Monday, September 15

Absurd Observations.

Somehow pictures gladden the heart, when looking at a blog.
These are some taken in the garden late this afternoon.

The Promises of the lemon tree. I think it needs weeing on, as it never seems to produce more than 2 lemons, even though it has all these blossoms. Gom is open to all sorts of ideas, but draws the line, at being one to wee on the lemon tree!

This is a struggle. The Allamanda struggles bravely through the vigorous orange vine, & they compete for space along the fence.

The strong looking ribbed stem, in this 2nd pic, is the orange vine, pushing the Allamanda aside.

This looks like the portent of summer fires to come. I hope not. We have had plenty of rain, but the downside of that is the fact that growth is very lush & full, & when Summer's heat arrives.... bad combination.

Anyone for salad? I keep threatening the wild Nastursiums I am going to use them for salads, but I never do, & I do enjoy their bright flowers, with endless variations.

This is my loved Port Wine Magnolia. When Gom thoughtlessly murdered accidentally killed the Passion Fruit Vine, we bought this to take it's place. It is very healthy looking, & each year is covered in these lovely little blooms, which perfume the air gently.


This next section might cause offense to some USA Citizens.

No offense is intended. This was merely my impression, as I watched bemused, & somewhat popeyed, at a part of a programme of an interview with John McC.

There seemed to be 5 women conducting the interview. Whoopi Goldberg & Barbara Walters OMG it is so long since I had seen this woman! What hell happened to her? was she in a train wreck? Or has she been shrink wrapped, & all facial expression sucked out of her body?.

There were 3 other women on the other side of J McC. I didn't recognise any of those women. One did have hair that might have needed a vehicle of it's own to transport it- you know the kind- BIG hair! ( have just remembered, the programme was called The View.)

I didn't take much notice of the questions or answers, but then heard one of them say that next up Mrs McC was coming onto the show. I had never seen a picture of Mrs McC so I waited to see her appear.

This apparition like an aging Barbie appeared, dressed in Fire Engine RED! A whole pants suit, with red undervest! I was expecting klaxxons, & sirens.I was rivetted. Not so much by the startling choice of colour for the Missus, but by the body language of J McC. He sat ramrod upright. He desperately clutched his hands together... almost white knuckledly! They seemed to sit just a tad further apart than I would have expected as the discussed their 'happy 28 year long' marriage.

Nervous is the way I would describe Mrs McC's answers. J McC sat, carefully angling the 'better side' of his face for the camera. He had to pounce join in once, & 'add' -forcefully- to an answer of Mrs McC.

The thing that got me the most, was the terribly, anxious, cheek-clenching stance (if you can use that word to describe a seated position) of J McC! He looked as if he was momentarily expecting a large cracker to explode in his anus. Please pardon that description, but that is honestly how it appeared, here in OZ, the land Down Under, to one viewer.

I will add that I did listen to those questions & answers, & will keep my views to myself over both. Suffice to say, I would never vote for that man in a million years.

I swear 'Barbie' is afraid of him??

Lonnie Donnegan, Does Your Chewinggum Lose It's Flavour, On The Bedpost Overnight!


Anonymous said...

I haven't see that show. Oh, how I wish I had. LOL

I think you're right about Barbara Walters. Good grief, what was her surgeon thinking?

Henri said...

Wow , Meggie !, Why didn't you pick Donovan's " Colours" for your song ?? -- those Spring shots are marvellous , Do you remember the wonderful Nastursiums growing beside J & M's Bach, beside the M's place ,( very near where my toe was almost removed by someone we both know well--- the scar lingers still ?? HaHa )

Anonymous said...

Your Port Wine Magnolia looks great. Mine is not in flower yet. I do love the scent they let off, such a summerly smell.

bluemountainsmary said...

Glorious photos Meggie - who needs to have seen that interview - you gave such a clear description of it!

Jellyhead said...

Yes, that was a weird, tense sort of show, wasn't it?

So good to hear from you again Meggie. Hope you are travelling along OK.


nonizamboni said...

Count me in --or is it count me out in the voting booth? No way can I see him in the WH. Thanks for sharing.
Keep smiling.

Pearl said...

I love your writings, you have a wonderful talent, I don't need to see the show, I laughed through your whole story, thank you.
& I remember that song, still sing it at times, but didn't think I was really old. LOL

Stomper Girl said...

You should get SG onto the lemon tree *watering*. Climber's been doing ours now for a while and it's fruiting like mad.

Kitty said...

Fabulous garden pictures. x

Sheila said...

I am laughing so hard it's hard to type. You got it in a nutshell. I share your

Thimbleanna said...

So funny Meggie! YOu've been introduced to The View -- or as we like to call it The White Trash of Morning TV!!! Luckily I work so I don't have to watch it. Both sides of our election are equally scary this year. Sadly, we've been left with two sides of no choices -- it's awful!

