Tuesday, September 30

A Liberation!

It is over!! The torture in the Ovens. OMGTG!! or Oh my gosh thank goodness!!

I am sporting a very nice tan. Not that I care about such things any more. The excess bits are mostly tanned also... apart from the overhung patches. I must say, excess does not look more attractive tanned. It is still excess!!

I once aspired to a nice tan. Now? Pah! Meh! Could-not-care-less!
Slack as ever, I cannot locate the pics of the young & foolish Meggie, out on the beach, 'getting a tan'.

I have concluded the self humiliation, of standing naked, in a what seems to me, to be a primitive method of delivering the 'light treatment' to my body, is offering no relief. It also causes much humiliation, in the fact that I have been required of late, to stand knickerless, astride a contraption of light, to 'improve the itching of the groin'. Let me tell you, there was no relief, & there was anxiety, in that I had to stand in an open space- 'protected' by cotton curtains, with my head covered, & wearing sunglasses, while passing sundry nurses, who came to gawp- gape, & snigger, considerately informing me of their passing presense!

Imagine if you will, standing astride some infernal contraption, from everyone's idea of Hell, with the roaring of the machine, a countdown timer going, & your head covered with 2 layers of 'masking fabric', Dark glasses, & top clad only.
This, to me, seems primitive in the extreme, & I am sure these hideous prehistoric machines are the 'rejects' from much more sophisticated clinics, which now provide treatment to the WHOLE body, ie, the bits which hang, & obscure, etc which does not entail standing astride some primitive light delivery arrangement. Or standing, with your hands upon your head, counting down the seconds because the Nurse 'forgot' to set the timer, for your underarm lights!!

More Joy is to come. You can sit, or stand for your consultation with the Professor!

There is a scungy little room, with a mirror, many pamphlets, notices on the wall, & 'sickly looking, dirty', but recently cleaned carpet, on the floor. You are perusing the literature provided, to advertise the Moisturisers, in the slots.

Suddenly, you are made aware Proff is standing, squished in the corner... huddled almost! You turn, & are confronted by his inversley magnified glasses. They make his eyes look much smaller than his face! Very disconcerting, since I like to look people in the eye, when in consultation.

Later, he writes a request for blood tests.- again. He enquires if I am a blood donor? I am not. My veins dont like being invaded, nor asked to give!! They are very shy, & a GP once told me not to bother. I have a relatively rare blood group, & it is not readily 'donatory' !! Apparently donating, can redress the balance for iron surplus! Who Knew!!

He is not amused when I mention perhaps leeches might be the answer... It seems I have high blood Iron. How 'ironical', ha ha , as my iron was dangerously low, when in the childbearing years. FFS, I don't even eat red meat! At all! WT??

I am to take the prescribed drugs, & hopefully they will control the itches....
I hope they work, but will not hold my breath. Plus, I may have trouble staying awake to pass judgement..............zzzzzzz.


In the midst of the whirl & swirl that is everyday living, I would urge people who love nature, & natural beauty, along with fabulous writing, to go visit A Garden In The Mountains.
It is a real treat to visit, & comments are disabled, allowing for complete relaxation, & just the joy of the visit.

We are having SG for the morning again, so must be off to ready myself for his visit. His mother said he was so excited to be coming again, so that is nice.

U2, The Sweetest Thing.


fifi said...

Are you cured, then, oh suntanned one?

What a hideous procedure, though I can think of a few worse ones.

Linds said...

Thank heavens the torture is over. I can't begin to think what an ordeal it must have been. But we want you healed, Meggie! I hope they sort this soon.

Thimbleanna said...

Gosh Meggie, those Dr. visits don't sound fun at all. Yes, giving blood definitely reduces your iron level -- mine has always been low, so they've never let me give blood.

And did you know that if it get REALLY low, they give you iron directly into your veins, instead of through tablets? Each bag of the black icky stuff takes about 3 hours -- it's not so bad though -- beats being at work and you can knit while it happens!

Hope you've had fun with SG!

Mike said...

Medical procedures, just by their very nature, suck.

I have surely had my share of them this year.

Tanya Brown said...

Oh, goodness! You've been through a slow form of hell. This is about fifty times more humiliating than having one's bits squished for a mammogram.

I like your idea of leeches. At least leeches are frank and honest creatures, not trying to deceive others regarding their motives or provide miracle cures.

Gorgeous blog you found. Thank you for sharing the joy!

Stomper Girl said...

Gee, it doesn't sound like fun, and doubly so if it's not actually working!

Kitty said...

I have my fingers crossed for you that this time, they know what the matter is, and the drugs do the trick.

Take care. x

Anonymous said...

That does sound barbaric. Not sure I could have done it -although I suppose if it is that or the itching, perhaps I would.

I just hope it has worked.

I love the feel of the sun on my skin - it makes me feel happy instantly.

Christine Thresh said...

What a picture you paint. I'm glad you have such a good sense of humor.
Best to you with the next stage.

bluemountainsmary said...

The description of the procedures you have been going through dements me.

I just don't know how you have managed. Yes I do.
Your sense of humour has helped you through again.

Dear Meggie - thank you for the link to the Garden. I hope people find relief for their own itches there!

ancient one said...

WOW I can't even imagine how you took those treatments this long. I do hope the meds work now!

Have fun with young GS!

Ali Honey said...

Well I'm glad that is the last of that! A result would have been nice wouldn't it? Poor you.

If you are still having trouble, do look into going on to a gluten free diet. My friend Jan has and her bad rash of 2 plus years has disappeared. She decided to try that as nothing else worked and all the potions were expensive. She said she feels SO much better. ( more energy, less grumpy,and ofcourse less itchty )

Anonymous said...

It took me a while but I am finally caught up on your blog posts. :D

Anonymous said...

Oh my, what a mind ful of words that must have whirled during that 'tanning' session. I do hope it does provide some relief for the itchies in oncoming days. Also that you do not need to do he process again...

Ian Lidster said...

I'm not excessively modest, but what you describe I think might evoke some feelings of 'cover me up, please,' in me. I recently had an ultrasound, but it applied to the shoulders up, nothing below the beltline. On the other hand, if the process had been carried out by a pretty nurse, I might have felt OK about a southern exposure.

Molly said...

Oh, Meggie! Too Much Information! But sympathy nonetheless!
And I agree. That garden in the mountains is a wondrous place indeed.....

Frankofile said...

there's a token of appreciation for you over on my blog. Sorry it's a double!

Tanya said...

Oh my...It really does sound humiliating. I am reminded of my childhood days when I played "doctor" with friends and we cured each other by passing a lit flashlight over the imagined injury. I've thought the same thing with some of the medical procedures given here in Japan...

Mary said...

It's too bad you didn't get more relief after going through all that. My FIL had lots of problems a while ago with rashes they could never figure out but he did get relief from the *box*.

And another funny coincidence, they've been doing a workup on Keith d/t some abnormal labwork and they're coming to the conclusion he also has increased iron in his blood and told him the treatment is to have blood taken. Unfortunately he can't donate due to a history of Hepatitis so I guess they'd just toss the blood if it comes down to him needing that.