Sunday, August 3

Did you get a 'fright' too?

Yesterday, I was full of good intentions to post, & let everyone know about Honey's ear surgery.

Spent the day in agitated suspension, on & off, wondering if I had lost the whole blog forever and/or whether I would ever get the use of it again.
I went off to check other blogs, & found many of those inaccessable also. Some seemed to be ok, & I stumbled upon bloglines, which I have never used. Could see my post, but no surrounding blogsite. I see now why some people were puzzled when I mentioned my Header pic, & ID pics.

One blog friend sent an email, letting me know it was Site Meter, causing the problems. However not being able to access the site, I couldn't delete Site Meter. A Catch 22.

All seems well today. I still have Site Meter installed.

Honey also seems ok. We were able to bring her home in the evening after her surgery, & apart from a little sulk with me, she seemed unperturbed by her ordeal.

She was hungry, & ate well. She snuggled up on Gom's lap, & gave me a few glares. In the end she snuggled up with me in the night, & all was forgiven.

Here is a view of the ugly stitches. They seem really large to me, but they are Vets, not plastic surgeons after all, & her wool will all grow back, & the scar will probably be unseen.

I didn't get a chance to speak to the vet. The waiting room was like Pet Central, with anxious owners dropping pets off for surgery on the morrow. Others, like us, were there to collect their precious little ones, following surgery. Or following clipping & grooming. Hopefully I can speak to the vet when the stitches come out, but I am sure all is well.
Honey seems very happy & well, & is eating well.
There really is not much other news. All the 'Leos' in my life are having birthdays this month. I struggle to remember their individual birthdays.
I phoned a cousin in New Zealand yesterday, for his birthday. He said they have been having wild weather & have been lashed with rain & cold winds. He would have been very happy & warm last evening- the All Blacks had a victory over Aussie. His sister & I didn't get the 'sport gene' & it all flows over us without a ripple!
When I worked in a busy office, the other staff used to try to tease me about the Rugby Union or the Rugby League. I really disappointed them with my reactions. Usually I was blissfully unaware there was even a game on!
I have not got anything to show in the sewing stakes. Just made a small project while Honey was away. It is not as good as it looked in the magazine, but it kept me occupied for the afternoon.
I still haven't finished my Granddaughter's quilt. I just cant decide what to use to finish it off, & am thinking I might get her to come with me to help choose some fabric. She was a little less than delighted when I completed quilts for her best friend, & her mother, & still haven't completed hers.
On the domestic front, we will live to fight another day. haha.
Gom has been busy painting the downstairs bathroom, & painting over the patches from the repairs to the pipe repair. He has put all the books back in the bookcases, & almost got his garage back to how he likes it.
He is girding his loins, so to speak, to have another birthday. He will be 72! How scary is that! I can't believe I am married to someone that old! haha. No wonder he is a Grouchy old Leo!
In the garden, my Daphne is almost finished blooming. I didn't notice the perfume as much as usual this year. It always reminds me of my mother, who loved it's beautiful citrus-y perfume. It always seemed to flower on her birthday 17th July, so we always think of her when we see or smell Daphne.
Janis Ian, I Remember Yesterday.


ancient one said...

Happy to hear Honey is doing well...and things are settled down on the homefront.

Glad they got the glitch fixed in blogland. A lot of people were having trouble.

Tanya Brown said...

Happy birthday to GOM! He's a year younger than my mother-in-law. Evidently a certain amount of cradle-robbing went on when you two got married, eh?

I'm glad Honey came through the operation safely. She looks like a dear little thing.

Catalyst said...

Yes, my blog was blocked also. Then today, nearly all day, my ISP was having problems. Totally down for several hours this morning, then back but running very slowly. I think it's nearly back to normal now. It's frightening - - how dependent we have become on something that hadn't even been "invented" ten years ago.

I am a "cat-man" but I'm glad your doggie is doing better.

Molly said...

Glad to hear Honey survived her ordeal....Happy Birthday to El Grumpo!

Mary said...

I'm glad to hear Honey is OK too - hopefully both she and Chesty will recover quickly from their surgical ordeals.

Ali Honey said...

That's great news about Honey!
It sounds to me like Gom needs heaps of jobs to do to keep him occupied and with a sense of purpose. Hope the OB has a great day, 72 ain't bad.

Strider said...

I had trouble accessing some sites yesterday too. Glad the dog is OK.

Thimbleanna said...

Yay! Honey is now on the mend. I was wondering how she is getting along. So glad everything went well.

Marja said...

Happy birthday to Gom.
Had to work yesterday so that's probably why I missed the blog trouble. Would have been scary. Yeh NZ weather is really bad at the moment. In Christchurch it was just rain, rain, rain and a lot of flooding Several schools were closed last friday

Linds said...

Great news that Honey is doign so well! And Happy Birthday to GOM too.

I found a way round the IE sitemeter fiasco - I have firefox downloaded, just don't use it much. I just popped over and accessed my blog through that one and there was no problem at all. Once it is downloaded, it comes up with the question - do you want to use it as your default internet access, and I said no. Then it is just there for emergencies!

Tanya said...

I don't have a site meter so I couldn't fix my blog that way but it seems to have worked itself out. I wonder what all of us would do if we really did lose contact with each other... Scary thought...

Glad to know that Honey is home and content.

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

So good to hear Honey is doing well.

Friday evening, I tried accessing several blogs and thought it might be my ancient machine. I e-mailed someone to see if it was happening to them too. Then, yesterday morning I heard about the sitemeter thing. Whew...I breathed a sigh of relief! I've grown fond of bloggy visits!

Have a great week, Meggie.
Pat (a Leo)

bluemountainsmary said...

Well there are still weird things going when trying to comment etc so clearly still trying to sort itself out.

Happy Birthday GOM.

Welcome home Honey.

Daphne is my favourite bloom - the perfume here is amazing!

Frankofile said...

Mm perfume. Just-after-rain is good but daphne - if you can grow it (and my soil can't) is luxury!

Rosie said...

I have a terrible confession to make...not only am I a Leo, I am a triple Leo (ascendant or rising or in the house of my moon or whatever)
Will you still speak to me?

Bren said...

Happy Birthday to GOM!! Give him a hug!
Site meter fixed their problem, but not before I took mine and that patience problem! I could not access my blog either, but I could access the dashboard and get to my settings from another blog.
Poor Honey.....

The Sagittarian said...

Hooray for Honey! She looks such a dear wee dog. Am pleased your waters are a bit more plain sailing (today at least). You're always welcome to relax in Christchurch!! (Wait until our floodwaters have gone tho')

ancient one said...

Happy Birthday to GOM! I have 2 Leos. Older son and only daughter!

Stomper Girl said...

Happy birthday to GOM and glad to hear Honey recovering well.

I love daphne too

Mike said...

I'm a Leo too. We seem to be everywhere--especially this month.

Good luck to your little dog. Hope she heals nicely.

Lucy said...

So glad Honey's on the mend, it's worth remembering they don't really think about what's going on; they know and remember what they don't like, and they appreciate feeling better, but they don't think about what it all might mean, and worry in that way. They're lucky like that.

Perhaps the paint fumes have mellowed GOM out a bit!

Kellie said...

Very pleased that your Honey is OK! My Daphnie also was not as aromatic this year, I wonder why ... maybe too much rain? But it still managed to make me feel so very unwell with hayfever ... but I would never dig it up as I love it so! Jasmine also can always tell when Summer is on the way when it's sweet scent hits you in the evening!