Monday, September 29

What was I thinking??....

We had SG* here today. It is currently school holidays here, so working parents dictate that sometimes the Grand Parents come in handy.

Really, we are only too happy to have him. He is in his first year of schooling. He is learning to read, & loves to practise his skills.

He was amazed at the plethora of dried leaves lying in our backyard.

"Nanna!" he said, "It is supposed to be Spring! Why are all these leaves lying here? It is not Autumn!!"

He grabbed the yard broom, & began briskly sweeping all the offending Lily Pily leaves. We have had very high winds over the last few days, & for some unknown to us, reason, the leaves have been spent, all over our back pavers.

This pic is not our actual backyard, but looks very similar! Silly me, forgot to take pics.

According to SG, this is what Spring should look like!! I tend to agree! Our Lemon tree would agree! Once more I am remiss in the photo department.

We have been treated to several SG originals today.

As Gom & I discussed something, (in friendly fashion) he declared, in a really loud voice. "You two are 'In Love', so I am not involved. I am a 5 year old kid!"

I can tell you, that made us sit up & chuckle. Where does he get these things from??

When his mother came home to collect him, she told me the story of his 'undies'.

She said when he came home from school, he had his undies pulled high, & visible above his pants. She asked about the visibility. He told her the girls had laughed at his undies, because they had dinosaurs on them. He had told the girls they "Shouldn't be looking". I think he then became determined not to hide them.

A few days later, he had 5 pairs of his undies lined up on his bed, before school. On questioning, he told his mother what pair he wanted to wear. He also told her he couldn't wear 'those undies'. "The 'ladies' laughed at those!" he said.

Today, while SG was here, I decided to clip the dogs. We have been having some very hot- & sweaty- weather. The dogs had been panting, & lying about in seeming distress. So, as the morning began hot & still, today was the day...

SG was greatly interested in this process. He decided to collect wool, as it fell to the scissors. Then, he became intrigued with the cheese bribes treats, that Leo was offered for his 'cooperation'.

SG watched, he gathered bunches of wool.

He then finally declared -

"Next time I am coming back as a girl!"

We were somewhat gobsmacked at this remark!!

"Yes," he said "Then, I am coming back as a dog!"

"I will keep going" he said.

I will be a boy, then I will be a girl, & then..... I will be a dog!"

"Ha Ha" he said, "I can keep on going!! Around and around! Boy, Girl, Dog!!"
Maybe he was attracted by the Cheese treats offered to the dogs, for having to endure the clipping.
I don't think that was really the attraction, as SG is always offered Cheese, should he desire it.

We have no idea where he gets his ideas. Perhaps it is Television. I believe he watches quite a lot on his father's 'watch'.

He has been thrilled with the growth of some bulbs I finally planted. They have grown very quickly, & once more, I have not photographed the progres!! Slack Nanna!!

He finds a joy in the fact they are growing, he regards them as 'his' plants. I hope they flower for him. They are my favourite, Grape Hyacinth.
He is intrigued by my herbs, but declines to taste them. Perhaps in time...I hope!
*SG is Small Grandson.
Cat Stevens, On The Road To Find Out.


Lee said...

Boy - girl - dog - ? The question is: is he going up the chain of command? Or down?

fifi said...

It's very fashionable to wear your undies like that I do believe, but not if the ladies are going to laugh at your dinosaurs.

What a funny boy.

meggie said...

Lee, I hsd the same thoughts. He obviously does not see dogs as lesser beings. Perhaps he is correct.

Fifi, He continues to surprise us, daily. He has been a surprise since the day he was born.

bluemountainsmary said...

He does seem to have a very original take on life.

Which is to be cherished and encouraged!

Linds said...

What a delight SG must be, Meggie! I just love the cute things little kids come out with!

Tanya Brown said...

That SG is a real spark plug, a bright young man.

ancient one said...

That's one of the reasons for the uniforms in school this year, to get the boys to pull up those pants and stop showing their undies. I still cannot understand how that fashion statement started..LOL

Your grandson is a delight and I enjoy hearing you mention him in your blogs.

Strider said...

It's tough being a young lad with Dino undies!

anne bebbington said...

Don't they just come out with some pearlers!?!

Thimbleanna said...

Hehehe, SG is already becoming a "Ladies Man"! What a cutie he is -- I'll bet you have great fun when he comes to visit!

The Sagittarian said...

Out of the mouthes of babes, as they say. It's fun to see what comes out next eh? I was on a bus going to work one morning and the woman in the seat in front of me had a young child with her. He was rather lively and she was chatting to him, when a person got on the bus. The young lad leaned over and whispered in his mother's ear, she told him it was rude to whisper and he should speak out properly. He then yelled "Look at that fat lady"! I think I was the only one to start giggling.

Mike said...

Sounds like spending time around this young man could be quite educational for us all!

Jellyhead said...

I love to read stoires about your SG. He sounds like such an original thinker, and a real sweetie too.

Regena Brennan said...

I wanted to stop by and take a look at your blog. Thanks for checking out my blog and entering my give away. be sure to check on 9-30 around 10:00 a.m. to see who won.

Anonymous said...

Lovin' the underpants. We went to Big W today to buy ... underpants. Mr 11 would not look atthem and kept muttering "They'll do" I could not understand what got into him, untill I noticed a mother and 2 girls behind me - girls of a similar age to my son. Well, OBVIOUSLY one can't be seen actually BUYING the underpants, can one?

Tanya said...

It must be such fun to have a little one spouting wisdom to you. I'm thrilled that I don't have a grandchild YET but when those years come I bet that's I'll blog about. Yes, it must be TV and then peers where these ideas come from.

Lucy said...

He's so funny isn't he! Even if he does get them from TV it's really quaint the way he takes them in and then gets them out again. You tend to think it all washes over them.

Jo said...

Your Small Grandson sounds absolutely wonderful...! I remember when my Small Grandson didn't want to wear his red underwear. He kicked up a real fuss. Now I have an idea why.

He didn't want the ladies to see them.

Aren't kids a hoot?

Kitty said...

You can't beat the quips of a tiddlers, can you? I just love listening to them.

(I like grape hyacinths too)