Sunday, September 21

Storm in a Teacup.

Before I begin my rant, here is a brag. My beautiful Grand nephew. He looks good enough to eat! He is 6 moths old now. No wonder he is the Star of the Family!

I am not a tea drinker, apart from herbal teas.

My mother was one of the last of the great tea drinkers. Now I suspect my Beloved Brother IS the last of the great tea drinkers.

What better way to procrastinate for hours, sitting sucking up gallons of tea. Vile brown stuff that it is. Then you can spend the next few hours looking for places to empty the 'used' product, so to speak. He loves his tea so much it can interfere with travel plans. Given half a chance he will remain another hour or so drinking "Just one more pot of tea". Being the bossy elder sister, I have been known to head him off at the pass, as it were, rushing to unplug the jug of water, or declaring loudly that "NO" he is not going to make just one more pot of tea.

I used not to mind tea. Weak & black. A dainty thin slice of lemon was nice, the way my Grandmother liked it. It had to be freshly brewed too. When I became pregnant with my daughter, I began to vomit at very strange times, & finally worked out I had become sickened by tea. Never did take to it after that.

My mother's generation seemed to live on Tea. They would make pots of tea, & sit around talking & drinking for hours. I didn't like the taste until I got to be a late teenager, but I really preferred coffee. You could be frowned upon for asking for coffee, since at one stage you almost needed a bank loan to buy coffee!

My mother was thin most of her life, & I swear the strong black tea she drank, probably took away her appetite. Towards the end of her life, she could not take it too strong, & she had cut down on her intake. She would enjoy a weak coffee, with milk, though once all her drinks were strong & taken black.

I do think she is right about one of her preferrances. My mother always said the cup or mug made a difference to the taste of the tea, & I do now believe she was right. I have recently got myself a new cup, it is nice bone china, & I seem to prefer to take my herbal tea, as well as my black coffee out of that cup. I like the whiteness of it's inside. I like the delicate little violets on the outside.

I don't have a tantrum if it is not available, & I still like the black Weiss mug my daughter gave me many moons ago, for coffee. I have several decorative teapots, but they never get used for actual tea. If friends want tea we have it, & Gom drinks it every now & then. I try to drink lots of water now, instead of hot drinks.


Gom has stomped off downstairs in a huff. He is doing his displacement activity of retiring in wounded silence to play Cher at the top volume. I used to not mind a little Cher, but have gone right off her since Gom adopted her as his security blanket. haha.

Yesterday we bathed Leo, & he was not impressed. He got away as soon as he was able, & before clipping could take place. He needs to be clipped again, as it is getting quite hot some days. He is ok with his face being clipped but his feet are out of bounds, & he hates his tail feathers being brushed or clipped. Honey is ok, she takes her bath with a resigned air, & will stand a fair amount of clipping.

Our daughter came up with SG last evening, & it was nice to spend time with them, though SG flies close to the wind with his taunts to his Grandfather. They don't always see eye to eye, & there is not that helpless devotion that was there for our granddaughter, sadly.


Though there has been little quilty content here lately- lost the Mojo again- I do still think about it all the time. I do believe that once you become a quilter, it completely changes the way you view the world.

Patterns for quilts leap out to the eye. Colour combinations strike you as being quiltable- or not.

I bless the internet for allowing me access to so many varied quilting styles & ideas. I just need to employ some of them!!


In other news, I sourly view the politics of the world, & feel sickened, at the way the sycophants of certain would-be Political Bigs, flock about those people like blowflies about fresh cow dung. I cant apologise for that, because that is how I see them. Support is one thing, but dotage is quite another.

Cat Stevens, Wild World.

PS. I had to edit this post. I had labelled it gogreous baby! Just could not leave that!


Granny J said...

Ditto your comment about political sycophants. In fact, sycophants of any stripe. Mindless adulation is somewhat frightening to me.

Jellyhead said...

I love to hear about this & that from your neck of the woods.
And that photo would melt the hardest heart!

The Sagittarian said...

Ooh, love tea myself. I wish I had the guts to insist on 'real' tea and not tea bags...but I do insist on a china teapot. Thats brave isn't it?!

Henri said...

