Friday, August 29

Rats keep plaguing my life...

You may have read of my past trials, with a dead rat.

I have had another rat trauma.

A very nice, handsome young man called yesterday, to remove a very dead, very unpleasantly odiferous, large, reeking, rat, from our ceiling cavity.

Even Gom, finally admitted to smelling the sickly sweet, rotting, stench of dead animal.

'They' do say our sense of smell diminishes with age, which explains a lot about 'old people's' houses, clothing, & various other unsavoury odours we might encounter in the 'aged'. This, has surely been, & is, the case with Gom. I have always had an acute sense of smell.

It has not always been a blessing, nor a 'free treat, for me'.

Indeed, his diminishing sense of smell is a bloody curse!!. Sometimes I wish my sense of smell would vanish, but I am ever mindful of causing discomfort, or distress, among others.

So the offending carcass was duly removed from our premises. The nice young man braved the cavity of our redolent ceiling, & duly despatched the offending article. I was asked "Would you like to see it?" I declined politely. As our rubbish collection had not already taken place, it was duly despatched in the All puposes bin. Thank goodness it didnt ride around in a Weetbix box, in our car boot!

I was going to write another 'Other Lives' story, but we have had visitors, & I am flagging a little.

The 'crutchley' lightings have not been noticeably beneficial, but then again one 30 second treatment, plus one 60 second treatment would not warm the hairs upon my leg!! Well, the stubble upon my legs, to be honest.


My small nephew after studying his grandmother's arm carefully, looked up at her, said, "'Grandma' which is not what she was called by our offspring, but will do for the sake of the story do you know your skin is too big for you?"

This was said in all sincerity, & absolute innocence, & concern for her wellbeing. She loved that small grandson, & she loved that story.

She was a very small woman.

Our son, also her grandson, once studied a pattern she was knitting.
"'Grandma'" he said, "Are you knitting this for you?"
"Yes" she replied.
"Well," our son said. "I don't think it will fit you, because you are not as big as a woman!"
She loved this story too, & loved to remind our son, in later life.

We all still miss her. She had a wonderful sense of humour.

Randy Crawford, Almaz.


ancient one said...

Most children say what they think and sometimes it can be funny..

I'm one of those who has lost my sense of smell. It takes a very strong odor for me to notice. I sometimes find rotten potatoes quite by accident and wonder what my guests smelled while they were here.

Hope the light treatments continue to help.

Tanya Brown said...

The rat experience may not have been a "free treat" for you, but it was for me; I enjoyed reading about it.

I expect that means that I'm turning into a horrible, sick-minded old cow. I intend to enjoy every moment of the experience.

Maggie May said...

Glad I'm not the only one who has this problem from time to time! However, we cannot get at our dead beasts, so nature has to take her time for the smell to disappear & believe me, we have no such problems with our noses! The blasted stench goes on for 2 weeks!

Strider said...

I remember seeing a news item about 10 years ago or so about the plauge of mice in your country. Were you guys in that area of infestation, or was it further north?

meggie said...

Ann, no doubt you have had many funny moments with your grandchildren.

Tanya, you get older you take your laughs whereever you can get them- I agree enjoy them all!

Maggie May
I cant imagine having to live with the smell for 2 weeks! Seems terrible if you cant get rid of it.

We have not had a the mouse plague where we live. We once had one in a city hotel where we lived, after a nearby Biscuit factory closed down. All those mice had to go somewhere to live! The exterminator used to take out buckets of dead mice every 3-4 days.
The two top floors of the hotel were empty, & on our floor,only our flat was inhabited.

Anonymous said...

Yuck, nothing quite like a dead animal somewhere inaccessible to let you know you're still alive.

Song: Elton John, Philadelphia Freedom (shine a light, shine a light...") LOL

bluemountainsmary said...

Yes we too have had a time where we could not get to the dead animal and oh boy the stench was hideous.

The grandma stories are very sweet - she is clearly much missed.

meggie said...

I dont know that song, will have to find it & listen.

Mary, The smell of decomposition is really terrible. I once picked tomatoes in the school holidays. Put me off tomatoes for years!

Mary said...

So glad you found someone to come get the dead rat - we had some mice get in the ceiling at our house in Marietta and I was paranoid about making Keith check the traps so that one wouldn't rot up there.

It looks like you had a good time with your friend - nice to see photos of you too!

Kellie said...

I used to love 'playing' with my nana's wonderful floppy bits that dangled from her arms ... and she so kindly obliged! I don't think I will be such a forgiving grandma! :)