November 22

A Surly Sky

This is today's surly beginning. The 'dew point' I hear them mention must be very high, as the chairs on the balcony were quite wet. It is oppressively warm, & there are storms predicted. Yesterday was clear & fine, until late in the day, when we had thunder & a passing electrical storm.

The clear blue skys, & strong sunlight, pouring down upon the mourners following the hearse for the interment, seemed a fitting farewell to the Bride. She had been a valiant traveller in her life, enduring hardships, & working hard beside her Groom, with her children, through untimely deaths, of a son & a grandson.

She had been a lithe slip of a girl, a dancer. There was a photographic tribute to her, which was really nice. There had been the good times, when success came to the Bride & her Groom. In the end, their devotion to each shone true & bright. Her Groom nursed her to the best of his ability for five years, as her health faltered & failed. As was mentioned, she had not wanted to die, for she had loved life.

Gom & I walked away, as everyone began to leave. The grounds are very beautiful, with Rose gardens & neat rows of plaques. It is primarily a Crematorium Memorial Garden, but there are plots for burials, also. There are some lovely trees, allowing shade, & it is a serene place to visit, with a feeling of peace & tranquilty. (No, I don't have shares!)

The only times these days, that Gom wears a tie, seems to be for funerals. Our Granddaughter loves to see her beloved grandfather in a tie. So I took his photo for her. I asked him to smile, but he felt this was good enough!

As we made our way back towards the carpark, we slightly miscalculated, & had to detour!
Crossing a small bridge, I happened to see a water dragon (?)lizard, resting in the sun, on a piece of wood in the brackish water of the stream.
Can you see it? It is in the lower left corner. I am not exactly sure it is a water dragon, but think that is correct.
Here is a slightly larger view of it. The colours blended remarkably well with the sun & the water & leaves lying on the surface of the stream.

Leonard Cohen, Suzanne.
I know I have used this song before, but it is a favourite, & to me speaks about life in general.


crafty said...

GOM does look smart in a shirt and tie, I couldn't help noticing his sleeves are rolled up, my husband does the same thing, even on our wedding day!

You have written very beautifully about the Bride, it is always sad when we must farewell somebody.

bluemountainsmary said...

GOM looks very smart!

I'm glad the sun shone.

The storms were amazing here.

And it grows blacker by the minute!

Stomper Girl said...

He does look smart.

Molly said...

....very spiffy!

ancient one said...

GOM was looking so nice. You should have had him take a photo of you. I'm sure you were prettier! LOL

It's nice to show your respects. I know the groom is going to miss his Bride so much.

Alice said...

What a lovely thing to see on an otherwise sad day. A little reminder that all of life is precious and that it does go on even when things look like there is no future.

Tracey Petersen said...

A day for reflection...

Mike said...

Yeah, I roll my sleeves up too...tie or not.

Christine Thresh said...

GOM's a handsome fellow.
You wrote a nice tribute for the Bride.
I don't know what a water dragon is, but that must be one.

bec said...

so sorry about the Bride, and sorry for the Groom. Glad he has friends like you for comfort and support.

Yes, that's a water dragon. When we lived further north, in a house above a river, they'd come up on the verandah to follow the sun.

Catalyst said...

Well, I was just about to move down under for your warm summer/winter days. But sorry, I don't go where the water dragon goes!

Ribbonwiz said...

A very sad occasion Meggie.
all the best to the groom as he faces life without his beautiful bride..
GOM looks very smart!

Tanya Brown said...

A lovely tribute to both the bride and the groom. The water dragon provided a nice bit of contrast: lives fade and are missed, but others continue and thrive.