Wednesday, August 6

L. F. T... stands for 'LIfe's Ferocious Threats'

What the hell is the world coming to, when an 18 year old thug, assualts a man with a disability?

What kind of warped freak of a teenaged 'adult', would attack a defenceless, disabled, man, with a Skateboard? In front of the man's son? Outside the man's home, in broad daylight?

One can only wonder what type of upbringing, & teaching, & homelife, would prompt a mindless young man to do something so brutal, & senseless?

It has happened to a good friend of ours. He overheard taunts to his young teen son, & went to investigate the yelling & the language.

He was then assualted in a most brutal fashion, with the skateboard, weilded by a large, strong, (but extremely cowardly, & one might think seriously, mentally limited, young 'man'), who seemed to go into some type of insane frenzy.

The resulting broken arm, & severe damage to the soft tissue in the arm, is just about unbelievable. The bruising to the ribs, horrendous to look at. He, & we, feel he could well have been killed in the brutal, unprovoked, & mindless assault.

What drives young people to do such things? The victim is known to the assailant, to be disabled. A point the assaialant has mocked, & made fun of. He cannot move quickly to avoid such assault. I fear the attacker to be beyond redemption. Who, but a coward, could attack such a disabled person.

Bullying has been a factor in this scenario. Bullying of the son. His trauma at witnessing this assault, is yet to be determined.

Police, & an ambulance were called. Ambulance staff chose to wait until the police arrived, before offering treatment. What sort of a world do we live in, where teenage thugs can intimidate authority to this extent? It is very frightening to think that such twisted young beings are here, in our midst.

The offender is 'known to Police'. They are hopeful that 'this time he will get a custodial sentence'. How sad is that.

It is, somehow, even sadder, to think he may not recieve more than a wrist slap, with a wet bus ticket.

Our family, as a whole, have felt such anger about this. Our SonIL has said he can see why vigilante groups are formed.

It appeals to the basest emotion, revenge, or redress. Who wouldn't want to get this 'germ', & punish him? It is hard to think, or feel, that he is worth the time & effort, &, expense it might take, to 'reclaim him'. What the hell are parents doing to their children??

How old is too late? To try to redeem a 'lost soul'? I have no idea, but one of the local charities I thought may offer a solution, would seem to be giving up. A man of Faith- which I don't have- has despaired.


On other fronts, life goes on.
I had a lovely period of time today, with my beloved Granddaughter, trying to choose the next round/s for her quilt.

We met her mother at the shop, & we all voiced opinions over various choices.
We even roped in a stranger for an opinion. We hummed & we hahhed, over the fabrics. We auditioned lots of choices. Some were too bright- right colours, but overpowering! Some perfect, but only available, in too-small amounts. DRAT!!

We danced about the shop, walking away, going back. We finally made a couple of choices. Being laundered as I write. I am confident they will look great.

The 'Oven' visit was a mixed affair. I am to see the Specialist again. I am not sure about my relief. Some days it seems good. Other days it is negligible.

I had a very bad night, last night. Honey decided a 'spook' was in the house. There was some noise to indicate she may be correct. She kept barking, & I kept waking... & itching ... & itching... & itching. So the night passed.

America, Only in Your Heart.


Kellie said...

I hope you sleep better tonight!
Hey look at me I am the first to leave a comment ... how did that happen?

Ragged Roses said...

Hope the night is spookless for you tonight and all is well

Ian Lidster said...

I get the vigilante urge when I see thoughtless vandalism or wanton viciousness by young people. And then I think, would I went to do time for such pieces of crap? And you know the courts would find in their favor, not mine.

Tanya Brown said...

Uneasy times. I have no answers. I'll be thinking a kind thought for your neighbor. The attacker sounds as though his brain is miswired. Something is badly wrong with him.

Rosie said...

have a peaceful calomine night with no supernatural interference...unless it is to protect the disabled and cure the socially psychotic

Frankofile said...

Horrible event. Let us know if any retribution catches up with the thug.

Thimbleanna said...

What an awful story Meggie! I hope your friend is now healing and that you are getting some rest!

Q said...

Sending healing to your friend. I also wonder what is wrong with people...some young and not so young seem to be mean spirited to the core.
I do hope you sleep better tonight. You do need a break from this terrible itching!
I had hope winter would do the trick but I guess not.
Quilts and granddaughters sound charming...perhaps they are the break? At least they give much joy.

molly said...

You kept repeating "Young people," but there are many similar stories involving older people too. It's not very fair to paint young people as a group with this brush, as there are many fine young people out there who are probably as horrified as you and me when they hear of something like this.

The Sagittarian said...

What an awful thing to have happen! It's a beautiful world indeed. I always try to treat people as I would like to be treated and often feel second-best as a result but there will only be complete chaos if we all decend to the gutter level. I don't know what the answer is, I suspect it lies within society. We recently had a case here where a woman was jailed because she had stoeln thousands of dollars from her disabled elderly mother. Her response was astounding, she claimed the money was going to be her's one day anyway - no remorse for the suffering she had caused her mother at all.

Ali Honey said...

That's a dreadful story Meg.
I wonder do you itch more when you are upset about sometning as you were yesterday.

Sweet dreams tonight!

Mary said...

Yes I wonder if Ali Honey is right - there may well be a connection. I know my itches are absolutely connected to stress.

Terrible story - my heart goes out to all of you.

Jeanette said...

HI Meggie, only one word for people bashes, Thugs they only pick on the elderly that cant defend themselves.Never someone there own age.. Bring in greater punishment like a lash or a cane that would help stop these senseless bashings..Oh i can go on and on .. better get of my soap box..hope you get a good nights rest...

Lucy said...

I despair of people in general; I sometimes think the greater part of human history and existence is about cruelty and suffering, and yet we can do so much better...

I suppose it comes home to you when something like that happens to someone you know.

Honey's clearly on lively form to be seeing ghosts off from the house!

Marilyn said...

There's lots of anger in our young men. Fatherless and maybe unwanted. They take their anger out on any weaker thing or human than themselves. Maybe they have never been loved. Doesn't make what they have done excused. Oh and the rotten video games! You visited my blog and I thought I would stop over and here I am. I love your bright quilt with the black print border you are working on. Our guild has a mystery quilt going and I had pulled some bright fabrics and was thinking of black for the background fabric. After seeing yours I think I will "go for it". Blessings,

fifi said...


Thanks for the stalk!! ;-)
(thanks for remembering)

Anonymous said...

Meggie -- I'm with Mollie on this one ! Not just young ones out there , wreaking havoc , worse luck . Many people seem to have difficulty contolling their emotions and actions . Hope your friend makes a full , quick recovery , as painlessly as possible .