Friday, February 9

Losing it!

One disadvantage of living with chaos, & being a hoarder, is that you can easily mislay or even lose, items. Or the 'others' come & borrow them for a time. Then sneak them back, where you have already looked 10 times.

This morning I 'lost' my passport. We needed ID for something, & both had to produce our passports. Panic ensued, as I ripped apart all sorts of things, searching for it. I always keep it in a certain place, so that I dont have to go through the panic mode.

I am usually very good about things like that, & dont often mislay items of any importance. I menatally retrace my 'steps', to the last time I saw/used the item.

This time it was for my trip to NZ, all the way back in December last year.

We have some drawers in the lounge, & I tore through those, thinking I might have put the passport there, absent mindedly. No joy.

GOM came along behind me, re- searching things. He came across a bill which was overdue, & had inadvertantly been shoved in one of the drawers. I paid that over the phone, then continued on the rip-roaring search.

I decided I must have left the passport in my granddaughter's backpack, which she had lent me for the trip. So I rang her, & asked her to check it out. She phoned back, no joy there either. She also told me it must be here, because I am not the sort of person to lose such things!

So that left me almost desperate with worry. And it is a very humid day here today. The more I worried, the wetter I got. And the wetter I got, the more insane I felt. Mutterings of many colours could be heard coming from various locations about the house. Even the dogs made themselves scarce.

Finally, I decided it must be in this room, which is computer/sewing room combined. So the Hug of teddy bears came down off their perch, & a basket of scrap fabrics got moved & some magazines stacked up. And Lo & Behold! there was the passport! Thank goodness!

I rang my granddaughter to let her know I had found it. I know she is like me, & would have been worried for me.

So I suppose there were some good sides to the frenzied attack of searching. We located a bill which needed paying. And some things got tidied in this room!

We had a surprise visit from SG this morning. He had been a little sleepyhead, & woke too late for his mother to get him off to school, so he had happily told her, "Dont worry Mum. Take me up to see Nanna, she will take me to school!"
So I did. I think he might have pulled a swifty over brekky. I think he had already had one at home, but anyway he had another, & seemed very happy at the thought of school. He has moved up a class this year, so he is in another room, & they have a little more structured time than the smaller children.

He got a little clingy when we got to school, but his favourite teacher from last year took him, & off he went.

I am sitting here sweltering, the actual temerature is not high, but the humidity is very high. What a shame I am not young & thin any more, or I could become a 'home nudist'. Ha haha.


Henri said...

Meggie ,
Sorry !, but I laughed out loud when I read of your frantic Passport hunt --- Exactly the same mad panic overwhelms me here at very frequent intervals & in much the same circumstances , things just disappear -- to the utter disgust of my beloved , your SIL -- I am certain it runs in the family ,others of us suffer the same affliction .

verniciousknids said...

Very snazzy new clothes you have Meggie ;)

There's nothing worse than doing the frantic document hunt...glad you ended up finding it!

Ali Honey said...

Blame the weather especially the humity. We've got it too.
If it's any consolation today we found something we thought we had already paid but hadn't, (it got put aside.) I hate that feeling that I have stuffed up and forgotten to do something....guilt is it ? Maybe it just means we are human.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Oh, Meggie! I could certainly put myself in your place with ease... there have been so many times that exactly that sense of panic over losing something has completely overwhelmed me. It's the driving force behind my recent lean toward organizing, a never ending task! Hope today is a drier one for you.

nutmeg said...

Thankyou for your comments recently Meggie that really lifted my spirits. It seems the worst is over.

Hasn't it been sooo humid. Revolting. I don't know which part of Summer I hate the most - high heat, high humidity, day and night. Can you see my Scottish heritage showing?

Glad you found the passport. I hate those kinds of searches - that awful prickly feeling on the back of your neck etc etc. When my first daughter was 6 months old we set off from home to travel to NZ. We got within ONE kilometre of the airport and Mr J said he didn't have his passport. AAAARGGGHHH! We turned the taxi around, got home, found it, returned, ran to the check-in counter, ran to the plane as they were closing the doors - all with a six month old child in my arms. I could have killed him. Then our bags didn't arrive til the following day. Passports - their whereabouts are now #1 priority in our household!

joyce said...

Everyone has been through those mad searches. I really obsess about our passports when travelling. Our son had his stolen once and it was a real hassle. I'm glad you found it. I wish we could send you a bit of our -30 weather in exchange for some of that heat. Maybe keep the humidity though. Lol.

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

You made me smile, too, Meggie!

I work on the sherlock Holmes rule: when you eliminate every place you could possibly have left something, the only place left for it to me is somewhere impossible. It's quite astonishing how often I find my own and other people's belongings in totally impossible places!

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

err, left for it to "be", that is...

aunty evil said...

Hi Meggie, been there too! I always find after I have done a major cleanup, I can never find anything!

I am much more organised if my house is disorganised. :)

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

Me too! Now you all know why I can't find my sketch book. I cleaned the studio/dinning room.

Ancestor Collector said...

Oh Meggie.....I know this feeling all too well. Can't find something that you know should be "right here". Is such a frustration, and then you can nothing else until you find what you're looking for. I felt my anxiety rising just reading your entry! I'm so glad you found your passport.

meggie said...

I am like most of you- if I tidy up, I cant find anything! but I can usually put my hand on things in the mess. However for documents & bills, there are set places for them to be, & if they are not there... "It wasnt me!"

Stomper Girl said...

This post sounds like my life during the recent school holidays when there was no point cleaning and tidying too hard because the little ones would only mess it up the next day. I can live in chaos but as soon as you NEED to find something it becomes intolerable! Glad the passport showed up.

I'm a home nudist in hot weather and I hope this never has to change whatever becomes of my body shape in years to come. Clothes are vile in very hot weather!

My float said...

I hate that panicky feeling that sweeps over you at the worst times. It sometimes happens if I can't find something to wear! Nothing suits and everything comes out of the cupboard. T

How funny that SG pulled a swifty over breakfast! Of course he knows that Nana will feed him - nanas always do!!

Ribbonwiz said...

Be a home nudist anyway!
When I lose something, I let it be, it always turns up sooner or later....always does.