Saturday, November 11


Blogger is telling me in large type, that my new Blogger setup is ready & switchover now!!
I am barely getting used to this one.. dont think it will be today!

Had a very busy morning cooking some items to take to Daughter's. The SIL has had his surgery for his hand, & now has his hand all plastered up, with wire to support a broken bone. Looks very painful, & he has been told the wire will have to come out at some time in the future. Not something to look forward to.

It has changed all their plans. They had been going camping, - the actually LIKE it!!
Now of course they wont be going, as DJ cant do all the heavy things herself.

We are spending the afternoon at their place, so it is all go here.

Tomorrow we have been offered an outing to a Fete with Nice Neighbours, so I am really looking forward to that. Should be some interesting things to see & perhaps buy.

Hope everyones weekend is pleasant.


May Britt said...

I get the same message on blogger and I have not changed yet. I am afraid to loose my blog. And as you I have got used to the old one.
Have a nice weekend.

joyce said...

I'm not changing bloggers either. Too much can go wrong! I hope your SIL's hand gets better soon with no permanent damage. I think taking out the wire is no big deal. My granddaughter had a wire in her arm for a badly broken bone and when they took it out she said it didn't even hurt.

meggie said...

Hi May & Joyce,
No, I dont think I will risk changing, just when I have nearly got this under control!

Dr told SIL that the wire coming out, 'Wont be pleasant'. But that is a long way down the track.

My eldest son had to have wire in his badly broken jaw. The wire worked it's way out into his mouth.
He also had to have a bolt removed from an elbow!
Always in the wars, that one.