Monday, December 31

Benefits of Hindsight.

There are benefits in hindsight.
Not always a lot, because, obviously, if it is after the fact, you have already trodden in the dog doo, or slipped on the banana skin, or even had all the hair you carefully grew, for agonising hot months, literally balded from your very head.

We recently watched a movie wherein one of the characters had a great gouge taken out of the back of his head, & the hair was completely denuded. It was a stupid movie, - 'Mr Woodcock', I have just asked Gom- but that made me laugh. Out of horror I think, because I have had so many hideous experiences with haircuts.

That is for other posts though, & I have already blogged about the hair dilemma previously.

A list might be the way to go, for some of the Hindsight Benefits.

* Sitting on your behind watching videos can make you glad you don't have actual 'hindsight' to see the increasing item in question.

* When Salesmen mumble, cough vaguely, & turn their face away, after you have asked a pertinent question, it will pay to thrust yourself squarely in front of the face, with full eye contact, & repeat the question, loudly, so the whole shop can hear. Keep repeating the procedure until you get some sort of reasonable, sane, honest, response.

* Some people are always going to be @rseho!es, & there is nothing you can do to change this. Your best ploy is to recognise them, & move on.

* Never buy a Used Car manufactured in some small Asian country, wherein there is a North & a South, with the 2 halves of itself warring, against each other. It will lead to costly agony & much gnashing of teeth & emptying of bank accounts. To say nothing of vaguely implied thoughts that it 'wasn't my idea to buy it'. And carlessness. Never forget the weeks while they pretend they 'can't get the part'.
An aside here, is the Dealer who told us they had been informed they were now the Nominated Dealers for some obscure Asian brand of car. When I commented that that must have made them as happy as being told they had Genital Warts, the salesman almost choked to death.
A timely warning to me, for my hindsight list. Wait until the salesman has stopped drinking his coffee, or say nothing.

* It really does pay to be careful what you wish for. You surely might get it. Sometimes the price will be far higher than you would have wished to pay.

* Never pass a chance to take a photo. No matter how twittish you might feel at the time, you will never get the opportunity again.

* Never pass a chance to hug or kiss those you love. Or tell them, how much you do love them. One day, you, or they, will be gone. Forever.

* If you are a woman, never presume the male you are speaking to is listening to you! I cannot emphasise this strongly enough.

* If you are a male, never assume you understand the female you are speaking to.

* If you are a dog or a cat, never assume the human you have contact with, is going to automatically love you! On the other side of that, never assume they are total enemies, either!

* Never make New Year Resolutions. They are an utter waste of time & energy. Just live the best you can, on any given day. Remembering there will always be the snags, sent to try your patience.

* Dance at every opportuntity. One day your legs, knees or feet may not permit further dancing.

* Do not sing at every opportunity. Please remember your fellow travellers, & be aware that your voice may be so flat, or out of tune, it can only bring misery may not be the melodious instrument you hear in your head.

The New Year is almost upon us. This Eve business has long lost it's charm or appeal to me. The once upon a time scary prospect of being alone or lonely on New Year's Eve doesn't really mean anything now.
I read an excellent post at Ian's Or so I thought on this subject. He expresses my sentiments exactly.

I do, however wish I could see my family who live overseas.
My Beloved Brother & my SIL are on an Waiheke Island to celebrate New Year, so I wont be speaking to them until they return. We have traditionally wished each other NY greetings by phone.

This was the last time I saw them in the flesh, at the Airport, before I winged my way home. It seems hard to believe it was 2006.

Happy New Year to Everyone.
I see my country list tells me that I have had visitors from 96 countries! I would love to hear from some of those readers, who sometimes visit.

The Pogues, The Ultimate Collection, which was a thoughtful gift from Gom!


Bren said...

Your list of "never"'s was great..and all so true! I got a haircut yesterday...from my SISTER. If that isn't asking for it, nothing is. It did not turn ot terrible if I curl it.
Love the pic!!!

Lee said...

Good list! I usually do resolutions on April Fools Day, it's near my birthday and seems a more appropriate yearly cycle.

Have a very happy New Year.

Josie said...

"Never pass a chance to take a photo. No matter how twittish you might feel at the time, you will never get the opportunity again."

