Tuesday, September 16

Gratitudes, I wish I could make....

There are so many "Thank You"s I wish I could make.

So many joys, my life has been given.

One of my favourites, is the humble little Grape Hyacinth, Muscari.

This is a muted, blurred vision of my favourite little flower.

This is a slightly muted, munted, version of the lemons on our pitiful tree. I love them, in spite of their imperfections..

I love their lemony colour, & their bold happiness, intending to be stupendous! I won't say, if they are, or not. I will just enjoy them, & thank them for being.

I wish I could thank all of the composers, the performers, the songwriters, the singers, who have given sound to the wonderful Sound Track of My Life!

They can never know the pleasure, the joy, they give to me, on a daily basis. The light, the genius, they give. The purpose, when all seems so dark.


I thank all of the composers, the performers, the musicians, for the sheer magic they can give to a world sadly lacking in enough Joy, & sheer Pleasure.

The contribution to the soundtrack of my life is beyond measure.

Credence Clearwater Revival, Down on The Corner.


Sheila said...

I love CCR, always guaranteed to lift my spirits.
The lemons look lovely, wish I could grow them.
When I was in Portugal one time I asked for lemon for my tea. I was told they hadn't any, but I was brought a freshly washed lemon leaf on a napkin. I was told to snap it in half and put it in my tea. It gave all the flavour of the lemon without the bitterness.
Have you tried that..?

Pauline said...

now I'm humming "Down on the Corner"

Meggie - just by being appreciative, you send your thanks out into the world.

And by the way, thank YOU!

ancient one said...

Once upon a time, I had Grape Hyacinths. They were about the first thing to bloom around here. Now I never see any. Wonder if I over mulched or maybe some grub got the bulb?..

Your lemons look okay to me. The ones on trees really do have imperfections, but by the time they reach the grocery stores, they're all perfect some how...LOL funny how fruit does that... all except tomatoes.. I've never found a perfect tomato in the store. Oh well..

Strider said...

the 70's music is the music of my youth. I never grow tired of Credence, Doobies, Chicago, BS&T. Great times, great music.

The Sagittarian said...


Jellyhead said...

Oh it's good to hear you sounding so uplifted Meggie.

We are all grateful for YOU - whether funny, sad, witty or gently musing .... you are one of the wonderful things in this world, too.

Henri said...

I'm with you on the Sound Track of our Lives , Meggie -- We have had so much wonderful music running through all the ( now several HaHa ) decades -- Great memories are triggered by almost every track played , from the very saddest to those of purest joy .
-- Thinking of the wissing around the lemons , I'm damned sure the contents of old Family Pos used to get emptied around them , in the mornings , by many people , when we were kids

meggie said...

Hi All, I laughed at Henri's comment re Family Pos. I do believe he could be right. So did the lemon come to look for the urine treat, as it evolved, or did it always have the preferrance for the ureaic acid, for it's production? Verrry interesting...

bluemountainsmary said...

Yes thank you for you Meg and this post which has uplifted me too!

Marja said...

We have both these beauties in our garden. Lives delights. Music is probably the greatest delight It can lift up your heart high. Have a great day Meg with lots of music and flowers