Monday, September 8

Mystery & Intrigue

Here is another Lily. This one is not torn, & has a brown edge. The stems are very short, so they are quite hard to photograph.
Really, I am not sure if I like them or not, but the leaves are quite attractive.

We had SG here for the morning yesterday. His parents were both working, & so was his adult sister, so he came spend time with us. He was good really, got bored a couple of times. Nana's lecture about not being bored fell on deaf young ears! haha.

I had heard a peeping all morning, & went out side to discover this very young little baby Black Shrike, sitting in the Grevillea. His mother would come back every so often & stuff food down his little throat.

The dogs barking didn't seem to phase him & he only spooked when SG came roaring up the path.

I was sorry to see he had gone, & looked carefully about, then saw him sitting in the tree fern. I suspect his wings are underdeveloped, & he -or she- cannot fly very far.

SG came barrelling out when I pegged out the washing, so the little bird took off again. I lost track of it after that, but I could still hear it's little calls to the mother, & her piping replies. I hope it survives.

I am not very interested in politics. Irresponsible I suppose. I used to listen to my mother's heated rantings, & wonder why she bothered. A friend's husband used to stir her up- he loved to hear her sound off!

I vaguely remember my grandparents heated arguments. They each supported a different party. I think even way back then, I decided that it was not worth the agravation.

I have been dismayed over the past few days. The State's Premier has resigned, along with several others, & now there is a new Premier in place, along with a new Deputy- much being made of the fact that the Deputy is a woman! Gasp.

I watched some news item when the outgoing Premier was making his farewell speech or interview to media personnel. I did not particularly like or dislike the man. He looked humiliated, & sad, & as he strode off with his children & wife at his sides, I felt sorry for him.

I also felt angry that people who fall on their swords, or walk away, or are dismissed for whatever reason, seem to feel it necessary to flaunt their children, like some mantle or garb of protection. I cannot feel that it is fair to those children, to be paraded in that fashion.

They may choose to support the parent, but I don't think that choice is an option if you are 5 or 6 or even 8 years old.

Perhaps it is the bandaid for the wounds of leaving public office under a cloud. As if to say, 'well someone still loves me, someone respects me!' I wonder at the poor spouse. Does he/she feel they are being used?

I have often thought about this family factor, when watching political figures around the world. It seems a universal reaction.

I wonder about the children, & the effect it leaves on their lives. Do they suffer later? Do they feel bitter? used? Do they always remember the feeling of humiliation their parent had. Are they embarrassed by the public glare.

The 'Gorilla at the helm' for want of a better title, feeling peeved as I am must have felt that our son has not been kicked enough, recently. His wallet fell out in a taxi & he had to cancel his weekend plans. Along with his cards, of various sorts. Calls to the taxi company held no offers of help. As he said, your whole life goes on hold, if you lose all those cards.

So Gorilla, just know that I would love to be able to Kick Back!

Augie March, Bottle Baby.


Mike said...

Unfortunately for everyone, politicians know no bounds or shame. Perhaps it is the lack of those traits that makes them politicians.

The Sagittarian said...

Seems being higher up the chain is no safe guard eh, Meggie! Politicians seem to be the same the world over and I agree with you about the kids being paraded about, as if the poor wee sods haven't got enough bother in their lives!! I won't bother you with our politics, suffice to say the knives are out for Winston yet again.

ancient one said...

I find my country's politics interesting to say the least.

Sorry about your son's losing the wallet.. it can definitely wreck your life for a while.. just having to cancel all the cards and get new ones, is so time consuming.

I recently took all the cards out of my wallet and scanned and printed them all..front and back.. now I'm wondering which safe place I put them...LOL.. I'm getting pitiful..

Thimbleanna said...

Lovely picture Meggie! Sounds like you had a good day with SG. We're having a very exciting election year here in the states, so it's sometimes hard not to be interested. I don't feel it does any good to complain about any of it though -- nothing much ever changes!

Kellie said...

Oh what a pain to loose an entire wallet! It is bad enough to miss place just one card!

Christine Thresh said...

I'd never thought about the humiliated children. It probably scars them for life. I am thinking about how I would have felt if my father had been publicly humiliated. Sends shivers up my spine.

I love the little bird picture. Is he okay now?

bluemountainsmary said...

The annoying thing about this scenario politically for me is that these are not the leaders we voted for. They are just foisted on us.

I know you vote for the party and not the person - or are meant to - but I freely admit that I often vote for the person....

BBC said...

I've never lost my wallet, that would be a bummer.

Beautiful weather here, I'm leaving in a bit for four days of camping on a nice beach.

My country is bat shit crazy and I need some time away from it.

Maggie May said...

I don't think children & politics should mix.
Dreadful to lose a wallet complete with cards.

Pauline said...

sending you sunshine and hugs. sounds like you need both!

VioletSky said...

Having lost my wallet TWICE (well, stolen once) I can sympathize totally with your son's frustrating predicament.

fifi said...

well, I do love that baby bird. is it a wattle bird? Is that what you call a shrike? I thik they are the same thing.

good luck with all the wallet business!!!!!

Reluctant Blogger said...

Yes, I feel the same re politicians flaunting their families. They are always up there on the stage in the US at the moment, aren't they?

I listened to an interview with Carole Thatcher on the radio yesterday pm and she was talking about having Margaret Thatcher for a mother and being in the public eye. She saw it as a mixed blessing - lots of opportunites but yes no freedom to experiment invisibly or get anything wrong.

riseoutofme said...

Hi Meggie ... just playing catch up here!

Your last post made me smile ... you should live here for a while! 60 days of rain .... I'm thinking of building an Ark ...

Hope your son wasn't out of pocket as well as being kick-ass mad at losing his cards.

Isabelle said...

How trying about the wallet. Sweet birdie!

Marja said...

Noop not interested in the show of politicians either. What an annoyance for your son to loose his wallet Meggie