Tuesday, September 23

Where did Spring go??

Hee hee! (Or not) I will add more to this further down the post! This is just a 'teaser'??!

We had several days of 30-something degree temperatures. Hot & humid. That is the nature of our Spring here, in Oz.

Very unreliable. Last night we were promised windstorms, duststorms & all manner of wild & woolly weather.

Did not happen. Probably a good thing. The dust storms here, can be so vast & thick, they are visible in sunsets, coloured red, in New Zealand skies. Firestorms can produce the same results.

All day Sunday, we could see, & smell, smoke from fires. I am unaware of where those fires were, but they have not been a feature on what passes for 'news'. I am thinking, therefore, it was local, & contained, therefore not worth National News. One is tempted to ask WTF Barrack O's wife ~or indeed BO~dancing on some 'cow's' lunchtime TV 'show', has to do with National News, but we were 'treated' to the sight, nevertheless
I truly truly hope, I never have to be one of the captive audience, in some 'Home for the Aged' who is strapped into a chair, in the 'Day room' & forced to view the fecking huge TV tuned to some bloody lunatic's idea of daytime television entertainment. I have witnessed tormented elderly, who can no longer speak, who are writhing in agony, in such situations. My offspring have promised me Mercy Killing.

Today has seen rain, dull grey skies & coooooler temperatures. Gom is huddled under his quilt, in his chair. After our venture out for my 'oven' - more on that later- visit, we hunkered down with dogs draped around us, & watched some DVD entertainment. A whimsical Irish movie called "Breakfast on Pluto". I really enjoyed it- well for once, we both did.

Here are some photos of the 'woolly children', taken this evening. Here is Honey, on the sofa, determined to keep warm. How she hates the flash!

Here is Leo, in the chair, looking a little peeved. He hates the flash too!

Before he jumped onto the chair. "Nooo Please dont take my photo!!"


This is the story attached to the lead pic.

A disturbing new fashion trend has been sent to me, & I am sincerely hoping it will not become the 'fashion'!! Or even a trend, in reality!

Apparently someone, somewhere, thinks it might be fun.

I hope "he" gets Cholera or something worse. I hope "he" has to wear photo image jeans with a small withered Chilli pepper for the front view!

Now it is so late, I can't give the "Oven Story", so that is for the next post.. Insert evil laugh at this point...

Rolling Stones, Sympathy for the Devil.


Sheila said...

OMG, just what we need. See through skirts.

ancient one said...

We might have your spring... lots of strong winds today and 77 degrees...and gray skies...

As for the fashion statement, I think I will pass... I love the idea that men would have fashions offered to them that you have described...

I haven't seen the OB dance yet .. maybe tonight on the nightly news?

I feel for the old people forced to watch tv all day.. A lot of older people I know cannot stand the noise of tv.. my neighbor keeps her's on ..but always muted.. it would be terrible if she had to go to a nursing home and be subjected to tv all day.


Adventure girl wanna be said...

Those are real? They are not photo shopped?

meggie said...

Hi All, The BOs dancing was a while ago. It was featured on our main nightly news. Why?? Why??

As for the skirts, I think they are prints, not actual see-through fabric? There were 6 photos, & most looked like prints, but 1 with 2 girls, did look disturbingly like they had holes in the back.

Granny J said...

As I recall, those "see-through" skirts were a Japanese innovation. I like your suggestion for the men.

fifi said...

They aren't REAL, surely!? its just photoshopped bums onto dresses.
I see someone has an unhealthy fetish for white cottontails!

btw, re comment, yes it makes sense.

Tanya Brown said...

Re: TV shows in nursing homes - the last time we visited one, the inmates were watching MTV. My husband found the sight strangely cheering. He has promiscuous tastes where TV is concerned, and can enjoy almost anything regardless of how awful it is.

Such darling little dogs you have!

Your grandnephew is wonderful. Perfect. I'll bet he brings joy to everyone around him, except for his parents, who are probably too tired to know which side is up.

julieQ said...

Hmmm...do I need one? Decidedly not! Funny though!!

Del said...

You have an absolutely wicked sense of humor. I'm going to smile every time I think about chili peppers. What a vision!

Such dear little doggies - I love them both.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I will be buying one of those. Although I am sure my children would think they are very amusing.

It is so cold here today. I wish I had the promise of summer to look forward to instead of months of grey skies and wearing gloves.

Q said...

Dear Meggie,
The photo skirt is not even funny, yikes.
How about a nice butterfly on one's rump???
I have a wreath of tiny little chili peppers...I will laugh every time I see it now.
Your pups are darling. Clean too.
I have poured a cup of coffee and am catching up.
Thanks for giving me a hearty laugh this morning.

Mike said...

I like it!