Thursday, February 8


This was the sky last night! Spectacular.
The threats & promises for a storm were made good.
The bright spots you see are rain drops.
There was thunder & lightning, & some good heavy rain.
I suspect the rain would not have been nearly enough, & probably none of it went into our dams.
As you can see by the clouds, the rain was not very far West.

Leo does not like thunderstorms, & is a big wooss when it comes to the thunder rolling about. He seeks out one of us to cuddle him. Honey seems totally unperturbed, & just ignores it all.

And to cap it all off, I went & lost all my links to all the blogs I love to visit, & have not a clue how to get them back, on this template. I might have to change to an easier one.

I somehow missed the bit that said to save the original template, so it would seem I have lost everything. My counter is gone, & my copyright badge.

That is what happens when you get carried away in a thunderstorm!

Any advice to help will be very welcome!


Helen said...

Just testing to see if you receive my comment - what a surprise to see your new look - sorry you lost your links but looks like you have plenty of help & support from your followers. Ditto to comments yesterday.

Helen said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

I have never seen night time colors like that. So cool looking.

daysgoby said...

What a beautiful picture!

I lost all my bits and bobs the other night too - am still pleading with my site counter to let me have it back, since I can't remember either the password or the codename...ah well!

aunty evil said...

Hey Meggie, I have an idea for a coffee table book for you. Called "The life of a tree" and you could include all the photos taken from your balcony of that tree in the distance and the sky behind it. It is fascinating that the tree keeps standing, no matter what Mother Nature throws at it. Lovely!

Much like we do in life I suppose! Whoa, getting too deep now, I'm outta here!


meggie said...

Hi Helen, yes, I got your comment!
I seem to be gradually getting some of my links back, but have lost my counter & copyright button. I will keep plugging away here.
I got lucky with help from Debbi, she is worth her weight in gold!

Loved your comment about the tree Aunty! I often look at that tree, swaying in the gales, but it never looks like bending! It must be very old, that garden is one of the original settlements here.

Em said...

I love your new look (not that that helps you!) Alas, I'm still struggling to restore my banner... so I can't give technical advice :(

Stomper Girl said...

I've been off-air for a couple of days and missed all your drama. Your new look is nice! Glad you found your tmeplate stuff again too.

What a spectacular photo!

Henri said...

Meggie ,
I love Aunty Evil's Book idea -- What a great thought !
I have had no trouble accessing your blog at all , Everything seems in order to me , for what its worth.
I still think you should have gone with my Dog idea haha.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Glad you're still here and haven't disappeared... I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't get a good fix of "Meggie's Tales" for a day. It looks like you've got the links back on your sidebar, so I'd say you're getting this new template adjusted? Sometimes I have my own issues with blogger when things just won't seem to cooperate! arrgghh

My float said...

Hm. I think those flashes in the sky look like UFOs to me! You may well make a fortune from this photo. Just remember, I inspired you!!

Molly said...

Hey meggie---thought i'd strayed onto the wrong blog there for a minute! Great new look.

Cynthia said...

i've been thinking about changing my template but i know that i'll lose everything in the sidebar. So for the moment i'll leave things as they are. HOpe you get everything on your sidebar fixed up.