Wednesday, August 27

Sometimes, it is the distances between..

The spaces between the blocks.

The chinks between the pavers,

The pauses between the moments.

The years between encounters.

That simply take your breath away.

Not always in a good way, either. Sometimes there is infinite sadness. With luck it will be fleeting.
Sometimes there is utter joy. Sadly, that is often fleeting also.

Here are some of the chinks & moments caught on film.
V with Gom & Honey, taken about 4 years ago, when V & her husband P, came to stay with us.

Here is V & P.

Here the time warp really shows. Meggie with V & P, who were fairly newly weds. We were off to see The Sound of Music. This pic is 43 years old.

I was a reluctant 3rd for the film. I disliked Julie Andrews I know, what was to dislike? but there you go, & I have never liked her in anything else though I grudgingly admit, she did the role justice in that film. I don't know how V had managed to talk P into going, but even he enjoyed the movie. I don't know where Gom was at that stage. However, I am sure he would not have been invited, being Highly Unsuitable Suitor, back in the day. haha.

Now he can do no wrong, haha.

These next pics are of some of the breathtaking moments that make my life seem wonderful.

This gorgeous little Grandson of my brother's. He is just over 5 months old. He still has his blue eyes, to the surprise of his brown eyed parents!

I just love this photo! I wish I could just cuddle him!

Here is my little Angel. I can cuddle him, & I do, at every chance. I know the time is fast approaching when he wont be so readily cuddlable. Here he is teaching his father some intracacies of a small electronic game.


Here is the calm of the sea, at Newcastle, as a ship came to port. The wind was quite chill.

Another view of the ship, & the lighthouse, distant though it appears in the pic, it did not seem too far off in reality.


In other exciting thrilling news, I am now to have lighting of the Groin!! My mind boggles. When I told the Professor my armpits & groin still itch, he smiled & told me they have ways for that!

Oh joy. That will be today's treat- learning exactly how that will work. Now I am regretting mentioning it!


In other sodding news, we think there may really be some animal dead in our ceiling cavity this time. The smell yesterday was terrible, but seemed to dissipate in the evening, & I wondered if Gom had sneaked in to remove some hideous 'parcel' from his pants pocket or jacket, in his wardrobe.

He assured me he had not, so it is a mystery. I saw evidence of mouse activity in the poisons bait we keep in the back of the stove alcove, & so have spent some time cleaning it out, & getting more baits outdoors.

We had visitors who all trooped in to smell the vileness, then pronounce just what they thought might be the cause.

Hot Chocolate, Any song will do!!


Rinkly Rimes said...

Thanks for calling! I see we're 'neighbours' but we might never have met in Hunter Street! Now we meet in Space! Wierd! Your grandson looks great. I sometimes write about mine. See you again soon.

Mike said...

Great pictures Meggie. When the weather turns cool around here we get invaded by all sorts of creatures that come in to escape the cold. One winter we had some squirrels in the attic and they died up there. It was very unpleasant in here for a few days until we could get to them.

Tanya Brown said...

Great slices of life - thank you for sharing!

Pauline said...

Lava lamps! I knew we had lots in common!

Loved this post - the memories, the past and present happinesses.

Ginger Patches said...

Great pictures. How great to have been friends for so long. Love that precious baby, and I'm glad you're getting cuddle time with your grandson while he'll still have it :)

Thimbleanna said...

I love your first five lines Meggie. Oh how true. So fun to see some of your memories in pictures. And, I know I shouldn't giggle, but truly -- good luck with your lighting adventure!

The Sagittarian said...

Are you giving out prizes to the person who correctly guesses the cause of the Eau de Shite?
Whatever the cause, I hope it's not too big and that there is only one of it!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful baby!

Henri said...

Meggie : Groinal Lighting !! My Word , The mind boggles . Wonderous Visions swim before my very eyes HaHa . I hope it works .
As to the Grandson -- He is of course OUR Grandson and so , 'just perfect ', I cuddle him and hug him at every available opportunity .His very being lights up my life . whether that feeling will last remains to be seen , but I am positive it will .

meggie said...

Hi Rinkly Rimes, It was a pleasure to meet you- so near yet so far!

Mike, I think I am extremely glad we dont have squirrels to perish in our roof cavity!! Though, if this is a possum, it is of similar size.

Tanya, Slices is an accurate description!

Pauline, Lava lamp was a gift to the Gom, from very good friends. He has always loved them since his first gift of an orange one, circa 1973.

Ginger P, the memories are what make the wonderful patchwork of 'Life'.

Anna, I can tell you I giggled in an extremely horrified way too. However the reality was not nearly to scarey- my top half was fully clothed!! haha.

Amanda, There are no prizes, but I just wish Gom would admit there IS an odour!! He is still denying it, in the face of overwhelming evidence.

Tracey, He truly is so gorgeous. His perfect skin, his beautiful innocence..

Henri, You lucky Dog you!! Literally. He is such a lovely baby, but I know you got the same pleasure out of your own sons, & loved them with such a fierceness, & wonder!

bluemountainsmary said...

The stench of something dead in the walls/roof is like no other.

I can hear the wretched mice scratching boldly away as I type.

Loved your photos and memories today.

Ali Honey said...

Some good ones there Meg. 2 cute wee boys and long time friends.

I think I had near identical shoes and coat to those you are wearing....ah those were the days.. memories are made of this!

Ian Lidster said...

Little ones make it all worthwhile. Otherwise, love Julie Andrews, hated Sound of Music. Or, 'sound of mucous', as Christopher Plummer, who played von Trapp called it.

Rosie said...

I am going to get my groin floodlit as well

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Times flies, it's true. I try to hang on to the precious moments where I can... and they slip right away, slippery things that they are!

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

How nice of you to share with us, such special moments, family and good friens!
I so enjoyed reading this post!
Thank you very much!
Debbie Moss

Kellie said...

Meggie you look so very beautiful! Sorry about your smell ... we had one similar last year and got someone in to get rid of it ... as it turned out we just got rid of a few hundred dollars as the 'smell' could not be found ... so we had to ride it out ... almost sent me over the edge!!!!!