Monday, August 4

There is Always More!

If there is one thing I have learnt, through the twisted & sometimes torturous path, of my life, it is the fact that there is always more to every story!

Often, when I read a news story, I am left feeling cheated... what is the story behind the headlines?? The bold & the bald, often leaves out the little details, which can validate, or explain, certain, otherwise puzzling, actions.

I would hasten to advise my readers, I don't belittle, or devalue, Leos! Astrological Leos, is what I am referring to here. My father was a Leo, his youngest brother was also a Leo- same birthdate! My Grandmother -Father's Mother- was a Leo. My Gom is a Leo. I have had many friends who are Leos & it seems I am drawn to Leos like a magnet. My Leo dog is a Leo! My natal chart would indicate my moon is in Leo.

Some wonderful Leos have crossed my path, & I have made friends instantly with the Leo personality. I have found the Female Leo to be quite different to the Male Leo- which is not to say I have found either to be preferrable. I love them all!

So, if you are a Leo reader, I am not picking on any of you!
I want to thank your for all your Birthday wishes to Gom. His birthday is not actually until the 16th. One of his Uncles had his birthday on 17th. They often celebrated together. Hilariously. Yes, there is always more!

His Uncle was blind. He gave his Uncle a bottle of Drambuie for one birthday. The Aunt enquired why the Uncle was smearing his face with Drambuie, in the morning? The Blind Uncle replied, he had assumed the nice shaped bottle was Aftershave! He admitted he felt like tasting it, it smelt so delicious!!


Someone on another Blog- sorry I have forgotten who you are!- asked us to explain why or how, our blogs got their name?

Mine was named because I do believe that life is full of free treats, if we only stop to see & appreciate them! OK, some of them seem a bit backhanded, but mostly, when we stop to think about it all, they are Free Treats.

It began when I visited an elderly neighbour, & told her, I felt that smelling the fresh washing taken from the clothesline, was "one of life's free treats." She seemed a little taken aback, then agreed that she supposed it was. I have always felt that, about fresh laundry, taken off a clothesline. It truly IS one of life's free treats. There is nothing to compare. It seems to embody sunlight, & cleanliness, & all that is good about the world.

I feel that way about spring blossoms, the perfume of roses & the jonquils, freesias, magnolias. The thrill of Iceland Poppies unfolding, all crumpled & squashed, to emerge in perfection, given time. So many miracles happening each & every day- all Life's Free Treats!

My particular favourite miracle, next to babies, & small animals, are the small, humble Grape Hyacinths. I can't explain why I love them so. One of my life's mysteries.

We shared ownership with some pigs. The miracle of watching the piglets being born had to be seen, to be believed. They emerged looking like small pink rosebuds, & unfolded in glory, to become small, wonderful, warm, little piglets, suckling from their proud mother. I defy anyone not to feel moved by the sight.

This next photo is a steal. I stole it from a newspaper article in New Zealand. I loved the story so much, I wanted to share it.
This cat, Tigger, is a thief. He steals off all & sundry. This photo is with some of his booty! Isn't he just gorgeous!! Who could be 'shirty' about him??

I can't find the link to the story, but he has stolen from many neighbours, & most regard it as a joke. His owner tries to wash, & return items when she can. Look at him! He seems so proud of his haul!! He hails from Timaru, New Zealand.

What a lovely, brave, heroic feline! I am sure there is MORE. Un-reported.
There must be many keen gardeners in the vicinity of Tigger! Look at how may gardening gloves he has!!

John Denver, This Old Guitar.


Peggy said...

I love that free treats ideal! Now I will think of that each time I take laundry off the line and when blessed with other wonders.

Stomper Girl said...

I do love grape hyacinths too, I had a real fascination with them when I was younger.

Love the ginger Slinky Malinki (a cat-thief in a kids book, also from New Zealand. What is it with their cats?)

Mike said...

I like your observations about Leos. My birthday is the 17th of August and my daughter Jackie's birthday is the 18th of August.

Rosie said...

yes it is a bit of fun, however little foundation in reality there might be. I rather like that idea that whatever leoness is, i have as much of it as is possible to have in three doses!

Christine Thresh said...

Your blog is one of my favorite "Free Treats."
My son is a Leo -- born August 10, 1966.

Tanya Brown said...

I love your outlook on life. I feel the same way about laundry and baby animals.

Working mum said...

Ha ha! A real life Slinky Malinki!

I agree about Life's Free Treats. There are so many. How about crunching through Autumn Leaves?

bluemountainsmary said...

Yes as Christine said your blog is indeed one of the Free Treats!

What a lovely way to start the day reading this post.

Not least because my boy Will is a Leo!

Jellyhead said...

Yes, Meggie, your blog is always a treat and a delight - whether your post is poignant or amusing, silly or serious.

I LOVE the story and photo of that cat - made me start my day with a grin!

Ali Honey said...

Firstly I am very proud to think that Stomper Girl and Working Mum know about Slinky Malinki - Yea! Their creator Lynley lives here in Tauranga BOP!The Mum and Teacher in me means I love all these wonderful kid's books and Characters - some of life's free treats - sort of.
Tigger would love it here on the orchard as thoughtless orchard workers throw their used cotton picking gloves down any old where as soon as they get a hole in them( something for me to pick up and clear away )

I am still giggling about rubbing Drambuie on the face...he must have smelt a bit whiffy( alcoholic )

Pauline said...

You're so right - the world is full of free treats, not the least of which is your blog :)

I had to go download John Denver's "This Old Guitar" from itunes!

Q said...

Dear Meggie,
You are a treat!
Thank you.
I too adore grape hyacinths. They are small and seem so simple yet planted enmass they are wonderful. My flower beds are outlined in them.
Fun post.

Mary said...

My sister Deb's birthday is the 16th of August. Maybe I should read up more on Leo's - that might explain some things!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I can assure all your readers that leo's are just wonderful, fabulous, fantastic, awesome and nice people. 100%.

The Sagittarian said...

Oh August and Leos...we have about 20 brithdays in August in our family,had 3 yesterday and got one on Thursday and my 10 yr old is 11 next goes on. Mind you, she was meant to be a September baby. She has a Russian name, she says it was because she was in a hurry to meet me!!

Kellie said...

Oh the cat is fantastic! Have you read the Slinky Malinky book to your Grandson? If not you must she is very much like this cat! Our cat steels socks but only if they are all rolled and ready to be put away ... wouldn't touch a dirty one with a barge pole! :)

ancient one said...

I love the reasoning behind your blog's name. I delibertly put your name in my blogroll as "Free Treats". I was hoping some would think it was freebies and click on and read one of my favorite blogs. Life does indeed offer us free treats ..all we have to do is be mindful of them.. they are everywhere..

I decided the cat is a pack-cat (like a pack-rat)..just can't have enough "stuff"..(like me, ha)

Have a good day/night!

fifi said...

Yes, your blog is a free treat! Love the thief cat.

I too am a Leo! I am the 8th of the 8th!!! yayayyyyy!

Tanya said...

Now who could be angry at a one minded feline like Tigger! More power to him! May we all be so determined!

Margaret Cloud said...

I love that cat, my granddaughter has two ferrets and they steal and hide what ever they find, the cat seems a bit chubby.