Mike said...

And what is truly amazing is that McCain is pretty much even with Obama in the polls. That tells me that at least half of the voting public in America is completely beyond salvaging.

If McCain gets elected, you can pretty much write us off for good. We'll be a 3rd world nation after 4 years of McCain (which is pretty much like 12 years of Bush).

daysgoby said...

Seriously? You PWEE on the lemon tree?

I am certain strange things are afoot in that marriage. She's frightening.

But having him as a President? Scarier.

riseoutofme said...

Hi Meggie, Glad you are feeling better!

Your photos are enough to lift anyone's spirits!

As for the US election soap opera ... what can anyone do except laugh? No that the comic element is unique to them alone ... We have some rare "comedians" in our own government here!

Should be an interesting election!

Catalyst said...

Great photos of the nastys and others, Meggie. Beautiful.

And your description of the McC's, as well as the View gals, was right on the money!

ancient one said...

I always forget to watch the view!! This will certainly be a most interesting election. It's all one big "JOKE"...nothing will change no matter who wins..

Jeanne said...

Amen, Meggie! NOT a fan of John and Cindy!!!
Glad you're feeling better.
Hugs ~ Jeanne

Rosie said...

The trouble is, what happens there affects we all have to worry on the sidelines without being able to stick our oar in...

Ali Honey said...

Hi meg, I presume from your comment re the lemon tree that you saw the film , "The Fastest Indian," where his lemon grew so well with that treatmnet?

Be aware that your Port Wine Magnolia will be a vigorous grower - ours has frquent haircuts - but don't tell GOM.

VioletSky said...

I was just going to question the wee on a lemon tree when I read the above comment.

I am not really old enough to remember the original of that song, but certainly remember my mother singing it. AND I know all the words. Why, you might well ask!

meggie said...

Hi All, re the lemon tree, & the powers of wee.
Before we ever saw the Fastest Indian, a friend of ours used to go to the Club every Saturday evening, & would wee on their lemon tree as he came home. It was the greatest fruiting lemon tree! It had been a sparse fruiter prior to the Club 'treats'!

Caroline, Good on Climber!!

Strider said...

Maybe you interpreted things incorrectly. The View, is a bunch of liberal minded women that spend most of their time bashing anyone who doesn't pander to their politics. Most of them are loud mouth info babes who couldn't get a real job with their shrill and whining voices. The purpose to speak for all women, but their elitist views don't speak for many. Enter J McC and his wife...this is a frying pan for them. I doubt if there is one issue that they would agree on with this View group. Maybe, that is why they seemed somewhat nervous or stiff. If you guys down under ever get in trouble and need a friend in the'd be better off with J McC in office the BO!

Emma said...

I wonder if wee works on lime trees too? I have a very sad little lime tree, which has had a rough life with being moved due to construction work during the drought. It looks happier than ever at the moment, but I have never had a single lime off it. Maybe I need to teach my little boys some bad habits ...

I am with you re. McC. He's creepy beyond belief. I am flabbergasted at the welcome he's getting and quite apprehensive about the effect globally if he does get in. It stinks that we now have to worry about other country's elections too.

The Sagittarian said...

Hi Meggie, haven't seen that show but as you're such an astute woman I am sure you are "bang on"...those photos are lovely. Of course, I like the one with a name similar to mine best!! :-)

Tanya said...

Wow, that was an enlightening post. I don't keep up with American politics much so I hardly know who is who. I thought it interesting that all the commenters agreed with you and there wasn't an anoynomous dissenter in the group.

Sorry to hear about your Paddy cat. So nice that your niece wanted to show the world her lovely kitty. I love black cats!

Kellie said...

Beautiful flowers Meggie! I run for the remote when the View come on ... I could wring Elizabeth's scrawny neck!!!!!

Suse said...

I think I read somewhere it's only male wee that's good for citrus trees. Which is lucky for me as you know.

You definitely need to rope Gom and SG in for assistance.

Shasta said...

Oh my, your observation of The View was hilarious! I didn't get to see it, but yeah, that pretty much sums how he looks all the time!

Tanya Brown said...

Oy! So many interesting posts have arrived during my navel-staring period!

What does weeing on the tree do for it? Add nitrogen?

No worries about giving offense re: the McCains, at least to me. They're an ... interesting couple. Cindy McCain is so brittle-looking that I fear she'll shatter if exposed to loud noises.

My husband once remarked on John McCain looking at Sarah Palin and twisting his wedding ring around and around. "A cheater's tell," he commented, "tell" being vernacular for unconscious behavior which betrays one's thoughts.

He's optimistic about Obama's chances of winning the election. I hope he's correct, more than I can say!

The Calico Cat said...

This has to be the best review that I have heard yet!

(I agree with you - about the voting.)

I only wish that voting was compulsory here as it is over there...