That's wonderful advice. I love it!

Happy New Year to you and your family, Meggie!


Tanya Brown said...

Your genital warts comment had me literally laughing out loud. These were all lovely pearls of wisdom, though. Good thoughts to keep in mind as we forge into the new year, along with avoiding carpet salesmen.

Happy New Year!

fifi said...

mmm...sorry meggie,
but I must sing AND dance at every opportunity, for the time may come when those around me have the capacity to wrestle me to the ground when I do...

great post.
(made me feel like following you around so I could hear some of these great one liners as you shop)

a fabulous 2008 to you. cheers

Sheila said...

Thanks for the sage advice and my morning chuckle.
All the best for 2008..

Mike said...

Great advice Meggie. Happy New Year.

mjd said...

Thoughtful list Meggie...I especially like the thoughts about, photos, loved ones, dancing,and New Year resolutions. Happy New Year to you Meggie, may this be your best year yet.

ancient one said...

You are so right about the picture taking. Shucks, you were right about all of them..LOL

I hope you have a very Blessed, Happy, and Healthy New Year!!

Andrea said...

Wishing you all the very best for 2008 Meggie. Looking forward to another year of your excellent and often hilarious

Catalyst said...

Echoing Andrea, you are one of my favorite bloggers, Meggie. Happy New Year!

CONNIE W said...

You never fail to make me chuckle. I send you Happy New Year wishes across the deep blue sea to you from me. ((Hugs)) cw

Angie said...

Oh Meggie, darlin', you've done it again! Have me sitting here in front of this darn computer just howling with laughter! You are just the best, my friend, and I am going to pay heed to each and every one of those on that list!! :D I wish I could just pop in and hang out with you until you ran me off. ROFLMAO Wishes for a pieceful, healthy, Happy New Year to you both!!

sheoflittlebrain said...

Thanks for a good laugh and some good advise on the last day of 2007! I love your never list, but I too will keep on singing until they duct tape my mouth:) Until now it's just been a threat..

Happy New Year to you and yours, sweet Meggie!

Ali Honey said...

Meggie, Happy New Year to You.

May 2008 be an interesting year filled with laughter, some challenges, good health and much blogging!

I do try to take photos at every have to be prepared to have negative reactions sometimes!

yep some people are just........ we know a few ...they never change....BUT WE KNOW WHO THEY ARE!!

Sometimes some people dancing can be offensive to the eye, but what the hell, do it anyway!

Thanks for being a truly great blogging Friend. Hugs from Ali.

MargaretR said...

A very Happy New Year to you Meggie, may you keep us happy with your lovely stories throughout 2008 Mags in Wales

Anonymous said...

Sage advice!!

I hope that your year is filled with happiness, love, photographs and smoothly running vehicles!

Karen said...

You always leave me with a smile! Have a happy healthy new year!

bluemountainsmary said...

Happy New Year Meggie.

Looking forward to sharing 2008 with you and your gentle support.

Was thrilled to see GOM bought you the Pogues collection!

Helen said...

Hi Meggie

Happy New Year to you all.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Malaysia checking in to wish you and yours a blessed and wonderful 2008.

Lucy said...

Meggie, you never cease to surprise! I would not have taken you for a Pogues fan.
All sound and frequently hilairious advice, especially the @rseholes one. I love it that you made the genital warts remark to that car dealer, I so wish I could have said that!
Happy New Year to you and yours, sweetheart!

Ragged Roses said...

Happy New Year to you and your family! I love your list and I'm not sure if I would like to be blessed with hindsight - maybe for all the mistakes I've made but sometimes it's a great feeling just to take a chance ...
The Pogues must be one of the best groups to listen to at the beginning of a New Year.

Emma said...

Happy New Year, Meggie.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Great post, Meggie! If we did, indeed, have HINDsight we'd never miss a chair and smack the hard floor with our tailbone. Oww. I've done that and wished I had HINDsight. Happy New Year!

Stomper Girl said...

Happy New Year Meggie. Here's to trusting our gut instincts!

Thimbleanna said...

What a great list Meggie. As always, your fun, candid nature just make me laugh! Much to be learned from your list indeed!