Friday, November 3

Friday -Again

Where do these weeks go??
They all vanish so quickly. I can remember my Grandmother saying how quickly the years passed, & it never seemed so, when I was a child. But it does seem to speed up, the older you get!

Today I will post some pics I tried to get on here yesterday.
The first is a lovely fisherman garden of Nice Neighbour's.
It looks so nice & cool, wish I could sit there too.

This next pic is another of my dolls. She stands by the little pram with the twins.

This next one is Gillian, & she is in her school uniform. She seems to be a favourite with most people who see her.

I pinched the next idea off My Float!
But, I changed mine. I was not particular about what my 'boobies' would be called, & when they turned out to be Cheech & Chong, I was even less impressed!! I could never stand those two, never found them entertaining at all.

So I decided to see what type of puppy I am.
You Are a Beagle Puppy

Cheerful, energetic, and happy go lucky.
And you're sense of smell is absolutely amazing!

I thought that was strange, because I have always loved Beagles.

This is a pic of me with my beloved little dog Katie, who looked very beagle like, but was a real mystery girl! She had patches of Blue Heeler & she was a very clever little girl. This was taken in the kitchen (yes, gasp! shock! horror!) of the country Hotel we had in NZ. Pile of laundry waiting to be taken upstairs, beside me.

It is a cloudy lookng day here, & seems to be really warm
Hope everyone has a nice weekend.


Molly said...

Katie was a cutie!Just how many dolls do you have Meggie? They're all beautiful...

h&b said...

That pic is lovely - definately some beagle in that doggie.

My DH grew up with Beagles. Gorgeous to look at, but annoying to discover they'd gone though your handbag and eaten your makeup/tampons etc .. all because you'd stupidly left a breathmint in there .. grrr...