Sunday, February 25

Morning Glory

I dont know if that is the true name of this vine, but we call it Morning Glory.It is one of the few things I have flowering in my garden at present. There are some flowers in the front garden, but I dont see that from inside the house, or from the back yard.

Our son came up to stay the weekend as it is his birthday on Tuesday, & we usually have a family get together for both his & my birthday. He is still having a lie in, so I hope he slept well. He has nerve trouble with his neck & shoulder, due to disc problems in his neck. Perhaps our vet could be of help!

We had family together last evening for tea. Unfortunately our Granddaughter was working, so couldnt be here for the get-together.

Oscar the 'granddog', came up, & he ran Leo ragged. I fear Leo has damaged his neck again, as he is limping, so we will have to take him back to the Chiropractor Vet, who does magic with his hands. He must have been born to be a vet, as he is so good with the pets, & he is so gentle, & seems to sooth the most troubled of animals.

SG had us all fooled, he decided he was going to stay the night, & got all ready for bed, then zipped out, just as his parents were leaving! His father said he didnt think he would stay!

We went to a few garage sales yesterday, & I got a nice assortment of books for 10 cents each!! In really good condition, & excellent, interesting looking titles. I have read half of one already, & that makes 5 books I am currently reading all at once! A bad habit of mine, but I find I keep track of them all the same, & enjoy them just as much. Occasionally I find a book will be so gripping I have to just finish it all at once. I am reading a book by Nicholas Evans called 'The Loop', & I am enjoying it but I find it very harrowing to read of slaughter of animals, & I have to take a break from it now & then.

It seems the older I get, the more distressed I get when I read or hear of mistreatment or cruelty to any animals, wild or domestic.

It has been so 'heavy' with humidity here the last few days, it is very enervating, & it makes everyday tasks seem onerous. All I want to do is sit about with the airconditioner on full blast. And last night we had a thunder storm, which was accompanied by a downpour. It all seemed to last a long time. Leo does not like storms & gets very nervous about them.

I hope you have all had nice weekends. Hope Bec enjoyed her Terrigal getaway- including the thunder storms!


Diana said...

Isn't it lovely to find good books at yard sales. I often hunt through our local Goodwill looking for bargains, usually 50 cents for a paperback. If I don't like it, I can donate it back.

Your flowers look like the morning glories we have here, but I'm no expert.

joyce said...

I'd love to go to an Australian yard sale again. Here we have had freezing rain all day and now it's snowing. Very pretty if you don't have to drive in it.

paula said...

Oh, disc problems are the worst!

I'll be happy when spring is here and I can start going to yars sales again...sigh.

Molly said...

I do that with books, and with quilts too. Seems I have to keep several balls in the air at once to be happy. Though it would be much more practical and efficient to read/work on just one at a time. but a lot less fun!

Isabelle said...

Yard sales, garage sales... hmm. We have car boot sales in Britain - not that I've ever been to one. You park your car in a car park (with others) and sell your stuff.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I hope Leo has improved, the idea of a vet masseuse, or chiro, is wonderful... so beneficial! I am amused so by your tales of SG, he's such a funny little one.

Stomper Girl said...

Bah Humidity. My poor Fixit was suffering last week when Melbourne had an unexpected dose of it. He complained that unless he was standing directly under a fan, he was just dripping with sweat.

meggie said...

SG I suffer like that in humid weather. My mother said when I was a baby, my bootees all shrank, because of my wet little feet! Pure wool, & synthetic yarn hadnt come on the market then.
GOM doesnt suffer like I do, & nor do 2 of my children, but my eldest son is just like me. And, I fear SG has it too- his little feet sweat, as well as his hands.