Wednesday, February 7

Empty Threats

I never seem to tire of the evening's display as the sun sets.
The forecast for today was showers. It would seem these clouds were empty threats, as there has been no sign of rain.
There are some clouds, but they dont look remotely threatening.
And, they say "When Life hands you scraps- Make Quilts"
I dont know about that, but yesterday I played about with small scraps.
My Scottish ancestors speak to me, in that they disapprove of all wastage. I hear them "oching' & 'tching' as they see the off cuts mounting up. These little triangles were off cuts from another project, using the flip & snip method, & they did seem a waste, so I stitched them into this very small - & very rough- little patch. I might use it to make my lovely generous cousin a doll quilt.

I read Molly's wonderful post this morning, & was reminded of a cousin of mine, who is a school teacher.
She said her choices were Accountant, Nurse, or Teacher. As she was not good at Maths, she couldnt see herself in the Accountancy game, & as she fainted at the sight of blood, Nurse was not an option, so Teacher she became. And a very good one.
But she was/is very bright, & it seems a shame that her talents were limited in those days. (Which in no way, is intended to put down teachers! I have great admiration for them, it is something I could never do!)
Her husband has always said she would have made an excellent lawyer, she is very quick, & has a phenomenal memory. She serves on Trust Bank boards & Education Boards, & I suppose she has lived a rich & full life to use her intelligence to her best ability.
In those far off days, we were not encouraged to 'think outside the square'. A career option of electrician or plumber, for instance, was not a choice for a girl.
I have a friend who is an excellent cabinet maker- but only in her latter years has she had the chance to go to night school, to achieve her wonderful skills.
Another long time pal would have made an excellent mechanic. She always had an absolute passion for all things motorised. She became a nurse, & and an exceptional one too, but her first love would have been mechanic, I am sure, had she been given the option.
I guess some of us had to become the mothers. It is fashionable -or has been- to put 'mothers' down, as being of no consequence.
I abhor the idea of societies who denigrate mothers, or women in general. Dont they stop to realise that their society is only enabled by females, who bear the children for their future.
I am reminded of my grandmother saying, "The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world."
Time to be lighter. I love the way children see things so differently from adults.
When my Granddaughter was little, she was always drawn to the darker children in her classes. Little Indian, & Asian children. And a little girl from Bolivia.
And she came running out to meet us, so excited, with her little friend, to introduce us. And on the way home, she said "I love G, I love her cross eyes!"
And little SG, when he came & saw my hair all wet, & plastered down, said, "O your hair is beautiful!" which it most definitely was NOT. Sweat plastered hair is never a good look- unless you are only 4 years old, & perhaps blinded by love?


Emma said...

Thanks for the words about mothers! I am 'just a mother', and I find myself resisting the urge to apologise for being a stay at home mother. I very nearly was a lawyer, and sometimes I could scream about the tiny, ignorant box people keep squeezing me into. People assume a lot when they see you're a young(ish) mother at home with a horde of little barbarians!

My float said...

I was one of those young know it alls who used to put down women who were "just mothers".

Today I'm appalled by this view and am much more respectful of the difficulties involved in making decisions either way. While the choice itself is difficult (stay at home? use child care? have no kids at all?) I think at least we have a choice. The problem is more that other people place judgements on the decisions we make. Perhaps if there was less judgemement, people would be happier about the choice they eventually make. Who knows?

Children are so beautiful, aren't they?

Emma said...

We are always left wondering if we made the right choice, aren't we? My best friend works full time, and has a wonderful family. There was a time where we both felt inferior to each other, because our choices have been so different, but I think now we agree that we're both right :)

meggie said...

I really feel for mothers who have to work & have their children to worry & wonder about during the days. And I see how tired my daughter gets, doing both jobs- working AND mothering. SIL can be very helpful- is a good cook. But there are some things men just never seem to 'get'.

And, I NEVER underestimate, or look down on 'only' mothers. It is a very hard 'job' & it is a lifetime committment!