Thursday, June 12

Mumble mumble...

The tooth was fixed with little drama... except in my heaving heart! The minute I walked into the waiting room, I could smell the 'smell'.
The dreaded words were spoken-
"Take a Seat, Mrs Terrifiedoutofyourwits"

I think that the waiting is often the worst part.
There were thumps & hideous squeaking sounds or dragging sounds or furntiture being rearranged sounds. Along with a vioilent wind tunnel sound effect, of some sort. Accompanied by high notes of whining whizzing ultra fast drill noises.

Ye gods! What were they doing to the person in the open doored surgery next to the waiting room??

The swish new Surgery they built recently should be soundproof. It should not include some walloping thumping noises from upstairs. Is that where they bind people before they extract teeth? What does go on up there? What is it for? I have never actually seen anyone accessing the door that I suspect hides the stairway.

I took a book, hoping to distract myself. Fat chance!! There was a radio station being relayed into our ears from a highly placed speaker. No avoiding it. No avoiding the thumpy thump thump or the inappropiately worded songs. "Let me put it to you! baybeeee"
Who wants to hear cr*p like that?

Another hapless man came in, & instantly began fiddling with his mobile phone. Reading jokes or something, judging by the idiotic look on his face. Or perhaps he was drunk, know, Dutch Courage. Who could blame him!

Those very same things that irked me so much had irked my nervous daughter a week ago, when she visited the same Dental rooms. Perhaps we should start a petition?

Finally, my name is mangled & mispronounced called. I cringe down the hallway. The gnome-like Doctor who has been my dentist for the past 9 years, comes in, with his steady chatter. He doesn't give time for replies. He just goes on endlessly. My daughter couldnt stand the running dialogue, so she changed dentists. I actually don't mind it. It is better than the horrible radio, playing thumpy thumpy on the side cupboards.

I was surprised to read comments from others, overseas, about how they get tv remotes handed to them, or earphones for music of their choice! What a great idea. Though this surgery is new, & supposedly full of mod cons, there is nothing like that.

As it happens the tooth that broke is one that I had previously had root canal work on, so there was actually no real pain. The Drill strikes terror into my heart, even though I can't feel it. A new tooth was practically built into my mouth, so I came out smiling. Was told the rest look ok. Drop by in a year. Sigh. Just lightened my wallet substantially, but worth it really. And much cheaper than the city prices my son has recently had ripped out of his wallet, for the same treatment.

We had SG here this morning, to feed, then take to the school bus. He very nicely told me I need to go to the 'face dentist' to have those "marks moved, Nanna".
"Thankyou SG, I will bear that in mind."

We had a little wait for the bus. There is another school close by, & we watched the passing parade of parents & children walking to the school. The majority of these people come from, shall we say, the disadvantaged. It is a sad truth that the school does not have a good reputation, nor do the attendees. It is a rather 'have not' neighbourhood. Consequently, there is quite a lot of vandalism, & skullduggery goes on about the neighbourhood. It has a nickname, which is not complimentary.

There seem to be a lot of tattooed parents, both male & female. The garb of a lot of these people is 'comfortable'. Very probably 'affordable' too, I suspect. I was startled to see a large woman with a sweater on. The startling fact was, she had no bra on, & the morning being somewhat nippy, the nipples were outstanding! One was at waist level, the other was about 3 inches higher! They joggled as she walked!

I felt an urge to laugh, then had a second thought, & felt sorry for the woman. I hate wearing bras too. I find them an ordeal to buy. I have blogged about this ordeal before, so wont bore you again. I too have an oddity of size, just like this poor woman. A bra goes a long way to disguising this fact.

Also, I am sure if I was living on a tight budget, I would be hard pressed to afford them! They are priced outrageously high! The larger one gets, the larger the price ticket, also. What has the world come to, when women can't afford such a basic item of clothing. Perhaps it is not a necessity, but on the other hand, it would be, perhaps if you had had cancer, & only had one breast.

Out in the 'market place' yesterday, I took my printer to get some new ink cartridges. A very nice man, who owns the shop had told me if I took the printer into him, he would service it free, & he was as good as his word. He cleaned it, told me it is in excellent condition, & sold me 2 new cartridges for 1/2 the 'Orificeworks price'! That is Great Service!

Mercury Rev, Opus 40, or any of their music at all!


Lindi said...

I found a great dentist several years ago. He has a sign at reception: We cater for cowards.
Very reassuring, and he is very good too. No dentist smell, either. How does he do it?

Tanya Brown said...

Tattoos! The very thing! No more exposure to harsh dressing room mirrors when one shops for clothes - just go naked except for ink.

I'm so glad the tooth has been repaired. It sounds as though the whole business was traumatic, and it's good to have it behind you.

Peggy said...

If you happen to find a face dentist let me know LOL! Glad things went well at the dentist and the rest of the also

Thimbleanna said...

So glad to hear your dentist visit wasn't as traumatic as expected Meggie. I once sat in the dental waiting room with a young mother who's son was in "the chair" just on the other side of the wall. He was crying and the dentist was none too friendly. They'd sent the mother to the waiting room in hopes that the boy would cry less. That poor mother was just beside herself. I leaned over and told her to do herself a favor and find a pediatric dentist -- that old coot clearly had no skills with children!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Comfortable clothing in public look like pajamas to me. I think we're becoming a pajama nation in the US, no one seems to take that extra step to dress up much anymore. I am also very accustomed to seeing braless women, another growing trend. Glad you dental ordeal is over... I cringed just thinking about it.

Kitty said...

If I were to buy both a new bra and new printer ink, I'd be broke for the rest of the week! x

Jeanne said...

I'm a member of the 'two different sizes' club.
Jeanne :)

smilnsigh said...

First, I'm glad the dentist thing is over.

Second, I'd be {gently} throttling SG, for all his *helpful advice,* by now. A little goes a long way. I'd have had to inform him that... he had gone way over his limit. But that's just me and how I do-Nana. -grin-

Third, yeaaaaa for nice computer man!

Forth, I think I'll go brush my teeth now... >,-)

'Smilnsigh' blog

Anonymous said...

SG has me chuckling about the face dentist. ;)

Molly said...

Dear Mrs. Terrifiedoutofyourwits, I'm glad to see your sense of humour survived the trip to the chamber of drills, I mean horrors....

ancient one said...

I am happy that is behind you and you have your newly built tooth. *smile*

Small children come up with some of the best lines.. a face dentist you say..LOL I have allergies and I have said at times, "If you could pull noses like teeth, I'd have mine pulled."...

I don't think my allergies are as bad now as when I was younger..;)

I often see ladies with no bra under their tops at the doctor's office. I guess there will be less clothes to take off ?? LOL

My doctor is adding on to his building. It has been needed for a long time. And the last time I was there a tv had been added to the waiting area. Prices are sure to rise :(

Rosie said...

bodies are such a nuisance arent they...

Kellie said...

I felt very sorry for those who were waiting to be seen after my Meggie last Wednesday ... there was much squeeling and screaming and crying ... poor baby and poor waiting patients!