Tuesday, February 20

Grooves or Smooves..

I read a post this morning on smilnsigh, (& I am sorry I dont know how to add the link in my text, but she is in my Fav Blogs list) about wanting to change your image.

It made me laugh because GOM & I had watched a programme on TV about women wanting to get rid of the "batwings" they had developed under their upper arms.

One very plump looking woman had her arm 'flaps' filmed in slow motion, to demonstrate just what they looked like! It surely made us laugh, & we wondered how many times she walks about flinging her arms in the air like so!

The 'treatments' on offer seemed totally ludicrous to us, & highly over priced- especially in view of the fact that they wouldnt last very long! The surgery option was totally hideous, - much more ugly than the slight puffed look.

It made me think of some of the dreadful plastic proceedures women -& increasingly, men- have done to their faces. And the awful tight faces which can barely move, let alone smile or -perish the thought- laugh uproariously!

And those awful injections, that 'bloat' the lips or forehead... how can anyone admire them? It seems sad that people of 'advancing years' shall we say, feel so insecure in themselves.

I could not be bothered, even could I afford such a waste of money. I am too much of a coward, plus I have 'earned my stripes' on my face. My grandchildren rather like my warm soft arms, my Granddaughter christened them 'Nanna's Puffies" when she was quite young.

I can still remember the lovely soft sensation of being enfolded in my grandmother's soft puffy arms, & bossom. How comforting!

What ever happened to encouraging people to be comfortable with who & how they are? I despise the media attention to appearance as being the measure of a man/woman. I know the 'beautiful people' will always be attractive to the majority, but what about character, & warmth & kindness?

The inner being is so much more important than the outer shell we were given. I am not critisizing people who have glaring defects, or oddities if they 'blight' their life, but I object to the 'idle rich' just having vanity proceedures to make themselves look 'younger' or more 'beautiful' ... which can be very debatable, in a lot of cases. The character & personality lines are what helps to soften a face, imho. But I suppose it takes all kinds, & beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I find I am drawn to the 'characters' of this world, I love eccentric people who boldly 'be themselves' no matter what. I am not quite so brave, & suppose I am fairly conventional in the way I dress & look, but it is not nearly as important as it used to be when I was young, & it is so liberating to just let age happen.

We had a lovely day with our Grandson. We took him, & the dogs to the beach, in the morning, & spent a wonderful couple of hours walking, looking at the little shells, seaweed, paddling, & the dogs had several swims. It was lovely & shady in the area we went to, & so quiet & peaceful. SG had a great time, & he found a large painter's brush, so he used to it scrub shells, & was just so happy pottering about in the water. He stood on clumps of shells & rocks, & told me he was on his private Island, & I couldn't come onto it, because he had locked it. He used the paintbrush as a cutlass when he was a 'pirate'. He is full of ideas about role playing, which I suppose is part of his age.

On the way home he told me he thought there was a monster under our car, and was I going to 'Fuckem up the monster?" I said "Pardon?" So he said it again, & I finally realised he was asking me if I was going to "VACCUUM up the monster" Whew, luckily I didnt lecture him!

When we came home, he made the whole lounge a cubby house with all the quilts, & he used all the pegs to hold the quilts down- "For when the wind blows, Nan".

When his tired Mum came to collect him, late this afternoon, he was reluctant to go, he had had such a fun day. There are days when he can be 'difficult' but today was just a lovely day.

The dogs enjoyed their day too, & were all tired out from all their beach side adventures too. Oh the thrill of sniffing a thousand other doggy smells, & the thrill of widdling as many times as possible to leave their little messages behind, for others to 'read'.

My biggest regret of the day is, that I forgot to take my camera! Next time!


Henri said...

Meggie ,
I made a fleeting late visit to check you and found todays happy post --- sounds like you all had a glorious time at the beach , How nice --- Building precious memories for D. too !

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

What a great day, memories for everyone to cherish, thanks for sharing. I hope you 'took care' of that monster... I'm still laughing!

Shelina said...

You painted a great picture of your day, even without the vacuum.

I agree with you on the vanity thing. I think people spend so much energy and effort on their outsides so they don't have time to focus on their insides.

caramaena said...

Sounds like a wonderful day with SG. I don't doubt he was reluctant to go home. My little one told me he wanted to live at his nanny's place. He said he'd still visit me lots though!

joyce said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful day.
I wonder why people are so afraid to look their age. I am just so happy to be in good health that I couldn't care less about my wrinkles. I earned them! THose puffed out lips you mentioned are just gross. I can't imagine some of those doctored up old women huggingn a baby. THey might snap in two. Lol.

smilnsigh said...

Good morning Meggie. Btw, have I told you that I love your name? 'Meggie' It's precious.

As to the *dreaded* how-to-post-links thing, I too took forever to learn the ins-and-outs of that. And I still have the how-to written down in a computer notebook and still look at it, _every_ time I do a link. :-)

Sooo, I guess you too, will _not_ want to read that silly ol' book I panned hu? -grin- Nope, and a lot of us gals don't want that plastic surgery stuff! So there to 'you,' you "Brave New World"! -giggles-

Your day with your GS sounded wonderful. Love their little imaginations. Hate to think that young imagination, may be 'squelched', along the way. Wonderful to let it bloom and blaze, while they're little, at least.

Oh but *naughty* you! Did not take camera along!!! Oh *naughty, naughty* you. ,-) Go stand in the corner for 10 minutes and ponder on the new motto of, "I will always pack my camera in my bag, no matter where I go." :-)

But, I'm not sorry about not having lots of pics of your GS, on the Net. I just don't trust the Net, for any family pics. I stick to 'just stuff,' to put pics of, on the Net.

But.. that's me. I am not lecturing anyone else. :-)


daysgoby said...

A lovely, inspiring post. You have to wonder what is so wrong with the way people used to look before their faces went all hard and plastic-y!

velcro said...

ok I confess I've got an agreement with MrV that once I've finished giving birth I can have a tummy tuck. I have, or rather had, an apron of loose skin that won't shrink on its own and I can't stand the sight of it or bear touching it.

Molly said...

You've defined happiness here Meggie. A warm day at the beach, lazily walking along. An ecstatically happy dog, and a child giving free rein to his imagination.......
Character, warmth and kindness win hands down over beauty purchased at a surgical clinic. That can only change the surface. If there's no beauty deep down, all the surgery in the world is for naught....

meggie said...

Seems everyone agrees- plastic is drastic!

I loved all your comments!

But Velcro, I do agree with you, & dont think that is vanity really.
I am left with one of those,'aprons', but only since surgery & I wish they had not left me like that!(I refer to it as my "Sporran") My daughter has one too after her last child, & she says she would have it taken, in a heartbeat, if she could afford it.
So there are exceptions to most rules!

Stomper Girl said...

I hate how there are no real noses left in Hollywood. Every single person has had their nose done. No wonder with all their tweaks and adjustments they all secretly feel insecure and possibly fraudulent - they know how much money it took to look that good!

My arms are thinking about batwings. Will have to start the dreaded tricep push-ups I suppose ...*sigh*

My float said...

Great post.

I hate my batwings!! I admit I would consider surgery down the track - as well as boob surgery because I am sick of carrying such weight on my chest!

Sounds like you had a glorious day with SG. I loved the fuckem up the monster. And why not?? That should happen to all monsters, don't you agree?!