Sunday, June 1

Simple Pleasures.

It is nice to discover, the older I get, the more pleasure I seem to get from simple things.
The smile of my Grandson, when he comes to visit. The happy smile from my Granddaughter, when I unexpectedly encounter her at the local shopping centre.
The warm & happy huge hug from my son, when he comes to stay, & we collect him from the station.

I love the *Sweety* animal photos that friends send me in emails. I am a real sucker for the happy dog/cat/pet pics.

Perhaps such pleasure denotes the size of my shrinking mind?? haha.

A cup of herb tea, a good book, a patch of sun, to warm my body.

A great fabric find, meters of brights on cloth for a mere dollar!

Waiting for the iron, now that it is washed, & the colour has stopped running.
It will make a sunny back for some quilt, yet to be made.

When I was a small child, I never had a 'Special' toy or blanket. Perhaps my Teddy bear would have been my best friend, but I left it in the garden, & a local dog made short work of it, & my mother told me I was not getting another.

I did have imaginary playmates, but it is not so easy to cuddle or cling to a figment, is it. Not that she seemed a figment, but she was certainly less accessible than reality.

My Brother had a 'Cuddy'. It was a fleecy cotton blanket, they type most babies have. It was just one particular blue & white cuddly rug. It was his best friend, & when our mother used to sneak it into the wash, there would be roaring tears, when he discovered it, with my Brother clinging forlornly onto the corner of it, until it was dry, & could come in off the line. No clothes dryers about in those days!

I am not very sentimental about clothes as a rule, though I have saved some of my babies' clothes. A small dress I gave my granddaughter, thinking she may like it one day.

One thing I am rather sentimental about is an old cardigan I have. It is about 24 years old. I rather resembles a badly wounded, &/or dying old dog. It has a mohair/wool/synthetic composition. It has camouflage colours. Gom gave it to me for my Birthday one year. I had admired it every time we passed the shop, where it had been on display.

The buttons have all gone cracked & changed into a navy colour. One button has come off & one of these days I might get around to replacing it. It is grey, green, navy, brown, white, & cream. It is the colour of lichen.

It is like a type of Talisman. If I am feeling gloomy, or chilly, I get out the old 'ABC', as it is known in the family. There is a pattern in a strip which goes around the fronts sleeves, & back, which resembles the ABC television logo. It is an old Comfort. It is very warm, & even after 24 years it still fits me!
It has been admired by friends, & rellies. I no longer wear it in public, but that is not because of it's condition. It is still in remarkably good condition, considering it's age. No holes, no defects. I throw it in the machine to wash it. Admittedly, it does not get worn every day. It languishes in the back of the wardrobe for most of summer. Yet, every cool day, it springs to mind, as just the ideal garment.
It has been so handy to lend to sad grandchildren, to wrap around themselves & cuddle down. The soft fabric of the knit is so warm & embracing. It is almost as good as a warm hug from your mother.
Even the very word conjures up 'old' images. Old men in sagging cardigans, with bulging pockets. Old women in knitted lumpy cardigans, with woollen skirts hanging like ropes about their old lumpy bodies.
Who remembers Cardigan Twinsets? Those finely knitted, plain jumpers, with short sleeves, & matching long sleeved cardigans. I remember Kiapoi brand in New Zealand. Fine woollen knitted garments. Reeking of moth balls, since moths loved those fine woollen garments, & so the moth balls were scattered among the folds, to keep the moths away. How they smelt! I think they took them off the market, because they were poisonous- not only to the moths!
This post has been brought to you by gloop, & sticky sentimentality! And niggly winter chills.
Roy Orbison, In Dreams.


david santos said...

Great work, Maggie!
Excellent post.
Have a nice week.

Ali Honey said...

I admit to owning and wearing those twin sets. Very suitable for the classroom in the winter with woollen skirts or kilts!

jellyhead said...

What a cosy warm post.... just like your beloved cardie!

Anonymous said...

I love those comfortable clothes that I wouldn't be seen dead in!

alice said...

I love thehumble cardigan. I have one that is my skin's soul mate, too. Comfort food for the skin. Great post, I love your writing. Thank you
Alice x

Stomper Girl said...

Cardigan equals comfort to me, too.

Linds said...

Cardigans. The word has th epower to evoke so many memories, Meggie! I have a few too, and my Mum has many she adores. I can't picture her without one, now that I come to think about it. Maybe we all need a cardigan memory post oo.

Marja said...

Oh your cardigan looks gorgeous. I had an old comfy one as well but mine was full of holes and beyond repairing. Must buy one of these beautiful NZ ones one day

Working mum said...

I think I'm already there. Yesterday I was in raptures about fabric I found for daughter's playhouse curtains! Simple pleasures!

bluemountainsmary said...

I've lived in a soft grey cardigan all weekend - truly a simple pleasure!

Anonymous said...

I love a cardy. I have them in all shades of the rainbow. (including a brown twin set!)

Joyce said...

When I was a teen matching twin sets of orlon were all the rage but I never had one. Old clothes are by far the best. I live in them most of the time.

Working mum said...

Thanks for coming to look at my curtains!

btw I've been reading your blog for ages - I must be a 'lurker'!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

I think we could all spend more time appreciating the simple pleasures amongst our busy life! I have a favourite jumper that I have had for 13 years - I only wear it around the house now but it is oh so comfortable!

quilteddogs said...

Enjoying simple pleasures only means you are getting better, not older

ancient one said...

Old clothes wear best! I have laughed at some pictures taken a few years back and recognize the clothes are still in my closet being worn...LOL

Simple pleasure = fresh strawberries and whipped cream..

Granny J said...

Oh, yes, those very fine woolen cardigan twin sets were worn by the society girls in my high school. They were very expensive, carrying high-toned brand names.

jovaliquilts said...

Very sweet and cozy. Love that cardigan! We had an old grey sweatshirt jacket that was my husband's, but the kids and I would all wear it, too. One day it literally came apart beyond repair, but we all remember it fondly.

Bren said...

Simple pleasures are the best.
Thinking positive thoughts for you...I too love the movie Beaches...but then I am a HUGE Bette Midler fan anyway!

Mike said...

I am more sentimental about my summer clothes than I am about my winter clothes, but I do have a sweater or two that I kind of like.

I am learning to find joy in the simple things.

Pauline said...

Gloop and sticky sentimentality, two of my favorite things (besides my own navy cardigan with frayed color and cuffs). Loved this post.

Henri said...

Meggie , We solved the " cuddy" problem -- simply have two exactly the same haha .
I confess I still have , and wear an item or two that Mary gave me and why not ?
I had wondered about the old moth balls ? Can you still get them ? -- always associated in my mind with Funerals , Weddings and other Formal Functions