Meggie , We think he is gorgeous too , but as we are his grandparents & family I guess that is normal . We are lucky enough to see and cuddle, and enjoy his company every day , -- living right next door as we do .
AS to my Tea drinking -- you could be right about my being the last big tea drinker, in this family anyhow , Sadly none of my son's is as keen as I am , but the youngest downs quite a bit these days .Great stuff . Bob Dylan sang about Another Cup of Coffee , but for me it is TEA.I'm with you and Mary about the cup too , it makes a big difference to the taste and enjoyment somehow .
There is usually nothing wrong with cow dung as such , in fact it can be beneficial -- but I agree about the persistent rotten blowflies hanging about it(them ) .

João Soares said...

Dear Meggie
Came from Ruhaines blog.
So sweet child. And nice blog too.
Hope you enjoy mine.It´s about environmental education!
Wish you a good Day of Peace!
Abraços (hugs) from Portugal

Kitty said...

That is one handsome baby - my, he's almost edible.

I don't drink tea or coffee - I like ginger tea and some herbal teas (including Raspberry Leaf, Nettle, or Rosehip). I too believe mugs make a difference - I am currently favouring some spotty colourful mugs.

I'm not fond of Cher. It'd drive me nuts if she were used as a security blanket.

You take care of yourself. x

Joyce said...

Very cute baby. I drink tea and coffee but must have it from the mug I bought a couple of years ago on a studio tour. I don't know what I'll do if (when) it breaks.

Mike said...

Tell Gom that Cher is for looking at. Not listening to.

teodo said...

your nephew is so beautiful and he has very smart is not difficult to imagine he is the star of the family.

About tea, I used to drink a lot but about 10 years ago I started having stomachache and so I started drinking coffee (very short and without sugar).
ciao ciao

caramaena said...

Oh he's just gorgeous!

I'm not much of a tea drinker. Occasional one when someone offers or an occasional herbal tea at home. Not a coffee drinker at all though (can't stand the smell/taste).

Pauline said...

oh lordy, I'm not about to confess that tea is my favorite drink. (I have a British supplier so perhaps that contributes to the enjoyment.)

That nephew could charm the petals off a flower, he's so cute.

Cher at top volume? Tossing you a pair of earplugs ;)

ancient one said...

Cute, Cute, Sweet looking little nephew. He is just precious!

Tea... in the south we drink it sweet and iced in a tall glass.

GOM... no comment. Got one of those myself.

Politics... I'm so tired of ours.. nothing changes.

Small grandchildren grow up fast. Enjoy them all you can!!

Anonymous said...

I have to say, he is simply gorgeous. What a lovely photograph to start of your blog for this week, he made me smile as soon as I opened your page. Thank you!

Thimbleanna said...

Your grandnephew is adorable Meggie! I've never been a tea or coffee drinker. I sometimes wonder if I haven't really missed something as people talk about them so romantically!

Ian Lidster said...

But, a gorgeous baby he is, regardless. Cher at full-volume? No thanks. Debbie Harry, on the other hand ...

Molly said...

I think I would get along very well with your brother! There's nothing like a grand big pot of strong tea to help in sorting out the problems of the world, or to provide comfort when the can't be sorted!

Molly said...

I meant "hey," of course! And that, btw, is a beautiful baby!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

That baby is precious! I have a certain mug for coffee, a certain cup for tea and a certain glass for wine. If need be, I could drink the wine from any of the above... not so for the coffee or tea!

Knot Garden said...

That baby is gorgeous, and he has such a good head of hair for his age.
I sometimes drink tea but I prefer coffee. I have known people who need a continuous supply of tea all day long. I like tea in a china cup and coffee in a mug, but it must be a nice mug.

Frankofile said...

There must be something deep about tastes. I went off tea during and after one pregnancy, and then coffee during and after the other. Weird - some research to be done there?

Henri said...

I'm with Molly, I think we would get on well , Anytime ! A good brew of tea and a chat does help sort all the worlds problems out -- or at least makes them manageable.

Q said...

I have started drinking hot water with lemon. I enjoy it so much! I order it when I am out.
Soothing and warming and aides in digestion.
He is so cute. I just want to pick him up and play.
I am enjoying catching up.

Tanya said...

Beautiful eyes!

I am not much of a tea drinker either and I live in the land of tea albeit green tea. Everyone else drinks tea for breakfast, lunch and dinner plus snack time, visiting time, late TV time. I get enough tea just being at other places (kindergarten, schools, occasionally even the doctor's office!)