Tuesday, August 12

Has anyone noticed...?

We don't very often eat the junk foods. Not because we are virtuous. Mostly it is because we don't like it.

I do like a Pizza now & then. I am not averse to a chicken wrap with salad, very occasionally. Last time we went to get the Finger Lickin' variety of wraps, I was struck with the new slim Colonel.

Has anyone else noticed this peculiar phenomonon?
I remember the jolly, chubby cheeked old chap, with the strange wattle he hid behind his little goatee.

I remember when they changed the name from Kentucky Fried Chicken to KFC, so the dreaded fried word was not part of the image.

Next time you pass the old Colonel, stop to note the new slimmer model. Gone are the chubby cheeks. Please tell me I am not dreaming. Please tell me I am not the only one to notice the change?

We have had some sunny days, & if a spot out of the wind can be found, it has been quite pleasant. The nights seem to be cold though, & a definite reluctance to get up in the morning tinges my days.

Leo, being very reluctant about letting us groom him, had become a wild & woolly monster. I decided to take on the task of trimming him up a little, so we could see his eyes, & now I am wondering if he is chilly with the huge amounts of wool which came off.

He does not like the camera much either. I think it is the flash. I should have taken the pics outside when it was still sunny, & I wouldn't have needed the flash.
The odd short hair on his ear is not my fault, he had a particularly bad knot there, & Gom decided to deal with it- by cutting it of!!

We had a repeat performance of the wool festooned garden & Gom. After Before I had finished trimming Leo, off went Gom. I happily trimmed on, then to my horror the garden blower starts up beside me!

Scaring the hell out of me 10 years off my life. Dust & wool clouds
are whipped in frenzied fury into the atmosphere!

I leap to my feet, grab the poor dog, & rush indoors to close the doors. I try shrieking at the mad man in the clouds of wool, & dirt. (No dog droppings this time, thank goodness!) I could not believe he was making the same mistake, by forgetting to close the zip on the bag!

He finally realised, & turned the wretched thing off, & stood festooned like some crazed Snowman, or bizarre Christmas tree, with fluff & wool waving in the breeze, in clumps about his person.

"Why didn't you tell me?"
"I tried, but I didn't want to become deaf, or dusty, or woolly."

He finished & went to change his clothes. He left all the clumps of wool on the shrubs. He was aghast when I serenely carried on clipping Leo. I calmly told him, that I had not finished, & if he had told me what he was intending to do, I would have stopped him.

Today, we went to the School, to watch Small Grandson, in a production the children performed for the Grandparents. SG did not see us arrive, & I watched him singing his little heart out, & doing all the actions, & I felt so proud of him.

We were told to find 'our' children, & spend recess with them. When I found SG he as sitting in the sun, quietly eating his sandwich. He came along to be with Gom & I. He cried, because he wanted to come home with us, & didn't want to stay at school. I wondered if we had done the wrong thing, by going along.
His mother said he was quite happy that we had gone, by the time he came home on the bus.

Some days, being a grandparent is about as hard as being a parent.

Cat Stevens, Where Do The Children Play?


Kellie said...

It is a beautiful thing that your grandson loves you so very much! I think that it is great that you went to his performance! My mother was always too busy and when she did come she would stay until the end ... her loss. It is Grandparents day at our school next week. My ex-mother in law will come as she always diligently does and Megan loves it! My current mother in law will also be there to see Meg & the twins. I am lucky to have good MIL's!

fifi said...

oh that wool-blower story is fabulous.
I am lolling like mad at that.
If only someone had filmed you...!!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Well, now I'm curious. Next time we pass through town, I'll have to remember to have a look at the colonel!

I love grandkid stories!


ancient one said...

It's hard to decide how long to go to the grandparents day. We had several grandchildren in the same school and by the time we got to the oldest grandchild (9th) grade all the other grandparents had left.. the teacher took time to have our granddaughter introduce us to the class.. I could see her embarrassment.. so we decided about 4th grade is about the point we should not go...(if they still had perks, like they could go with grandparents to the lunch area for a snack, we'd go.. ) The boys would be sure to invite us and tell us why..LOL

Mike said...

I have noticed that the Colonel has been made over. I have been watching that for some time now. Soon they will stop referring to him as The Colonel because of all the racial implications with Southern Colonels.

Oh well, welcome to America-Lite.

Ragged Roses said...

Love the wool story, wish I'd seen it. Good to hear you got to see your grandson

Rosie said...

Great wool story!
Speaking of a slimmed down Colonel, there was a report in one of the UK papers today that the KFC Coleslaw has more fat in it than either the fries or the chicken!

Jellyhead said...

I'll be watching for the Weight-Watching Colonel now!

Love the garden/wool/blower antics. No doubt it was intensely frustrating for you at the time, but you obviously can see the funny side, too :)

Don't be too perturbed by SG crying. My son also gets teary if I come to spend time with his class, then leave to go home without him. Yet he loves school and seems happy to go when I drop him off... just a change in routine sometimes throws him. It's wonderful that your little SG is so bonded with you.

Strider said...

Well, you are fortunate to have the grandchildren close by...even if it is a pain now and then.

The Sagittarian said...

Leo is so cute! He has lovely eyes there and you have done a good job I reckon. Now then, all you have to do is get that GOM organised....

crafty said...

Your Grandson is a very lucky little boy. My son invited his sister to Grandparents day, he didn't seem too bothered luckily.
It's not that he doesn't have Grandparents, it's just that they are not very available, or nearby.

Thimbleanna said...

What wonderful grandparents you are Meggie! I'm sure SG loves you very much. And I love your GOM stories -- you can't make that stuff up LOL!

bluemountainsmary said...

Such a clear image I have of GOM and his blower!

Such a funny story!

Rosie said...

ah, I hope I get to see a grandchild one day...

MarmiteToasty said...

We DONT do KFC since I saw a horrific programme on how they treat their chickens....but I do make wicked chicken wraps at home :)

Your got is such a cutie... and your grandson is a lucky little tike ....


Yolanda said...

Your grandchildren are blessed to have you in their life.

ancient one said...

Hey again,

Just today on the tv ads for KFC, I noticed what you are talking about. He's looking much younger and and not as chubby. In our neck of the world, the KFC in Greenville has now joined with Long John Silver. I suppose that will be fish?

I guess since they are now cooking with out transfat,the colonel is losing weight. LOL

Dawn said...

Adorable pup. And you are an adorable grandma.

Ian Lidster said...

Aunt Jemima too is slim and kind of sexy looking. The Condi Rice of pancakes.

Tanya said...

No, I hadn't noticed KFC change yet. I'll see if the Colonel in Japan has had a makeover yet.

How nice that you could be with your grandson at his school. I think all the kids are a little sad when parents and grandparents leave them at kindergarten or school when usually the adults come to pick them up and when that doesn't happen, tears!

Those quilts are beauties!

Granny J said...

Your dog clipping episode reminded me of the poodle yarn that was a popular item many years ago. Do you by any chance have a friend who spins? Such a friend could come clean up the wool from GOM!

Mary said...

Leo is just too cute! I love this photo of him. Chesty seriously needs a trim (and bath) but I'm not brave enough to tackle it. I'm trying to wait a least a few weeks past his surgery before dealing with it.

h+b said...

Do you remember the 1970's original KFC ad ? A jolly cartoon family jolly up to the KFC in the family car, and the son in the backseat is comically OBESE.

You never see fat people in fast food commercials these days - bad for business ... :p