Friday, March 30

A tale of a tail

This little tail tale took place on Wednesday.
I decided it was time to bath both dogs, plus, they both really needed a hair cut. More particularly Leo, who sees the brush & runs to hide.
I bathed Honey first, as she is more docile, & less likely to protest the shampoo, consequent hair trimming & brushing.
It was a very warm day, so I took them outside to tidy them up. The result was piles of hair all over the table & the pavers.

"Never mind" says GOM, " I have my super new leaf blower/mulcher, & I will clean it all up later"

So Honey is duly bathed, clipped, & let go, to shake & run about in the sun.
Next comes Leo, who had been lurking out of sight in the bedroom, hoping noone would notice him.
Once I got him into the tub, he was more biddable, & allowed me to give him a good shampoo & rinsing. GOM carried him out for me, as he is very heavy. I set to work clipping all the matted lumps off his wool. And what a lot there were!
Finally I tried to brush his lovely long tail, but he would have none of it, so I decided I would have to cut it all off & start again.
And here is one sorry tail! "Where are my lovely tail feathers?"
This is a before pic, of the lovely wooly tail. I feel so mean.
And here is Honey, post clip, complete with her tail. She lets me brush it.

And now the story gets distinctly 'off'.
GOM goes downstairs to get his wonderful machine to deal to the wool all over the yard.
I am sitting watching the dogs leap about in the sun getting warm & dry.
All of a sudden my nostrils are assailed by the most terrible stench.
Unmistakable dog excrescence!!
I glare down at GOM waving his infernal mulcher machine backwards & forwards.
I mutter to myself " Surely he could have avoided the dog shit. He's deaf not blind!"
So I get up, call the dogs & go indoors. Peering out at him as he comes up to my end of the yard. Then I see it! The bag is unzipped! All the wool, leaves & no doubt mulched-dog-shit are flying all over the yard, straight out the back of the mulch bag! Holy Crappe Batman! No wonder the yard has a stench almost unbearable.
I tap frantically on the glass door, waving my arms, pulling faces. Finally he notices. Turns off the infernal machine. I gingerly open the door, a fraction, tell him the horror story, & he says sheepishly. "I wondered where all the fluff was coming from".
He is a definite worry where mechanical things are concerned. Or any 'garden type' activities really.
Here is some of the 'recycled wool', lying about the yard.
And here is more of it.
I dont really want to deal with it. He went over it all with the zip closed, but he didnt get it all.
We had Mr & Mrs Nice Neighbour over to visit, & I told them the story, as we sat outside in the yard. Mrs N N had mentioned how nice it is in our back yard. I told her "Dont be too sure, it has had a 'mulching'!"
There is no residual smell, so hopefully it has dispersed & gone.
There is one thing about my life with GOM, I could never say it has been dull!


Tracey Petersen said...

My goodness me, I laughed and laughed at this story. Sorry GOM, but that is hilarious!

jellyhead said...

Meggie, your stories never fail to amuse!

And I did smile at poor Leo's newly skinny tail! But at least it will grow back :)

Shelina said...

This is a hilarious story.

Liz said...

Ohhh! I was going to be so impressed with GOM -- just a couple of posts ago he was vaccuuming inside and here cleaning up the yard. Oops. At least there doesn't seem to be lasting damage.

Lois R. said...

Oooh! Your little doggies are so cute! And Leo's tail doesn't look too bad. It will be gorgeous and fluffy again in no time. And besides, with a face as cute as his, who will be looking at his tail?

Is that a doggie blankie he is laying on in the "before" picture? I love it!

Angie said...

Oh Meggie, that tail---ummm-tale LOL is hilarious!! You are THE BEST story tailer--oh heck, 'teller'. ROFL And don't those babies look beautiful all scrubbed and clipped. :D

daysgoby said...

Oh, Honey is so sweet!

And Leo looks abashed. Wonder if your grass will come in lovely and green next spring?

meggie said...

Hi All, glad you enjoyed the tail tale. Not so funny to smell!
Yes, Lois that is Leo's little quilt I made him, & he sits up there to 'police the passing parade'.
The only this is, the colours are fading, as they do, in this bright Ozzie Sun! It doesnt get direct sun in that window, as it is South facing, but just the reflected light, fades everything.

Joke said...



Mary said...

How funny, he does look like Chesty with a shorter nose! Chesty is a full breed Bichon Frise. I looked up the orgin and found this:

The Bichon Frise is of Mediterranean ancestry. His oldest ancestor is the Barbet, or Water Spaniel, from which the name Barbichon cam, later shortened to Bichon. Also descended from the Barbet are the Caniche, or Poodle, and the Maltese. They have certain similarities because of their common ancestry, but each long ago became a separate breed

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Hysterical tale (tail)! ROTFL!!!

velcro said...

Oh dear! Am glad to hear that the smell has gone though. I bet he won't be doing that again in a hurry

Jeanette said...

Hi Meggie . love your little dogs you gave me a good laugh with leo hiding then getting his tail clipped, it will grow very quickly.

Molly said...

Whew! for a minute I was worried you were going to chop the whole tail off...Would Leo then be a manx dog? GOM's clean-up efforts made me howl!

Sheila said...

I needed a chuckle and you gave me one.
The puppies looks great, very proud, clipped tails not withstanding..LOL
As for the blower escapade, my husband bought one to add to his toys, and it has caused more work than not...thank goodness we don't have dogs, or I'm sure he would have done the same thing...!

Quilting Kim said...

Meggie - You tell the greatest stories. I could just picture GOM vacuuming up the wool and I laughed and laughed.

Like someone else said, Leo has such a cute face, who would be looking at this tail. The hair will grow back and it will be easier to brush.

Ali Honey said...

Of Course Honey was well behaved and looks clean and lovely..... with a name like that it is expected1 All Honeys are nice!LOL.
Thank goodness GOM lives with you, he'd cause too much havoc here. Keep smiling Girl!

PS _ do mention all the little NZ place names so I know exactly where you mean....we may have things or places in common.

BumbleVee said...

hahahah... you're cracking me up here...... too funny!