Tuesday, June 24

That Huge Ball, Rolling Down the Slopes..

I feel as though there is a huge Ball of something, racing down the slopes above me.

If it is snow, it might disintegrate & melt away.

If it is mud, it might swamp me, & splatter all about me...or smother me...

I think it is just a feeling that I need more hours in the days. Or more efficiency in my scattered activities, perhaps.

The feeling that, the more it rolls, the more it gathers, of "things & stuff", that I can never get to meet or greet.

I seem to feel sudden, overwhelming, realisation that I am never going to read all the books I would love. I am never going to hear all the music I would love.

I am never going to sew all the quilts I would love to make.

I am never going to travel to all the wonderful destinations I would wish to visit. Even allowing for the monetary factors, there probably wouldn't be enough years left.

I will never read all the wonderful Blogs out there, that take my breath away, with the beauty of the words, the art, the photography.

I spent a lot of time yesterday, on a Blog site I would like to share. If you are at all interested in quilting, it is Quilting Heaven! I was led there by Christine's mention. Thankyou, Christine.

Del, of Del Quilts. I spent hours enjoying her quilts. Reading her words.

Today, there is a post leading to another site, equally as fascinating. Whales. Please, go & enjoy it all.

This is the wonderful world of Blogs. One more medium to gain so much pleasure from. One more medium to gather knowledge, & hopefully, to share in the wonderful world about us.

One more reason to be grateful that I have time & ability to access the magic.
We have been discussing with friends what we would like to do, should be win large amounts of money.
Our friend says, though 'they' say money cant buy happiness he would like to give it a shot. See what type of misery it might buy.
My Beloved Brother says "Ah, but always remember, happiness cant buy money!"
My theory is to just keep on imagining what we could will do, should we ever have access to large amounts. It is said you won't achieve anything you haven't previously imagined... is that how it goes?
I think I found this Glow Worm on another blog, & I pinched it! If it was yours, sorry, but I wanted to share it.
On the quilting front, I have almost got the binding on one of the I Spies- aka Dog's Breakfasts.
I am still dithering with the top for my Granddaughter.
I am trying vainly to catch up with correspondance I must get written. I am limping along mentally in many fields, it seems. Too many books I am reading at once. Too much music to listen to. Too many posts, written in my head. Too many words, waiting for release.
Gom had a horrible nightmare last night. He doesn't remember what it was about, but has a nebulous memory of having had the nightmare. It was a vocal nightmare, with horrible wails from Gom. From where I lay, beside him, it was a nasty nightmare to 'witness'. I attempted to wake him, but he couldn't be woken. He finally turned over, & his breathing resumed a regular rythym.
My dreams of mansions I own seem to have slowed!
Newton Faulkner, To the Light.


Emma said...

Oh I know about that giant ball. I wake up at night wondering if it's going to flatten me from behind. So I run faster :/

I like the glow worm ditty. I have heard it before and it always makes me giggle.

Ali Honey said...

No Meg, None of us have enough time to read all the books and blogs and listen to all the music or see the wonders of the world; SO make sure you really enjoy those that YOU DO have time for. Get maximum delight from those things you do get to read and see and hear and dream. Be a happy little gloworm!! I'm off to visit that new blog now - Thanks!

ancient one said...

I never feel like I've wasted any time visiting your blog...although my days seem to slip by quickly...

It's bad hearing another having a nightmare.. but worse when it's your own...

Love the glow worm poem.. I was admiring the fire flys in the bushes tonight... Took me back to my younger days when we'd try to catch them in old jars...

It might not matter if we never get to do it all.. as long as we can remember the things we already did...we can relive those moments...

Mike said...

That giant ball has been after me for a long time.

Actually, it has run over me a few times lately.

Linds said...

I think we are all being chased by giant balls. That get bigger as they get closer. Sigh.

Dreams, Meggie...they are what keep us moving. I have many many dreams, and realistically, I know they will never all come true. But it is the dreaming that gets me out of bed in the morning, and the little surprises along the way which make me smile!

bluemountainsmary said...

Since none of know what is around the corner this post is a good reminder to me to savour things and enjoy my life.

I still refuse to get into quilt making - I would buy the stuff and never make it!

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that you make the most of your time. We have to remember that we can only do what we can do. It is a simple as that!

Leanne said...

I think that is just life these days rush-rush-rush.

Pauline said...

this was a great post - from the realization that there won't be enough time to do all you'd like to do to the glow-worm, I was nodding and agreeing. We may never have "enough" time but we can use what we have wisely and well! You appear to be doing just that...

Dawn said...

Oh, Meggie---you touch my soul with your eloquent words.

Thimbleanna said...

Boy, don't we all know just how you feel Meggie. Never enough time. Never. So sad! Love that cute little glow worm!

Tanya Brown said...

You've captured a feeling I've also been having: so much to experience, but only a finite amount of time. How does one pick and choose?

Sorry about GOM's nightmare. Those are dreadful to witness, especially if the person can't be woken up.

Finn said...

Hey Meggie dearest, I hear your pain...the sad reality of "how it is" vs. how we wish it could be. The wisdom of "sieze the day" rings in my ears as I bemoan the "human condition"....time to dance out of that balls path!
I love, love, love the outcome of your kitchen sink approach. If that isn't true patchwork, I don't know what would be. And the truest critics of all are the children, and they LOVE the whimsey of such quilts. I'm very impressed...you accomplished a lot with those tops! Hugs always, Finn

Isabelle said...

Yes, yes, I love your ball metaphor. Life is too short!

fifi said...

meggie, you have done so much,

but it always seems that we will grieve for what is not to be, and that for which we dreamed and didn't get!

Now you have made me realise I really actually DO want to go on one of the whale watch boats instead of watching them from the shore. I'll never be able to swim that far!

Josie said...

I sometimes get those feelings too. I guess what we have to do is pick out the things we want to do, see, read, experience the most and do them. And they will be all the more beautiful, won't they, in our knowledge of how precious they are.

Marja said...

Doesn't matter how much you do as long as you enjoy it Meggie. I will probably neither do all the things I have in my mind but you have to have dreams.
The glow worm is so funny.

Q said...

Dear Meggie,
Life is full of wonder and magic. I also love to explore books and music and blogs!
I hunt for bugs and sing with the birds. I love the plant world.
I may not be able to travel and see in person but seeing through your eyes is just great!

Elaine Adair said...

I purposely did NOT check out your links, although I WILL after writing this comment.

My immediate thought after reading your post, is that it may be time for you to simplify. Enjoy the 'right now' ..

However, I have to read my own comment, and maybe post it on my own blog.

Kitty said...

That giant ball visits me too - sometimes much closer than others. I write lists because that seems to help keep it at bay a little.

I'm off to look at the quilts now - thanks for the link.


Ian Lidster said...

Well, I guess it was your turn for winter, we did ours. Love the glow worm poem.

smilnsigh said...

That's a pretty cute little glowworm!!! -giggles-

Yeah, too much stuff to enjoy... not enough time. But hey, if we worry about this fact, we lessen our enjoyment quotient, just by the worrying.

Hmmmm, that's the best I can do on Wisdom 101, right now. lol

'Smilnsigh' blog

Molly said...

What a cute little worm!