Friday, February 16

A visit to the Doctor.

I wish I had pretty pics to post, but I just dont seem to have anything. I am hoping to get off somewhere today, to see some different sights.

I spent a good deal of yesterday afternoon 'frogging'. Yes, I had stitched up patches the wrong way, so had to sit & unpick them. GRRRR.

But, in the morning, I had a Doctor's appointment. Nothing dramatic, just 'routine maintenance' as I call it. I told my Dr I am one of 'D's SOB's'.
My Doctor's name is D & she told me she had never heard of that, what is it. I said it stands for "D's Sad Old Biddies" or 'Bags'. D burst out laughing, said she never thought of it like that, & she kindly told me I am not one of them!

I think I have mentioned before, the Doctor's we consult, are a husband & wife team, & they have 5 children, so are well aware of what family is all about!

GOM usually consults P & I see D, & accompany GOM when he sees P, so we 'know' them both.

Yesterday was quite a nice day, not too hot, & the airconditioner in the waiting room keeps it all nice & even. There seemed to be quite a long wait, but people tend to be friendly & chat to each other, while waiting.

So we are all sitting like birds on a wire- it must have been 'Biddies' day, as there were no men. Anyway, in comes a harried looking mother, with her son. Son has bright red hair, in a huge woolly curly mass in his head. Son is not well, but he whinged & whined & performed & carried on & on. At first there were smiles firmly plastered on the faces of all of us. Quite prepared to be indulgent, amidst assurances from the mother to her son, that they would only be a 'minute' & P would see him directly.

Well the minute dragged on, & on, & slowly the smiles faded & were replaced by blank stares, then those were replaced by sneaky frowns at the child, when the mother wasnt looking. Eventually open scowls were being directed at Sonny. The mother is quite well known in the village, & she tried a conversation with another patient she knew.

But Sonny was having none of that. He wanted full whingeing rights with his mother. He did look pale, but seemed to have plenty of energy to throw his body about squirming, & whining. And ignoring her pleas for him to sit still, & be quiet.

There used to be a box of toys for the children to entertain themselves, but because of cross infection worries they are now not allowed. Nor are waiting room books for children, although I see the magazines are still there.

I had taken a book to read, & was really enjoying it, but I couldnt concentrate with Sonny performing like a spoilt brat.

Eventually P came out & off they went into the inner sanctum. There ensued bloodcurdling screams of gigantic proportions. And they went on ...& on ...& on. Raised voices could be heard coming from the surgery. P's voice thundered, the mother shouted, but Sonny relentlessly screamed! I swear I saw a girl smile "Karma". But I could be mistaken of course.

Finally Sonny comes bounding out the door of the surgery, & his mother leaps to grab him. The wailing carries on, louder if possible. Then P comes out of his surgery & says to the mother, "Get him out of here!!"

The mother grins, & makes another appointment, then tells Sonny he must apologise to all of us, he has given us headaches. "Tell them all 'Sorry'!" she says. Momentarily, Sonny is shocked into silence. He gapes at us, then proceeds to bellow some more.

Finally they are gone. A collective sigh of relief goes up! P comes bounding out of his surgery & into D's. She told me later he was getting a headache pill!

When D checked my blood pressure, I her told it could well be up after listening to the little Sonny roar, bellow, & shriek! It was ok though.

I hasten to add here that P is a very popular Dr, & that is just his manner. He once told GOM that he was an 'arsehole' for not taking his medication. GOM really enjoys a plainspeaking Dr! It worked too, because GOM seems to be taking his medication properly now.

And P came out to tell the Receptionist that if Sonny was not ok, to get him back in, & he would see about further treatment.

I once saw P come out into the waiting room, glance at a very thin pale man, & say "Hello So& So, still alive I see" So & So laughed, & I was stunned. It was before I really knew P, & knew about his humour & his 'gruffness', which is just a mask. He is a great Dr, & all his patients like him- perhaps with the exception of Sonny.


smilnsigh said...

From one Old Biddie to another, this is pretty funny. Sure, for we who didn't have to sit there and keep from *throtteling* that whiny kid, hu? ,-)

I too, like a doc who is not all suggary. If they're a good doc, I'd rather get a laugh out of them. Then feel I've been 'schmooooozed' by an appointment. :-)


Diana said...

I'd rather have a plainspoken dr. myself. Little Sonny sounds like a real trial, just pity his poor momma having to deal with him all day.

Lee-ann said...

from this old biddie...........what a great story, I am glad little Sonnie lives in your neck of the woods and not mine! lol lol

have a great day.

velcro said...

good doctors are hard to find, and yours sound really good. I went to see mine a few weeks back and explained I needed antibiotics for a sinus infection. The doc agreed and asked me if I am pregnant!
He's the best one in the surgery too.

Isabelle said...

Oh dear, I don't think I could cope with your doctor. We do have one in the practice who tends to be a bit jokey and I don't care for this. Not that I'm ever really ill (fingers crossed) but he used to be a bit flippant if I brought the children and I never thought it was a laughing matter. It's not that I have no sense of humour (honestly!) but there's a time and a place for it - in my opinion. Just shows that you can never please everybody.

My sense of humour is being severely tested this morning - I have a day off and wanted to catch up with my blogging life, but my computer won't give me Blogger - the main page just flashes on and off. AAARRRGGGHHH. Still, I think I can post comments. Here I go...

Love the quilts, by the way. You are clever.

Liz said...

Oh send your doctor our way -- I could use one with a sense of humor and an easy-going manner. Ours is a bit tightly wound and has a very superior manner, which I find off-putting; unfortunately, the boys like him and do well with him so I feel unjustified in looking for someone new.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

That's a wonderfully hysterical tale of your trip to the Dr's office! The husband and wife doc. team do sound like such a breath of fresh air in an otherwise staid and serious profession.

Molly said...

Surprised that mum didn't haul his noisy little carcass back outside until he could behave himself. I'm pretty sure I would've. He can't exactly have been at death's door to cause such a racket!

meggie said...

One of the other patients asked if he is an 'only'?
The mother quickly said "He's enough!"
Heads all nodded!