Monday, November 13

Someone Turned the Fan On!!

Yes, I know all the trite bloody things 'they' say- dont cry over spilt milk- try not crying, (or rather wishing you COULD cry) over dog eaten brand new shoes!!
I had only worn them twice, & though they were crippling, just a little, I had high hopes of them being tamed during my holiday, in cooler climes, where my feet would not swell so much.

I woke with a terrible sore throat during the night, & got up to take something to relieve it.. why didnt I notice I had left my shoes in a stupid place!! GOM was rendered speechless, when he heard me bewailing the fate of the shoe.

'Cheer up' "they" say, 'things could be worse'. So, I find when you cheer up,... things invariably DO get worse! So I wonder what is to come today??

I have been roving about reading blogs to catch up on news.
It seems a lot of bloggers have been having less than perfect lives just at present.

GOM just came in to inform me that the Teenage Hoodlum has eaten some Cashew Nuts which had also been left within his access. As they cost an arm & leg, what a bloody waste! And nuts are not good for dogs. (I am getting the blame for it all, though we were sharing the nuts.) I just KNEW things would get worse!

I need to have an eye check, so hope that doesnt come up with any worrying news. Some days definitely are diamonds, & some days are stones- or ruddy great boulders.

This is a bit glum, so I had better stop airing my moans & go away & do something positive... what else can I wreck or leave to be wrecked today??

Foolishly I had expected a little sympathy from the GOM, but I should have known better, after all these years. This Lion is never going to change his spots!

I just recieved an email that made me laugh- one of the items was;
Things you would like to say to someone-
"Wipe your mouth, there is still a tiny bit of bullshit around your lips."


Angie said...

OMG, girly, I do absolutely LOVE reading your posts!!! You have been gifted quite like our Erma Bombeck with the ability to make those "moans and groans" and mutterings so adorably funny that we keep coming back hoping you've posted more!!! I do thoroughly enjoy you, girlfriend! ROFL

Molly said...

Did the Teenage hoodlum at least enjoy the shoe? Since one is wrecked you can save the other for a day when he deserves a special treat....

Stomper Girl said...

It is even more aggravating when you feel you could have prevented the disaster:(
Feeling your ruined new shoe pain...

May Britt said...

Poor thing....LOL Sorry for laughing. You really had one of those days. A big hug from me.

My float said...

Perhaps you might cleverly utilise the remaining shoe to bop GOM on the noggin. Not that I advocate violence, mind you...!

joyce said...

I always go to your blog first looking for a good laugh and I haven't been disappointed yet. Keep em coming!

Anonymous said...

Teenage hoodlum are so much fun. My two have been good so far, they just run around with found shoes. They do love ripping socks apart.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Sorry about the shoes, but that really is quite funny. I have definitely been there.

My darling terrier once ate an entire bag of candy corn the night before I got married. She promptly barfed it all back up all over my parents kitchen floor right before my in-laws walked in.

Here in the States we have a product called, "Bitter Apple." Do you all have that down there? It's found at pet stores and we spray it on stuff we don't want the animals to eat. They HATE the taste of it. Also, a teensy bit of hot sauce usually does the trick too. :)

meggie said...

Hi everyone! love to get your comments. I must look out for the spray to discourage the dog chewing eveything in sight... well mostly my shoes! Or the GOM's but he doesnt care, he still wears them - gutted & all!!

And yes, Float, I had thought of that!! My brother & I used to do impersonations of 'Whistler's Mother' behind her back... needless to say they were not scenes to repeat!! They involved silhouettes of throttled mothers!! haha!!